1. E

    Backup with Node.js on a reseller account?

    Hi, I have been contemplating installing Node.js on a reseller account. What happens if that account is restored from a backup though? Thanks
  2. B

    Apache reverse proxy to node.js server?

    apache reverse proxy centos cpanel to node.js server We are attempting to forward requests to a node.js application running on port 30026. We are using CentoOS 6.9 final. We are working on a project that accepts requests from an Apache server and forwards them to a node.js application. This is...
  3. Neso

    NodeJS app restart

    Hi, can anybody tell me how can I setup on my server for specific cPanel user for NodeJS app to restart ... example if server is restarted or if something kill NodeJS app, it never restart, I presume I need to enable something, setup, from root side, but what command I need to use. Any help...
  4. D

    passenger module + nodejs

    I try to configure my cpanel server run nodejs with apache passenger module. After active module passenger in cpanel i try to run a simple nodejs example from nodejs site, but not work. I can see only the passenger friendly error page. In log of apache I can see "cannot run node" but in server...
  5. G

    engintron proxy server nodejs

    Hello I have created a node program that it's working on http://mydomain:3000/node/index.js and I want to "hide" the port (3000). I have been reading that I need the a proxy server so I installed engintron and configured different ways but I can't reach what I want. For example I have used...
  6. M

    Nodejs installation to all accounts

    Hi , I've a VPS cpanel installed (CENTOS 7.4 kvm v68.0.28 I need to install nodejs on the server to be used by all shared accounts separated . What is the best practice install node on root account or on separated shared accounts . Best regards
  7. H

    apache + mod_passenger + nodejs

    helo anyone know who to run nodejs work well with mod_passenger? /opt/alt/ruby21/bin/gem install passenger /opt/alt/ruby21/bin/passenger-install-apache2-module cant find passenger-install-apache2-module thanks
  8. N

    Install http-parser

    Please let me know that How to Install http-parser with CentOS 7?
  9. Samet Chan

    NodeJS support cPanel?

    Node.js Does it support EasyApach 4 or something?
  10. J

    Issue Installing NodeJS

    I apologise if this is in the incorrect section of the forum, please feel free to move it accordingly if so. - I'm having some trouble installing NodeJS, I'm new to this and as a result am attempting to follow a guide online...
  11. I

    NodeJS + Ghost

    Howdy All! So, I am having an issue with one of my clients website. It is running the Ghost blog, and I have supported him with it. However, I ran into an issue after moving the site. It now redirects to /index.html.var, but every other page works. :S Here is the .htaccess: RewriteEngine...
  12. M

    NodeJS installation

    Hallo everybody I was wondering if anyone has an experience with installing NodeJS on cPanel machine. Surprisingly there is so little info on the net about this. I found this tutorial: Installing Node.js and Python 2.7 on cPanel with a unique IP address - Out of Control and was wondering...