1. V

    Tracking down mysql root login attempts

    Hi, I have an issue which I've had some trouble tracking down and wondered if anyone had an idea I hadn't thought of. There are a large number of failed root login attempts constantly happening and being logged to the mysql error log: 2023-05-25 9:25:14 925220 [Warning] Access denied for...
  2. charliecres

    too long enumeration/set value for column access

    I have 4 Dedicated servers. I am facing an error when I am trying to import a specific SQL file. "too long enumeration/set value for column access" I tried this file on all of my servers. but I am facing the same error. Here is the attached screenshot of the error. and here is etc/my.conf...
  3. shozi

    cPanel Accounts Not Showing/Working After Update

    Hello i'm Facing A Issue From Last 20 Days The Issue Is: After Updating cPanel My All Users ( cPanel Accounts ) Not Showing In WHM > List Accounts But All Users SQL DataBases & cPanel Data Is Fine in Server Even The Users Exist in ( /var/cpane/users/ ) & in These Files The Data Is Missing...
  4. bloatedstoat

    SOLVED mysql to sqlite roundcube script fails

    Hello, We're on the verge of a migration using the live transfer tool. On the destination server after invoking a transfer session the destination server scans the Source. After scanning the source server a notification is shown: Source: “” Roundcube database type is “mysql” …...
  5. charliecres

    Mysql server getting slower

    here is my my.cnf [mysqld] sql_mode = "NO_ENGINE_SUBSTITUTION" disable-log-bin = 1 default-authentication-plugin = mysql_native_password performance-schema = 0 datadir = /var/lib/mysql socket = /var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock log-error = /var/log/mysqld.log pid-file = /var/run/mysqld/
  6. M

    Installation problem MySQL Governor

    Hi. I am setting up a new server and encountered a problem that does not install Here is the console log /usr/share/lve/dbgovernor/ --install !!!Before making any changing with database make sure that you have reserve copy of users data!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Ctrl+C for...
  7. bloatedstoat

    CL6 with MariaDB 10.3 migrating to CL8 with mySQL 8.

    Hello, I'm prepping for a migration from our trusty CL6 server to a shiny new Almalinux/CL8 server. The cPanel versions are identical, however the database on the source server is MariaDB 10.3 and the out of the box install provisioned to us has mySQL8. I've read on here about removing mySQL8...
  8. L

    upgrade from mysql 5.7 to 8.0 failed because of an old database with utf8mb3 characters

    hi, I Upgraded mysql 5.7 to 8.0 and now after installation cpanel have removed version 5.7 and it only has 8.0 even when I want to install 5.7 again manually yum wont find files... anyway there is an old database with utf8mb3 characters in it . which innodb is giving errors about it and won't...
  9. W

    Upgrade MySQL 5.7 to MariaDB 10.6

    I want to upgrade my server from MySQL 5.7 to MariaDB 10.6 i want to confirm that if i upgrade it how much time it takes and can i faced any problem after upgradtion. i have 150+ website hosted on my server.
  10. icandoit

    A fresh install with Percona instead of mysql?

    I want to install a new cpanel on VPS but use Percona instead of mysql. Is this possible ? How to do this from start on a server ? Is there any thing I need to be aware of ? Thanks
  11. O

    RESTORE: MySQL “Database Server”: Restore Failed

    Hey guys, Just did a transfer from an old server (CloudLinux 7.9 / cPanel 110.0.1 / MariaDB 10.6) to a new server (CloudLinux 8.7 / cPanel 110.0.1 / MariaDB 10.6). To test, I only selected all "Packages" and "Service Configurations" (ie: no "Accounts"). I got the output: TRANSFER: 23 completed...
  12. M

    mysql Lock wait timeout exceeded; try restarting transaction

    I am on a dedicated server. I am trying to upgrade a script called xenforo I get the following error: Upgrade Errors Uh oh, your upgrade to 1.5.24 has failed! The following elements of the database are incorrect: Column xf_user.privacy_policy_accepted missing. Column xf_user.terms_accepted...
  13. A

    What version of MariaDB on AlmaLinux 8 is recommended to migrate from MySQL 5.7?

    Hello, I need to migrate a shared hosting server (with many accounts on it) with MySQL 5.7 / CentOS 7. From what I read, migrating them to MySQL 8 is not recommended due to significant differences between 5.7 and 8.0 so I believe I will install cPanel with MariaDB. Any recommendation for the...
  14. H

    [ERROR] mysqldump: Error 2013: Lost connection to server during query when dumping table

    Hello, I use Current Version MariaDB 10.6.12-MariaDB During the process of backing up all sites All copying operations succeed except for one site that shows this error while copying the database [ERROR] mysqldump: Error 2013: Lost connection to server during query when dumping table...
  15. M

    Any repercussions if disable Force short prefix for MySQL?

    In an effort to to avoid submitting a possibly unnecessary ticket to the cPanel support team, I'm checking here first to see if anyone is willing to share their experience. I've been using the following settings for years now: In Tweak settings - "Require a username prefix on names of new...
  16. R

    Unable to update from mysql to mariadb

    Hi, i have install a cpanel on new server and want to move on mariadb but whm showing only one option MySQL 8.0. It is not showing other version of mysql and mariadb. How can i move on mariadb?
  17. K

    AlmaLinux 8, MySQL 5.7 and PHP 7.4 (or earlier)

    Howdy! I understand that cPanel & WHM version 110 will be the last version that supports CentOS 7, and support for version 110 will end June 30, 2024. I am presently running CentOS v7.9.2009 STANDARD virtuozzo . I also understand that as of this time the Elevate to AlmaLinux 8 script does not...
  18. lionsgate

    Reported MySQL Version

    Via WHM :: Security Center :: Security Advisor, I see this: You are using MySQL 5.7 server. This version is not available for AlmaLinux 8. You first need to update your MySQL server to 8.0 or later. You can update to version 8.0 using the following command: /usr/local/cpanel/bin/whmapi1...
  19. R

    mySQL high ram usagw

    Hi mates, Please help to optimize my mysql to reduce ram loads
  20. PCZero

    SOLVED lost root access to MySQL - DFU error...

    I was attempting to added authorization for root to access MySWL remotely from my IP using MySWL Query Browser 1.2.17. I was successful by chaning the Host field form localhost to my current IP, then I was successful using the wildcard "%". I wantd to make it so that only localhost and my...