1. D

    p0f running high cpu (close to 100%)

    From time to time p0f is running at (close to 100%). Killing the 'pid' solves it, it respawns and it's fine for days. However p0f should not run rogue? Anyone experiencing the same?
  2. G

    The service “p0f” appears to be down

    I'm receiving tons of email notifications. The subject is: [ip-172-31-x-xxx.ap-northeast-1.compute.internal] FAILED : p0f (172.31.x.xxx) That ip is not the one from my server anymore (it use to be), but still receiving those messages after I updated the ips, rebooted the server, etc. Any idea?
  3. upsforum

    any problem with p0f

    every day from last update I get this error on any vps: The system detected problems with the following cPanel-provided files that the RPM controls: RPM Status Additional Information p0f-3.09b-1.cp1150 Missing If you did not make these changes intentionally, execute the following command...
  4. I

    check_cpanel_rpms - p0f Missing

    Hi, I started getting lots of emails from the service manager that the p0f process is down. I logged in to the server and when running /scripts/restartsrv_p0f I get: Service Error (XID xn5vu9) The system could not find the ?p0f? binary. p0f has failed. Contact your system administrator if...
  5. WebHostPro

    What does the p0f process do?

    I had a server overload last night from the p0f process. I killed it and the server seems to come back down now. Just wondering what this does, all I can find is it's a normal Cpanel process.
  6. sehh

    p0f process - high cpu usage

    Hello, I've got a server that constantly has an issue with the process "/usr/local/cpanel/3rdparty/sbin/p0f". This particular process gets to 100% cpu usage and gets stuck like that, until I kill it. It seems like its ok on my other servers. Anyone has any suggestions how to tackle this...
  7. A

    Too many tracked connections p0f warnings messages

    I see these repeated Passive OS fingerprinting (p0f) daemon "Too many tracked connections" warnings in the messages log once in a while, like today when the where logged 298 times in the message log for about 11 minutes. Apr 13 13:05:14 xxxxxx p0f: [!] WARNING: Too many tracked connections...
  8. postcd

    p0f service shows "down" icon

    Hello, i noticed WHM has new features and got upgraded, in Service status page in WHM i see p0f service has "Down" red icon. Is this ok? What to do? In Home »Service Configuration »Service Manager , this p0f service is ticked as Enabled.. Thank you