1. H

    mysql hangs - Optimization required?

    MYSQL was hanging with nothing in the error log. When restarting the only messages I could see are 2022-06-01T08:38:59.762398Z 0 [System] [MY-010931] [Server] /usr/sbin/mysqld: ready for connections. Version: '8.0.29-cll-lve' socket: '/var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock' port: 3306 MySQL Community Server...
  2. M

    Server Automation

    Hey Guys, I'm trying to automate things. While installing a fresh cPanel on a server, I want to switch the default mpm to mpm_event . Can someone share how could I do that using a bash script? I know I can do it using a yum shell, but I want to use it in a bash script and execute it. ``````` #...
  3. R

    Optimizing Server/WordPress Options

    I have a server that is dedicated to one client with multiple WordPress sites including one account with hundreds of client subsites. With page speed becoming an increasingly important aspect in terms of Google rankings we're looking for ways to boost the response rate. Most recently we've...
  4. D

    .htaccess search optimization in cPanel & WHM version 66

    When I logged into WHM 66.0.17, the feature showcase showed: .htaccess Optimization The .htaccess Optimization feature reduces the paths Apache will check for “.htaccess” files to the user’s home directory, which can significantly boost server performance. The Release Notes for version 66...
  5. J

    Question About ".htaccess Optimization" feature in cPanel 66

    cPanelMichael... I did not select this as WordPress and other applications put .htaccess files in several directories to lock down people from downloading or seeing directories which are used for configuration, uploads, media, etc. So setting this would have caused all the security in place to...
  6. S

    .htaccess Optimization and Optimize Website

    Regarding the new .htaccess Optimization feature, if this is set to DocumentRoot doesn't this interfere with the Optimize Website feature in users cPanels? The Optimize Website (mod_deflate) adds a .htaccess file into the user's home directory. If AllowOverride is only permitted into...
  7. chrismfz

    66, htaccess search optimization and Indexes Off

    I saw in 66 this: But on several servers I had Indexes OFF (from WHM > Apache Configuration) for security reasons mostly. When (before 66 a few weeks ago) I switch to htaccess home directories search from the same page, a lot of pages stopped working when someone was making a change (SSL...
  8. T

    SOLVED Websites down after enabling ".htaccess Optimization" feature in cPanel 66

    Overnight my server upgraded to V66.0.5.. When I logged in early this morning a few new "Recommended Features/Options" were presented to me. Bleary-eyed and pre-coffee, I opted to use all of the new recommended features and immediately 90% of all the sites on the server died with "You don't...
  9. Ajeje989

    Server optimization assistance requested

    Hi all, i have dedicated server with this spec CPU Intel Xeon E3 1225v2 RAM 26 GB 2 TB SPACE in this dedicated i have 46 radio (whmsonic with shoutcast v2) with autodj . this is my process and load on dedicated prntscr.com/9x0e10 cpu load is stable on 30% is normal or it is high ? how to...
  10. O

    Advice needed: rookie VPS owner with needs for PHP optimization

    Hello! After hours of reading through these forums and googling about it, thinking and reading it all over again, I've came to conclusion I just need to ask you guys. I'm very new in the WHM waters but i think I can make sense of things pretty quickly. After running the VPS for a month or so...
  11. J

    Site Optimization (compression)

    Hello. I am using cPanel 11 and have enabled compression for all content. It works fine most of the time. However, from time to time when i click on an internal link (in firefox) i get presented with a download dialog box instead of being taken to the link location. Saving the file results...
  12. S

    Spamassassin Resource Usage Optimization

    1.) I read somewhere a while ago that it was more efficient to set spamassassin to scan mail for all accounts, rather than letting individual user accounts decide if they want it enabled on their account. On the release build this is currently under Exim Configuration Editor > SpamAssassinTM...
  13. S

    Spamassassin resource optimization (optimisation)

    I have read somewhere - although I can't now find the page, that it is more efficient to force spamassassin on for all user accounts, rather than allowing it to be used on a per user basis? I appreciate this may alter the way spamd may spawn and manage it's memory usage... Any...
  14. S

    mysql optimization

    Hi is there a mysql optimization script? I have tried els but it does not completely optimize my.cnf I have tried tuning-primer.sh but it only points the my.cnf points that are bad and does not correct them, is there a script that can do that? Thanks in advanced.
  15. upsforum

    my.cnf and optimization mysql server

    Hi, I have 3 GByte of RAM in my server, and this is my.cnf file ___________________________ [mysqld] skip-locking #skip-innodb query_cache_limit=1M query_cache_size=128M query_cache_type=1 max_connections=1000 interactive_timeout=100 wait_timeout=100 connect_timeout=10...
  16. N

    MySQL Optimization...

    I'm running around 19 total sites on one of my servers, only one of which is extremely resource intensive... The one site gets a large number of hits and is CONSTANTLY making long queries and updating data, the server load usually goes up above 2 with over 30 users online at a time. How would...
  17. H

    Server Overloaded - Optimization Needed

    My site has recently been featured in several magazines and newspapers, and is receiving a VERY HIGH number of hits. The problem is pages failing to load, and the processor on the 'top' command showing 0% idle for a very long time. The site is PHP based, and uses a MySQL server. I have...
  18. R

    How do you disable HD optimization?

    I want to disable this feature in cpanel, I enabled it but now I can't change it back to compare the differences. Does anyone know how to disable this feature?
  19. T

    HDD partition optimization

    can somebody tell me how to separate my hdd partitions to work fine with cPanel I have box with 240GB HDD and 2GB RAM. I will install centos 3.4 on it. if somebody tell me the most optimized variant it will be great
  20. Radio_Head

    mod_gzip optimization

    Cpanel install a preconfigured mod_gzip installing apache I suggest these modifications FROM mod_gzip_maximum_file_size 0 TO mod_gzip_maximum_file_size 500000 0 means unlimited and it could be a problem with extremely large html files FROM mod_gzip_temp_dir /tmp TO...