1. A

    Can i set higher opcache memory limit for single account

    Hi, is it possible to set higher opcache memory limit for single cpanel account? I tried adding opcache.memory_consumption=256 in php.ini in cpanel account root folder and restarted litespeed, php-fpm, and HTTP server(Apache) from WHM, But it didn't work. Thanks
  2. T

    OPCache installed but disabled in config (PHP8.1)

    Hi, so I just installed opcache for my MultiPHP Version 8.1. It installed fine and is showing in the phpinfo(); as "Up and Running" however there is a setting in the configure command '--disable-opcache' . So how cna I make sure it is enabled, as it seems not to be. My Opcache Gui says '...
  3. A

    Installing OPcache

    Hi all Just looking for ways to improve performance a bit on one of my AWS instances which houses multiple fairly large/busy websites, currently reading an interesting article about the differences between PHP 8.0 and 8.1 and they've done some testing but they had OPcache enabled. Wondering if...
  4. D

    OPcache and Addon Domains

    Hi! I'm looking at including OPcache into my set up but I had a couple of questions before I do. Right now, I have php-fpm enabled and I'm on PHP 7.3. One of my accounts has multiple addon domains and each site uses fairly similar code. Would OPcache cause an issue with caching the similar...
  5. V

    PHP 8 opcache install error

    Hello I see this error when I want to install opcache for php 8.0 with Easyapache 4. Error: Package: ea-php80-php-opcache-8.0.0-2.2.2.cpanel.x86_64 (EA4) Requires: ea-php80-php-cli(x86-64) = 8.0.0-2.2.2.cpanel Installed: ea-php80-php-cli-8.0.0rc4-4.6.1.cpanel.x86_64 (@EA4-experimental)...
  6. M

    LiteSpeed + Redis + OPcache

    Hi, Anybody installed in her server LiteSpeed, Redis and OPCache at same time?. I have server with CloudLinux + LiteSpeed + WHM/cPanel where host 250 cPanel accounts with normal wordpress. And i need know if i will get any benefit if install too Redis and OPCache. Thank you very much.
  7. D

    How to disable PHP-OPcache per user/site

    Hi, I just used EasyApache to enable PHP-OPcache (using php 7.1) to optimize my Magento 2 website performance. However, it created error for my other websites on same hosting; my other website display blank page or keep redirect back to installation page. I checked, there is some kind of heavy...
  8. M

    File Based Opcache problem

    Hi there I am trying to enable file based opcache so the scripts stay cached when the domains don't have traffic and can be re-loaded compiled from the SSD drives, instead of needing to be recompiled every time, by using opcache.file_cache="/tmp/php_opcache" in the php.ini files. All the other...
  9. B

    SOLVED Opcache large number of hits

    Hello, I just installed Opcache on php5.6. Everything went fine and i installed the opcache Gui. Everything look good with 100% hit rate My concern is that it shows millions of hits even after few hours. My wordpress site gets only ~200visit per day. Under File Usage in the GUI I can see the...
  10. M

    Need a little advice on OpCache config

    I admit I stay a tad behind the curve, and this morning I've finally added OpCache to my EA PHP 7.0, 7.1, 7.2, 7.3 (in a CloudLinux 6 environment with Apache 2.4.38, PHP 7.2 native with PHP-FPM, http2, mySQL 5.75, mpm_event) and I'm hoping that someone might give advice on OpCache config...
  11. C

    PHP 7.3 and OPcache problem

    Hi, Just took advantage of the recent release of PHP 7.3 with OPcache. I've been running a file which allows me to see how OPcache is functioning [removed] It doesn't appear that after the upgrade to PHP 7.3 with OPcache that OPcache is caching files. Based on the status it appears that there...
  12. S

    OPCache not working in All domains

    I have Zend opcache compiled with PHP5.6.2 and enabled it in /usr/local/lib/php.ini file with following configuration When i checked it with one of my domains in my server using phpinfo(); , There i can see Opcache is enabled and running. But when i checked the same with other domains, Opcache...
  13. MajorLancelot

    OpCache and Shared Hosting Environment

    Hi. I was wondering what approach you have adopted as a "root" admin when it comes to: opcache.validate_timestamps=1 opcache.revalidate_freq=2 Did you enable timestamp_validation to speed up changes or was it disabled? Thanks!
  14. S

    SOLVED PHP-FPM Multi-php ini Configuration change not being applied?

    hi everyone, Recently we converted to php-fpm and I was happy with it, the majority of sites are still on php-56 though, and hence I modified the /opt/cpanel/ea-php56/root/etc/php.ini opcache.enable=1 opcache.enable_cli=1 opcache.memory_consumption=2512 opcache.interned_strings_buffer=8...
  15. N

    OpCache Configuration in EA 4 PHP 5.6

    Hi, I am new to all this :), I have found (working on WHM) in the end of php.ini settings some code for OPCACHE configuration see image - Removed - ;zend_extension="/usr/local/lib/php/extensions/no-debug-non-zts-20121212/opcache.so" ; PHP Recommended Opcache settings ; See...
  16. I

    opcache for php5.4

    hello I wonder if there package for opcache php5.4 ? i only see opcache packages in EA4 available with php 6.5 and above
  17. C

    Opcache and experimental FCGId

    It was asked before (What are the basic prerequisites to enable PHP opcache) but I cannot re-open such an old thread, that's why I created a new one. What's the status for opcache under experimental factcgi module: Apache Module: FCGId - EasyApache 4 - cPanel Documentation. Does it work with...
  18. B

    SOLVED OPcache information not showing in phpinfo

    I've got OPcache installed and PHP-FPM enabled for my domain. However when I viewed the phpinfo() details, "Zend OPcache" section is completely missing from the details. So I'm not able to see whether OPcache is even working well. I was expecting to see the Zend OPcache section something like...
  19. J

    OPcache "up and running" but doesn't cache any scripts

    I installed and enabled OPcache (EasyApache 4, FastCGI, non-shared VPS) using WHM»Software»Easy Apache 4»All PHP Options + OpCache. My sites run PHP 5.6.33 (ea-php56). phpinfo() confirms that "Opcode caching" is "Up and Running". I also monitor OPcache using opcache-gui-2.4.0. It tells me...
  20. R

    php-FPM with opcache vs php-FPM with Redis

    Hello! If I understand correctly, than a Redis Cache is not compatible with CPanel's opcache on EA4. As we need to implement some caching, I have the question: The server has custom software, Drupal, Joomla and Wordpress web pages. What cons / pros from security, performance and administration...