1. Server Pros

    Packages and DNS

    Everything is so different in cPanel. I've created an Unlimited package and set it with a dedicated IP for use with a paid SSL cert. I see three different DNS schemes. I've selected standardvirtualftp. But how do I select standard for a site with a dedicated IP? How do I select the scheme used...
  2. B

    Account in WHM has "undefined" Package

    I need to add a feature to the Cpanel for an account. The Package associated with this user account in WHM is "undefined". The account has multiple sub-domains and mySQL database in production. Can assigning a package to this account in Account Modify in WHM affect any thing that has been set...
  3. hydn79

    How to restrict the # of allowed email filters and email forwarders?

    From WHM... how do I restrict the # of allowed email filters and email forwarders for cPanel accounts? (See attached) Thanks
  4. T

    E-Mail Account Limits

    I created a package in my WHM reseller account that included unlimited email accounts. However when I try to add e-mail accounts in the c-panel it will only allow one email account. I have tried to figure out where the problem lies and to adjust everything both inside WHM and CPanel but I am at...
  5. A

    Ability to edit default plan

    Hi, Is there any way to edit settings of default package? I want that bandwidth and quota was not unlimited by default?