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    Urgent Help Needed - Changing Server

    I'm using AWS and WHM/cPanel I took a snapshot from my Instance and I deleted the Instance and created a new one from the snapshot. I have a big problem now where I found that all the hosted websites in my server aren't working! Note: the server IP remains as it is and also all the website's IP...
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    cPanel on GCP - External/Internal IP mapping

    Id like to at any point, provide an external IP to a single VM (single zone) running WHM for the use of a "dedicated ip" that is assignable to a domain within WHM. Id also like to have a single external IP address always assigned to the VM for use as a "shared" IP within WHM. This is easy...
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    Account Creation Status: failed

    Account Creation Status: failed Cpanel::Exception/(XID tnjxrd) The system failed to find IPv4 addresses for “”, “”, “”, “”, “”, “”, “”, “”...