1. A

    Changing /home to nfs server issue

    Hey All, We are running out of space for more drives and wanted to use nfs server for new accounts. Problem is we are getting a permissions issue, but the is no permission issue as folders are read/write. Seems cPanel isn't allowed to create user folders on nfs server. Here is the message...
  2. T

    CIFS based backup location

    Hi, We have a central CIFS storage for all the servers, Is there a way we can make it the backup destination without any hack? Thanks, Shawn
  3. W

    Backup failed too many levels of symbolic links

    Today I want to check the backup file But I found the date not right than I check the backup log look like the problem is "Too many levels of symbolic links" Can I ask how to fix this problem ?
  4. R

    How to secure Portmapper with NFS?

    Hello, The best way to secure a server agains Portmapper vulns/scans/ddos is to basically stop and disable the service. Unfortunately this will render NFS unusable which, in my case, is a no-go. What is the best solution in this case? Thank you, Razvan
  5. N


    We've been doing some testing trying to get WHM/cPanel working in a modern cloud environment workflow like one would use on AWS, while taking advantage of the more advanced pieces like using EFS, S3, and more. Our findings have been mixed and I wanted to report back here and discuss with...
  6. S

    Adding server /nfs/xxxx mounted folder to public_html/

    Hello Everyone, I have WHM 64.36 running on a CentOS 7.3 server - The server has a correctly configured and working /nfs/xxxx mounted folder on a remote server. How do I ADD this mounted folder to a cPanel /public_html/xxxx folder so my site can access the data (images) on the remote server...
  7. D

    Horizontal scaling of a cPanel server using NFS for home

    I realize discussing other products here is faux pas, but in terms of general scope I would be interested to hear any thoughts on the idea. Without having experimented too heavily, where exactly lies the problem with adding servers under a loadbalancer that rely on the home folder outside the...
  8. S

    SOLVED Timeout on backup plugin

    Currently running CENTOS 6.9 x86_64 xenpv – webhost WHM 62.0 (build 20) No longer able to backup WHM server using BackupPC, get a timeout issue. Wordpress admin login page just spins in the browser
  9. G

    Mount Home2 NFS?

    Hello friends, I do not know if this is the right place to post this question. I currently have multiple servers running cPanel, these servers are 100% SSD. Due to the limited space provided on the SSD, I wonder if it is possible to mount a HOME2 partition through NAS (NFS) services...
  10. P

    Wordpress install sets wrong group ownership on NFS home

    We have 3 cPanel servers and this is only happening on the one with the home directories on an NFS share. When a user installs WordPress through the site software page, it says the software installed without error but visiting the new WordPress gives a 500 error. The logs show a phpSuExec...
  11. C

    Backup on NFS and quotas

    Hi, The backup directory (NFS) for my server is "/mnt/nfs/...", and the remote directory is IP:/home/backup. But when i'm going to enable quotas on my server, it says: How can be possible? I tried fixquotas and same error again and again. Thanks!
  12. speckados

    Server crash when NFS server fail

    Hi, I put a ticket for about 100 machines using NFS for backup (part of Cpanel for more than 8 or 10 years?) Becomes a problem when you are doing backups and NSF server shuts down, or have any connectivity problem. Kindly referred me to is the internal case 53135, which I do not see...
  13. B

    weird acc create behaviour after NFS mounting

    Hi there, I hope someone can help here with a strange problem. I have a server with two account on it, running fine. Let's call them acc1 and acc2. I now mounted an nfs server filesystem on home/acc2. Please don't ask why I'm doing that :cool: Anyway, now if I try to create a new acc...
  14. O

    Restoring cPanel via a remote NFS mount

    I'm trying to restore accounts via a remote NFS mount (our backup server) It see's the accounts when I click on Restore in WHM, however when I try to restore an account, it states: Account creation failed.. cannot continue.. Where can I get more information about where exactly the...
  15. C

    quota support for NFS mount

    Hi, Does anyone know how to enable quota support for /home on NFS mount? We have been told by cPanel support team that this is not supported at the moment but I'm hoping that someone could provide an alternative solution in getting the quota support working on such environment. This is...
  16. M

    Cant install NFS deamon

    Hello, I am running CentOS release 5.3 (Final) 32bit on server(its VPS) I can see nfs service shows running but don't work and when I do restart nfs than it shows following result. Starting NFS services: [ OK ] Starting NFS quotas...
  17. J

    Quotas on NFS possible?

    We run all of our hardware on virtual environments with most data NFS mounted via a Netapp backend. This gives us great flexibility for disaster recovery and snapshot backups. So, are quotas doable on NFS mounted home directories? Are there any other foreseeable problems running cPanel...
  18. Sergiu Tot

    Backup and NFS

    Hello, guys ! I have a small problem with a fresh cPanel install. I have an external NFS backup server and cPanel mounts in /backup a directory from the NFS server to store the backup files. Everything seems to work just fine, only that the restore is not functioning. When I go in WHM and try...
  19. R

    nfs /home mount & quota

    Has anyone gotten an nfs /home mount to work properly with cPanel and quotas? I've gotten the NFS mount on /home and it works properly, but cPanel can't access the diskquotas, and it drives cPanel crazy basically. Insane logs in /usr/local/cpanel/logs/error_log about disk_space_usage and...
  20. R

    NFS mount, Disk Usage

    This may seem like a strange question, but does anyone know how is the disk usage calculated in cPanel? I mounted an NFS partition and disk usage is always calculated to 0. Is anyone familiar at all with how cPanel calculates Disk Usage?