1. E

    Anyone using "NGINX with Reverse Proxy" feature? What do you think?

    Is anyone using the new (cpanel version 96) NGINX with Reverse Proxy feature? What do you think about it? Has it created any problems? Is your web server faster? Is load reduced? Have customers complained or noticed any change? Thanks!
  2. S

    nginx and robots.txt 404 error

    Hi all, I have installed the nginx inEasyApache and enabled for some domain, but now I am getting an error. 404 for robots.txt and if i rename the file in rrobots.txt (with 2 r or other name) the new file can be accessed. Any ideas?
  3. T

    WHM 96 Nginx Visitor IP for ModSec and CSF

    Good afternoon! I thought I would check out the new WHM 96 Nginx feature. one magic button click and the server will start using nginx. What I noticed immediately in the APACHE STATUS screen, all visitors was the server ips ... And in ModSecuity logs, all "hits" were also the server ip. I...
  4. C

    NGINX Installation on WHM 96

    In the past I've tried running Engintron NGINX on cPanel, but after much tweaking it did not turn out to be faster than my PHP-FPM configuration. Now I am considering trying out the NGINX option via the new WHM 96 installation option, and I have a few questions: 1) Will the installation and...
  5. T

    VHM 96 Nginx Lighthouse result

    Installed Nginx today in VHM 96, the performance score in Lighthouse for a WP site was 40% lower after activating Nginx, another PHP site got 30% less performance score. I have http2 module activated on Apache. I tested on the default installation on Nginx in WHM 96. Do I need to do anything...
  6. deddy

    WHM 96 Nginx Cache

    We have installed and activated the new Nginx Cache. The first question is: Where can we change the proxy default cache time? We have also installed a Nginx Cache plugin with the following settings: Cache Zone Path: /var/cache/ea-nginx/proxy/the_real_username X Automatically flush the cache...
  7. S

    ea-Nginx configurations that don't get overwritten

    Hi, I am testing ea-nginx on Centos7 / cp94 (I have to have php56) and am running into a set of issues. Main one for now, is setting configurations that work and do not get overwritten Configs: include rocket-nginx/default.conf; listen 443 ssl http2; If I put these in the...
  8. S

    CPanel NGINX 10x slower?

    Hey All, I'm setting up a new instance on digital ocean and am running into odd behavior when I install/turn on nginx. [8gig / 4 core optimized centos 8] Steps: Spin up droplet, do setup tweaks, install cpanel from the command line cpmove a test site from another server, repoint test site to...
  9. M

    NGINX error 24 and worker_rlimit_nofile

    We installed NGINX on cPanel 94 using the command line tool. On a high traffic site (around 1000 concurrent visitors) we got several "24: Too many open files" errors We increased the worker_rlimit_nofile parameter on nginx.conf to 3000 Is that the only change needed? If I check the ulimit, the...
  10. J

    cPanel Nginx Manager and File Upload limits

    After moving from Engintron to the new cPanel Nginx Manager we encountered issues with WordPress admins not being able to manage file uploads. cPanel has some great documentation on the fix, located here: Unable to upload files on the website after enabling Nginx So here's my question - since...
  11. J

    New Nginx Manager and Certificate Errors

    Greetings! Before I open a ticket I want to see if anyone else has run into this issue or has ideas. We moved from Engintron to the new cPanel Nginx Manager for testing on our dev server this week and we have noticed that every morning all sites running Nginx fail to load due to...
  12. G

    Gzip/Brotli compression in nginx

    I was testing my sites with the new nginx reverse proxy and I see that Gzip/Brotli compression is not enabled anymore. How can this be enabled for nginx?
  13. G

    SOLVED EA-9692 - Favicon not showing since nginx install

    Favicon is not displayed in the browser's tab or when adding a page to favourites. This started when I switched to nginx reverse proxy. I.e. this page LSJ <link rel="shortcut icon" href="/favicon.ico"/>
  14. tbutler

    Apache or NGINX FastCGI Support for Perl

    I was surprised to see that cPanel's installation of mod_fcgid doesn't have Perl configured out of the box, given usually cPanel's Perl base. I was able to enable it simply enough, though, by adding `AddHandler fcgid-script .fpl` to the `<IfModule fcgid_module>` declaration in...
  15. sahostking

    CloudLinux and Nginx

    Now that cPanel will be launching their NGINX Manager and kinda has their NGINX reverse proxy sorted. I think its time for us to vote with Cloudlinux to support Nginx. They stated it does not support Entry Processes or PHP Selector. Hence most web hosts won't use it because of this issue...
  16. G

    Anacron job 'cron.daily' after nginx install

    I installed nginx and now I get a huge e-mail listing actions for every single domain, starting with: /etc/cron.daily/logrotate: /etc/cron.daily/logrotate: [2021-04-11 03:15:06 +0300] info [ea-nginx-logrotate] [stats] [webalizer] User: mydomain - FQDN: (file...
  17. K

    nginx Phusion Passenger error

    Hello. After install ea-nginx i see errors in nginx log: [ N 2021-04-09 22:42:48.2915 19901/T1 age/Wat/WatchdogMain.cpp:1373 ]: Starting Passenger watchdog... [ W 2021-04-09 22:42:48.2916 19901/T1 age/Wat/WatchdogMain.cpp:1071 ]: WARNING: unable to perform privilege escalation vulnerability...
  18. S

    NGINX in Cpanel 96

    Got notice that Cpanel version 96 is now available and includes NGINX for caching. I am currently running 94 and have EnginTron installed which has setup NGINX as a caching server for me. Do I need to / should I remove Engintron before upgrading to 96? Thanks!
  19. T

    NGINX Reverse Proxy

    Is it possible to get instructions how to install NGINX Reverse Proxy inside CloudLinux? As I understand it is an official resource for the updated version inside WHM?
  20. tbutler

    NGINX Proxy Breaks Apache Logging and Perl $ENV{'REMOTE_ADDR'}

    After installing ea-nginx, I've noticed that I've lost $ENV{'REMOTE_ADDR'} in Perl (or rather it just shows me the server's IP address and I can't grep my way through the server's Apache error_log because there are no IP Addresses recorded. Is there a cPanel officially supported way to fix this...