1. I

    In Progress [CPANEL-27785] 404 errors after installing the experimental ea-nginx package

    Hi there, I've recently enabled nginx via EA4. I've run the config generator script for all users: /usr/local/cpanel/scripts/ea-nginx config --all I have an issue that all websites display the homepage only. All internal pages, on all websites on the server display a Ngnix 404 not found...
  2. Nile Youth

    SOLVED cPanel Service SSL Certificate Warnings with Nginx

    Hello I have got this warning from My Server I try to tun the script : /usr/local/cpanel/bin/checkallsslcerts & I got this: Can any one help in this please ?? thanks everybody
  3. X

    nginxcp installation error

    Please I am trying to install nginxcp plugin, for my server, But I am getting the below msg # ./nginxinstaller install [Fri Feb 15 07:56:11.185229 2019] [so:warn] [pid 6450] AH01574: module limitipconn_module is already loaded, skipping access key doesn't exist go to WHM > Cluster/Remote Access...
  4. R

    How to define nginx code for per Domain?

    my /etc/nginx/nginx.conf code is : server { ..... location / { root /var/www/public_folder; index index.php index.html index.htm; } . . . } ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ and my created...
  5. T

    EasyApache 4 killing and not restarting nginx site

    I have an inherited server running Apache on several IPs and nginx on 1 IP. EasyApache 4 is installed. Occasionally EA runs and updates Apache. The process seems to be that EA kills all processes running on port 80 regardless of whether the service is Apache or nginx. Once EA completes its...
  6. hennesseystealth

    CloudFlare and logging IP addresses

    We use Cloudflare and we had additional directives in Plesk to allow us to see the actual IP addresses of visitors. With cPanel we only see the Cloudflare IP addresses in the logs. I know you can add a module to Apache, but that requires a rebuild of Apache and we are just too chicken to try...
  7. H

    NGINX with PHP-FPM?

    Hi, I am giving some thought to running NGINX with PHP-FPM. However, I want the least painful setup, too many moving parts tend to eventually break. Would you suggest manually installing NGINX and managing it like a man (SSH etc) or does anyone have experience with cPanel plugins? I...
  8. W

    SOLVED TLS 1.0 disabled on Nginx

    Hi guys, Can't figure this one out... When running SSL test I see that on one of the servers TLS 1.0 and TLS 1.1 are still enabled. When I compare the settings with another server I basically have the same, but on the 2nd server they are disabled. I just can't figure it out...
  9. S

    SOLVED Index page doesn't work with nginx

    Hello , I have a centos 6 server with cpanel and a nginx web server, I've now built an account for one domain on a board and a test index page inside the root of the site, But the test page does not display index.html or even index.php and shows this: 502 Bad Gateway Please help me what should...
  10. S

    How to make cPanel stop disable nginx

    Hi everyone, our site runs nginx with 50,000 daily visitors, together with cpanel, however these days cpanel keep stopping nginx for no reason and our site shows " connection was reset " whenever cpanel stopping nginx, how can we prevent cpanel from stopping nginx ? we can't monitor our site...
  11. N

    What going on nginx support

    Please let me know that What going on adding nginx support? Also Comments have been locked for reply.
  12. 1

    NGINX 502 Error Resolves by Restarting CSF?

    Hi everyone, I have this odd problem I hope someone can help me with I recently installed CPNGINX on my server. The problem that I have is every 5-10 minutes or so, some of the websites start to throw 502 error. Oddly, the problem resolves as soon as I restart CSF! For now, I had to set a...
  13. Jafar Muhammed

    How to configure mod_proxy on cPanel

    Hello all, I have an e-commerce website based on Magento 2, hosted on my VPS along with a few static sites. As part of the performance campaign, I am looking for using a reverse proxy for caching up static contents and delivering to the visitors. I have been searching for using Varnish Cache...
  14. D

    All visitors - same ip

    Hello, I am experiencing some kind of problem when i am trying to see my lasts visitors. I have a website with more than 200 real users connected simultaneosly and i want to see the ips of each one of them , but the screen shows that the visitors seem to have the same ip. Is there someting that...
  15. J

    Need help making a bash file for a plugin

    Hello, I have a plugin so that my server can use a nginx server and the plugin does work for none SSL sites. I am trying to get the nginx server to also handle the SSL connections but i ran in to a problem that i have to manually add the SSL.conf files. All i want to do is make a bash script so...
  16. Domenico

    SOLVED Nginx on cPanel

    Anyone that has experience with this?
  17. S

    Nginx Service Status Shows down

    Hello Sir, My nginx plugin status show down, i have tried uninstall and then install latest version there also i got error. I think it's neither uninstalled properly nor installed. I am sharing you the screenshot, just let me where the problem is and how can i solve it. I am hosting only one...
  18. Y

    Viable HTTPS caching options right now?

    Hey, I've been looking around researching for quite a while now. Basically we're running servers that cater to shared hosting usage or some exclusive standalone project, these servers run WHM/cPanel as a base. We would like to start using memcached (for where it's optimized in the code) and...
  19. Z

    Mod Page Speed and Https

    Hi, I have installed mod pagespeed on nginx, php-fpm on apache 2.2, however it works on non https domains and I have done just about every fix I could find on Google with no luck. I was wondering if anyone else had come across this issue and managed to get it to work?
  20. Cleyton Silva

    Site access problems

    Hello, we have a huge problem. We have a website and suddenly it began to appear the following message: An error occurred. Sorry, the page you are looking for is currently unavailable. Please try again later. If you are the system administrator of this resource Then you should check the log...