1. M

    office365 mail to cpanel mail hybride methods

    Hey, I am having issues with my company emails since currently, we have 20 licenses for office365 extra 10 emails we are using Cpanel mail without licenses. I have created the rules in office365 in the exchange area, set max rules, etc.. but those 10 emails through we not getting sent and...
  2. R

    Migrate Office 365 Mailbox to Cpanel Mailbox

    Hell Everyone, Is there a way to Migrate Office 365 Mailbox to Cpanel Mailbox? Thanks Rockforduk
  3. D

    Mails from cPanel to MS Office365 - Exchange Online

    When sending to some users, which are using Office365 in MS cloud I got delivery error and returned message: SMTP error from remote mail server after end of data: 554 5.6.211 Invalid MIME Content: Single text value size (32799) exceeded allowed maximum (32768) for the...
  4. psytanium

    Office 365 routing emails with webmail problem

    Hi, I have 2 email addresses created in cPanel, [email protected] and [email protected] Recently I applied for Office 365 License, I associated [email protected] with Office365, but the other email address [email protected] is still in webmail. I created a connector in exchange admin...
  5. B

    Office365 Exchange with cPanel Exim

    I am in the process of revisiting a question I have been attempting to solve for probably way too long; A question with regard to utilizing Office365 Exchange in combination with cPanel Exim to distribute domain emails between the two servers. The MX records for my domain point to my Office365...
  6. S

    Need help Setting up more than one DMARC record.

    Hello, I have a a few licenses for Office 365 Enterprise E3 and a few licenses for Windows 10 Enterprise E3. I have personal domain,, where DMARC and the SPF records and setup properly and working. Then I have my two business domains. I use PowerDNS as...