1. I

    Urgent Help Needed - Changing Server

    I'm using AWS and WHM/cPanel I took a snapshot from my Instance and I deleted the Instance and created a new one from the snapshot. I have a big problem now where I found that all the hosted websites in my server aren't working! Note: the server IP remains as it is and also all the website's IP...
  2. N

    cPanel on GCP - External/Internal IP mapping

    Id like to at any point, provide an external IP to a single VM (single zone) running WHM for the use of a "dedicated ip" that is assignable to a domain within WHM. Id also like to have a single external IP address always assigned to the VM for use as a "shared" IP within WHM. This is easy...
  3. S

    Account Creation Status: failed

    Account Creation Status: failed Cpanel::Exception/(XID tnjxrd) The system failed to find IPv4 addresses for “”, “”, “”, “”, “”, “”, “”, “”...
  4. rinkleton

    Networking hardware requirements

    We have our cpanel servers hosted at a data center, but we would like to have an almost identical set of servers in our office to use for development. From what I can tell so far we need multiple static IPs which is fine. I'm pretty sure we'll need a better router, but how much of a better...
  5. S

    Cpanel Networking Question - Subdomain + Domain question

    Hello, I am in need of some advice in terms of networking through cpanel and how to setup my particular network. The company I work for recently agreed to host a website we built and it is my responsibility to get it hosted and set up correctly. I purchased a reseller hosting account because...
  6. J

    Weird networking issue with Xen VM

    This is most likely not at all cpanel related but wanted to see someone has seen this weird behavior before. We are currently running cpanel on CloudLinux 5.9 and Xen VM. We have about 30 IP addresses assigned to it. Weird thing is that about 5 of those 30 IP addresses just randomly drop...
  7. ullalla

    Tools for social networking site

    Hello, I want to develop a social networking site like orkut or facebook so just wanted to confirm if there is any application in cpanel that can be used with most of the features as facebook or orkut? Any help is appreciated.
  8. D

    Networking Question

    My WHM/cPanel server is not assigned the public IP address that the firewall broadcasts. Instead it uses an internal IP. In WHM/cPanel, when I create an account, it uses the internal IP to create the DNS records, which obviously causes a problem. In the main settings do I change the IP to the...
  9. M

    Host name & Networking Setup Hostname

    Hello, From how I understand it the Networking Hostname Set up can be a made up name and does not neccessarrily have to reflect your actual host name although part of the host name could be in it - Am I correct in thinking this? Also if I change this name after sites have been moved over...
  10. T

    Exim or Networking issue

    I have a problem with one of my servers ( that can't seem to send email to (external domain) I have another server in the same data center that does not have this problem ( I've disabled APF, (which is installed on both servers) and...
  11. C

    Networking - socket_create PROBLEM

    I am on Redhat 9, through SSH I am trying to run command line PHP networking code. My program uses Sockets but as soon as I code executes below line: $socket = socket_create(AF_INET, SOCK_RAW, 1); it shows below Error: Warning: socket_create() Unable to create socket [1]: Operation not...
  12. H

    Big-Time Networking Guru only!

    I'm in the Process of setting up 5 webservers (clustered), 1 DNS Server, 1 qc server, 1 MySQL DB Server, 1 RAS Server (with cPanel). My Scheme is 9 servers in total. All I need is a schematic diagram (or brief description)on connecting these servers together or, an alternative of a TYPICAL WEB...