1. O

    New Thread Problem with NGINX® Manager

    After installing NGINX® Manager with WSA - Website Accelerator plugin to speed up my WordPress sites, this problem appeared in the image, I talked to the VPS server customer service and they said it is a problem directly from cPanel and it will be solved in the next updates, can someone help me...
  2. nixgurus

    EA-Nginx and Litespeed Compatibility

    I just noticed in cPanel v96 we are able to install NGINX with Reverse Proxy on cPanel server. I am trying to find if this is compatible with litespeed web server or not? Please suggest
  3. F

    Question: The Default cPanel NGINX settings

    how long does nginx holds the cache? can we adjust how many minutes? where? thanks in advance. cheers!
  4. schoeps

    In Progress EA-9902 - nginx and WordPress admins...

    Grateful for the current support of the Nginx reverse proxy, but have yet to use it since logged in WordPress users are not getting their admin bars. Does anyone have a decent, serverwide workaround? Thanks!
  5. M

    NGINX 413 how to change this server wide ?

    Hi all, Im looking to change the max upload size when nginx is enabled, I want to make the change server wide how i can do this i did see a article but its per user ? 413 Request Entity Too Large Sincerly, Marvin
  6. M

    NGINX service failed to restart

    Hi Forum Yesterday we helped a client enable NGINX with Reverse Proxy on their WHM/cPanel server v96.0.11. The installation process was as simple as clicking the "Install" button under NGINX® Manager and after a couple of minutes it was complete. We then tested a few of the websites and...
  7. Y

    Leverage browser caching in nginx

    In which file should I add this code? location ~* \.(js|jpg|jpeg|gif|png|css|tgz|gz|rar|bz2|doc|pdf|ppt|tar|wav|bmp|rtf|swf|ico|flv|txt|woff|woff2|svg)$ { expires 30d; add_header Pragma "public"; add_header Cache-Control "public"; }
  8. A

    413 request entity too large Nginx

    Hello, After installing Nginx Cash in the WHM, some clients have a problem, an error message is displayed: --- 413 request entity too large Nginx --- The error appears after an attempt is made to upload a file of more than 1 mb or more than 5 pieces through their forms at the same time. If I...
  9. D

    In Progress [CPANEL-37171] - Could not enable http2

    using v96.0.9 WHM, Apache Apache 2.4, PHP 7.1, PHP 7.4 and mpm_event with NGINX enabled, in order to activate http2 I enabled mod_http2 via easyapache and restarted, but still http2 not activated, checked in browser and online testing tools such as HTTP/2 Test - Verify HTTP/2 Support |...
  10. C

    Possible Bug: TLS 1.3 not available with NGINX

    An online security checking website finds that my VPS site supports TLS 1.2, but not TLS 1.3. When I pull up my site's home page in Firefox, click on the lock icon, click on "Connection Secure", then on "More Information", under "Technical Details" it does indeed show encryption with TLS 1.2...
  11. nisamudeen97

    Varnish cache in nginx reverse proxied WHM

    Hi, We have our production server with latest cpanel version "96.0 (build 8)" and it is running nginx with reverse proxy enabled. See the netstat screenshot attached for detailed information. This server is currently in production and we are running two major websites one magento2 and...
  12. E

    Anyone using "NGINX with Reverse Proxy" feature? What do you think?

    Is anyone using the new (cpanel version 96) NGINX with Reverse Proxy feature? What do you think about it? Has it created any problems? Is your web server faster? Is load reduced? Have customers complained or noticed any change? Thanks!
  13. S

    nginx and robots.txt 404 error

    Hi all, I have installed the nginx inEasyApache and enabled for some domain, but now I am getting an error. 404 for robots.txt and if i rename the file in rrobots.txt (with 2 r or other name) the new file can be accessed. Any ideas?
  14. T

    WHM 96 Nginx Visitor IP for ModSec and CSF

    Good afternoon! I thought I would check out the new WHM 96 Nginx feature. one magic button click and the server will start using nginx. What I noticed immediately in the APACHE STATUS screen, all visitors was the server ips ... And in ModSecuity logs, all "hits" were also the server ip. I...
  15. C

    NGINX Installation on WHM 96

    In the past I've tried running Engintron NGINX on cPanel, but after much tweaking it did not turn out to be faster than my PHP-FPM configuration. Now I am considering trying out the NGINX option via the new WHM 96 installation option, and I have a few questions: 1) Will the installation and...
  16. T

    VHM 96 Nginx Lighthouse result

    Installed Nginx today in VHM 96, the performance score in Lighthouse for a WP site was 40% lower after activating Nginx, another PHP site got 30% less performance score. I have http2 module activated on Apache. I tested on the default installation on Nginx in WHM 96. Do I need to do anything...
  17. deddy

    WHM 96 Nginx Cache

    We have installed and activated the new Nginx Cache. The first question is: Where can we change the proxy default cache time? We have also installed a Nginx Cache plugin with the following settings: Cache Zone Path: /var/cache/ea-nginx/proxy/the_real_username X Automatically flush the cache...
  18. S

    ea-Nginx configurations that don't get overwritten

    Hi, I am testing ea-nginx on Centos7 / cp94 (I have to have php56) and am running into a set of issues. Main one for now, is setting configurations that work and do not get overwritten Configs: include rocket-nginx/default.conf; listen 443 ssl http2; If I put these in the...
  19. S

    CPanel NGINX 10x slower?

    Hey All, I'm setting up a new instance on digital ocean and am running into odd behavior when I install/turn on nginx. [8gig / 4 core optimized centos 8] Steps: Spin up droplet, do setup tweaks, install cpanel from the command line cpmove a test site from another server, repoint test site to...
  20. M

    NGINX error 24 and worker_rlimit_nofile

    We installed NGINX on cPanel 94 using the command line tool. On a high traffic site (around 1000 concurrent visitors) we got several "24: Too many open files" errors We increased the worker_rlimit_nofile parameter on nginx.conf to 3000 Is that the only change needed? If I check the ulimit, the...