1. H

    nginx how can I enable ip2location?

    I want to block certain counties using this guide IP2Location IP Geolocation Nginx Module | IP2Location I am using nginx on cPanel Nginx | cPanel & WHM Documentation how would I go about adding this as the guide only covers recompiling nginx.
  2. C

    Block external access from Nginx

    I use the codes below to block access from improper links to image and mp4 files: location ~* .*\.mp4 { valid_referers none blocked; if ($invalid_referer) { return 403; }...
  3. Bashed

    Cron Version Mismatch + Nginx Issues

    Upgraded to WHMCS 8.0.1 and changed PHP to 7.4 (cpanel). Now, health check shows: Cron PHP Version Mismatch Your environment appears to be running a different PHP version (7.3.22) for the System Cron than the currently loaded PHP version (7.4.10). This may cause issues running your System...
  4. B

    Installing nginx along side apache

    Hello, I'm using apache as my main web server and I'd like to install nginx to ONLY act as a reverse proxy. I don't want to use nginx for anything currently managed by apache. How would I install this so it doesn't interfere my apache installation? Thanks in advance!
  5. N

    Default_https.conf overwrite with Nginx SSL termination Varnish

    Hi, I have had a developer implement varnish with SSL termination on our cpanel server. Everything works fine except every so often our default_https.conf file keeps getting overwritten in /etc/nginx/conf.d I think the only changes made in this file is our domain name has been commented out (...
  6. C

    nginx plug-in on cPanel

    In the Cache Settings section on my cPanel it says that nginx is unavailable and gives no option to enable or disable. My hosting company ran some commands on the VPS and showed me that nginx was running ok. They said to come here to ask for help as to why the Cache Settings section isn’t...
  7. N

    NGINX and Wordpress - 404 errors

    Hi! I'm using, or trying to, NGINX with Wordpress but opens just the home page, if I try to navigate though the website I get 404 errors. Anything I might be missing? I know it's on test but I would love to be part os this test. Anyways... What can I do about Wordpres 404 and Nginx? Regards
  8. I

    In Progress [CPANEL-27785] 404 errors after installing the experimental ea-nginx package

    Hi there, I've recently enabled nginx via EA4. I've run the config generator script for all users: /usr/local/cpanel/scripts/ea-nginx config --all I have an issue that all websites display the homepage only. All internal pages, on all websites on the server display a Ngnix 404 not found...
  9. Nile Youth

    SOLVED cPanel Service SSL Certificate Warnings with Nginx

    Hello I have got this warning from My Server I try to tun the script : /usr/local/cpanel/bin/checkallsslcerts & I got this: Can any one help in this please ?? thanks everybody
  10. Jafar Muhammed

    sub_filter in Nginx reverse proxy not working

    Hello all, I have a few domains including both static and dynamic websites. I want to achieve similar to this Injecting Google Analytics Tracking Snippet into Websites Behind Nginx Reverse Proxy I have installed Engintron and tried to add code in common_http.conf file, but the script is not...
  11. X

    nginxcp installation error

    Please I am trying to install nginxcp plugin, for my server, But I am getting the below msg # ./nginxinstaller install [Fri Feb 15 07:56:11.185229 2019] [so:warn] [pid 6450] AH01574: module limitipconn_module is already loaded, skipping access key doesn't exist go to WHM > Cluster/Remote Access...
  12. R

    Nginx and Apache on same dedicated server

    Hello we are using WHM on our dedicated server: is it possible to have Nginx and Apache serving multiple websites domains on same dedicated server. some websites are already working great on the Apache server, but we have some new Node.js apps that need Nginx, we want to konw if its possible...
  13. R

    How to define nginx code for per Domain?

    my /etc/nginx/nginx.conf code is : server { ..... location / { root /var/www/public_folder; index index.php index.html index.htm; } . . . } ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ and my created...
  14. T

    EasyApache 4 killing and not restarting nginx site

    I have an inherited server running Apache on several IPs and nginx on 1 IP. EasyApache 4 is installed. Occasionally EA runs and updates Apache. The process seems to be that EA kills all processes running on port 80 regardless of whether the service is Apache or nginx. Once EA completes its...
  15. S

    Nginx installation errors

    Hi There, Can anyone help me to install nginx as a proxy server. I tried to install nginx plugin using this link But I got some errors stating: Welcome to the Nginx Admin installer......Starting Install Please Wait ....... cp...
  16. hennesseystealth

    CloudFlare and logging IP addresses

    We use Cloudflare and we had additional directives in Plesk to allow us to see the actual IP addresses of visitors. With cPanel we only see the Cloudflare IP addresses in the logs. I know you can add a module to Apache, but that requires a rebuild of Apache and we are just too chicken to try...
  17. H

    NGINX with PHP-FPM?

    Hi, I am giving some thought to running NGINX with PHP-FPM. However, I want the least painful setup, too many moving parts tend to eventually break. Would you suggest manually installing NGINX and managing it like a man (SSH etc) or does anyone have experience with cPanel plugins? I...
  18. W

    SOLVED TLS 1.0 disabled on Nginx

    Hi guys, Can't figure this one out... When running SSL test I see that on one of the servers TLS 1.0 and TLS 1.1 are still enabled. When I compare the settings with another server I basically have the same, but on the 2nd server they are disabled. I just can't figure it out...
  19. S

    SOLVED Index page doesn't work with nginx

    Hello , I have a centos 6 server with cpanel and a nginx web server, I've now built an account for one domain on a board and a test index page inside the root of the site, But the test page does not display index.html or even index.php and shows this: 502 Bad Gateway Please help me what should...
  20. S

    CSF email Excessive processes running under nginx

    Hi, today , i setup cpanel in my server , and receive a few email from cpanel: lfd on : Excessive processes running under nginx Time: Wed Apr 11 18:11:44 2018 +0430 Account: nginx Resource: Process Time Exceeded: 12625 > 1800 (seconds) Executable: /usr/sbin/nginx Command...