1. P

    Can't upload files UAPI - Node.js

    Having a hard time with UAPI Functions - Fileman::upload_files This is on front-end: (...) zip.generateAsync({type:"blob"}).then(async function(content) { (...) formData.append('', content); const response = await'/ul', formData); (...) } This is on Node.js + express...
  2. S

    Install node.js?

    I would like to install node.js on my cPanel & WHM v102.0.11 server with CentOS v7.9.2009. What is the best way to do this? I have seen Guide to Node.js™ Installations | cPanel & WHM Documentation but it tells me nothing of value. I want to program and run node.js applications.
  3. S

    Have node.js installed but cant get to work

    Hi, I have just installed node.js on my shared server. Seems to be working since I get past the 2 tests. However, I cant get to run after following this tutorial. 1. I...
  4. T

    Node.js, NPM and CloudLinux

    I try to use Npm and install Node.js. Is it the correct path to use a command: 1. yum install nodejs 2. Install LVE Manager, LVE Utils and Fusion Passenger using WHM 3. Install CageFS using WHM
  5. P

    How Do I Upgrade Node.js and Run Puppeteer Apps?

    I have an app that works great on my local Windows PC, but when I upload it to my server I get this error: App 23654 output: at Interface.helper_js_1.helper.addEventListener (/home/username/public_html/ App...
  6. P

    SOLVED NPM Installation Errors

    I am trying to install NPM for a Node.js application. I have already registered the app using Application Manager and uploaded my package.json file to the application directory. I tried running Ensure Dependencies but got an error saying to run the following command: cd...
  7. Y

    Deploy Mern Stack app with Mongo DB

    I want to know the steps to deploy Mern Stack app with Mongo DB in Cloud Linux Node JS app creator. I've installed Mongo DB and created the database.
  8. T


    I have read an article: How to Install a Node.js Application - cPanel Knowledge Base - cPanel Documentation Is it improved installation for the react application within cPanel?
  9. G

    Node.js app registered but not working correctly on Add-On domain

    Hoping somebody can help with this. To start off with I will say I am by no means a beginner but this one has got me stumped. So here goes... I got a VPS package through Namecheap which was the highest one available with Cent OS 7 (now 7.8), WHM + CPanel all installed and ready to go. There is...
  10. K

    How to see log file from node.js server

    I want to see the log file from node.js server. I read your document "How to Install a Node.js Application I am using a custom startup file. I got everything working. My custom startup file has this line. PassengerStartupFile "server.js" I want to see the output from server.js. I...
  11. H

    Node.js not installed properly

    Hi, I have installed Node.js from Setup Node.js option from cpanel it got installed. added package.json (which included as dependancy) in my root dir and installed npm, it is also installed. but when running application i found is not installed. So, how to install it...
  12. M

    How to deploy Node.js (Express) Restful API?

    I wanted to deploy my node api application. I'm having a hard time on how to do it? should i use Passenger or PM2?
  13. J

    HTTP requests not reaching Node.js backend on server

    I'm trying to set up a Node backend with a React frontend on a shared server running Apache and Cpanel. Both the back and front work fine and are able to communicate when I run both on my local machine. But I'm having trouble getting them to talk to each other on my production server. Full...
  14. leonep

    SOLVED node.js test app 403 fobidden error

    Hi, i am testing node,js on my server. i am following cpanel guide. curl test is ok #curl Hello World! NodeJS i have made test application in application manager, name; nodejsapp Application URL: /nodejsapp path: nodejsapp/app.js but if i open browser in my location...
  15. B

    Failing/Blocked POST request using Node.js and Application Manager

    Hi all! I am using the application manager to host my node.js apps. On my website I have a NodeMailer Express server running in the backend that listens on port 3000 and has a path that when a contact form is filled in properly, and when the button is clicked to send the form, it goes to this...
  16. Ishware

    SOLVED Node.js in version 80 with CloudLinux

    From the Version 80 feature showcase, I clicked to provision node.js, and getting this error: Update Error: The package ea-ruby24-mod_passenger conflicts and we need to install it resolve deps at /usr/local/cpanel/Cpanel/ line 352. I'm running CloudLinux+CageFS on this box, in case...
  17. G

    Node.js Could not spawn process for application

    Hello, I create a node.js script in version 11.3.0 on my cpanel, however the call of the application via the https protocol, does not work. In the logs the following error is present: [E 2019-02-22 09: 56: 27.4327 452046 / T2o age / Cor / App / Implementation.cpp: 221]: Could not spawn process...
  18. G

    Error ENOMEM: not enough memory node.js

    Hello, when launching a node.js command via the CPANEL terminal the following error is present: error ENOMEM: not enough memory, scandir '/home/cpXXXX/nodevenv/nodejs2/6/lib/node_modules/.staging/util-deprecate-0920d04d' the command launched is: npm install mysql --save I have increased the...
  19. R

    Does cPanel Support Node.js?

    Hi,, i have linux vps server use centos7 and whm/Cpanel ,,,, I am asking is it support Node.js ? Thanks
  20. E

    How can I install Node.js on cPanel?

    Hello Everybody : Who know a way to install Node.Js on Cpanel as a Module ? Why Node.Js isn't implemented by default in Cpanel ? I found it : I think it's an API : /