operating systems

  1. bejbi

    any update about ea-PHP 7.4 under CloudLinux ?

    Anyone has maybe information when could we expect to have ea-php 7.4 under CloudLinux ?
  2. A

    SOLVED 'You must reboot the server to apply kernel updates' persists after multiple reboots

    My VPS is running v86.0.18 (RELEASE) on CENTOS 7.8 and I have a persistent "You must reboot the server to apply kernel updates" warning that doesn't go away after rebooting (several times). The latest "yum -y update" results in "No packages marked for update' and "whmapi1 system_needs_reboot"...
  3. L

    CentOS 8 Support Update?

    I'm still running CentOS 6, and I was planning on waiting for cPanel to support CentOS 8 before I migrated my server in order to benefit from all the goodies it includes. According to the Feature Request, cPanel CentOS 8 support was planned for early 2020, but there hasn't been an update to...
  4. C

    Operating Systems

    I han't bought CPanel yet, because i am not sure if I haver the right OS to run it. Can it be any linux version, or must it be one specified on the main page of this site?
  5. D

    cpanel & other operating systems

    hi, is there any news on the debian version of cpanel ? or a suse installation of it ? we want to get several new servers for our business but cpanel doesnt supports these 2 atm.