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    Terminating Acct / Should Auto Kill Packages Too

    When you terminate an account, shouldn't the packages that the user created automatically be killed too. I just had a situation where a user said that they could see another users packages. Sure enough, you could. It was an account I just terminated. So I had to manually kill the packages.
  2. U

    Editing Packages & FrontPage Extentsions

    Editing Packages & FrontPage Extentsions Hi, I have noticed that there isn't an option under edit packages to select if a package should have frontpage or not. If you edit a package that originally did it removes it! Kind Regards, Neil
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    Modifying packages, my resellers package isn't updating

    I recently modified my packages from 2000 mb to 2500 mb, my resellers packages aren't updating in their control panel. any idea or reason why? thanks.
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    How to create 1click install packages

    Hello, I am not the world's best coder/scripter but I want to begin customizing Cpanel so that my customers can have a better array of scripts to install with one click. Does anyone know the best way to begin studying how to do this? Is there a guide somewhere? Are the existing ones...
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    Reseller & Packages

    Hi, We have created a reseller with the ability to add/delete there own packages. We have set it the so that they cannot create any packages created as root however they still can and the packages show up in the list of available packages. How can we stop this? Kind Regards, Neil
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    Edit Packages is not possible

    Hi there I don't know if everyone of you has got the same problem like me. When I try to edit a package in the WHM in just takes affect to the first 10 to 20 accounts of about 600 up to 800 accounts each server. Is it possible that the current WHM version has a bug? Thanks for help (I tried...
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    Reseller Packages Cpanel 5 Build 108

    When packages are create using &admin&_PackageOne they aren't able to be seen in the resellers WHM, this is great. However, when resellers create an account they can be seen in the admin WHM. I believe there should be a way to turn this option off and on. I'm curious on what...
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    Protecting Reseller Hosting Packages From Others...Best Way?

    So what is the BEST way to protect reseller hosting packages from being seen by other resellers? * I'm sure some of you veteran cpanel guys & gals have a solution or two. Looking forward to your responses :)
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    Packages Problem

    When I make a reseller account, they are able to use mine (root), along with any other package there is for any other reseller. Is there anyway to make it so they can only view/use their own package? Thanks.
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    WHM Packages Showing up with Resellers! Help!

    I have a question and want to know if its just how Cpanel is designed. When I create packages in my WHM my resellers can see these packages in their WHM. When a reseller creates a package in their WHM it shows up in my WHM. How do I fix this? All I wanted is for resellers to have an...
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    reseller 's packages question

    ok, this may have been asked already but I just read thru 20 pages of posts and didn't see it. On setting up resellers, What can we have resellers do when setting up their own packages so resellers only see their own. What is the correct format to add a package in a reseller account so only...
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    Resellers can view ALL packages

    There have been a couple posts about this, but no announced solution or workaround. I didn't think I had this problem, but now I see why: 1. When I set up a reseller and restrict account creation by resource usage, the reseller can see only his/her packages. 2. When I set up a reseller and...
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    Changing hosting packages for all users

    Is there an easier way to apply a change to a hosting package to all users other than updating each user individually?
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    Edit Packages and Up/Downgrade

    I'm a reseller, and have WHM 4.7.0-- is &Edit Packages& an option in this version? I only have Add and Delete Package. I need to give one of my packages a couple extra databases. Is there another easier way to do this besides creating a new package and upgrading everyone to it...
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    Hosting Packages

    Is there an easy way to transfer all the packages listed in WHM on a server to another? Anyone know where the file is that contains the infomation? Craig.
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    How to Create the Hoting Packages?

    could someone explain me how to add the hosting package in &create new account? I can't see where to do it... Peace
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    Resellers Modifying Packages

    Hi, Can resellers edit pacakges without being able to see other peoples pacakges? Can they also modify an account without then being able to add shell access etc. I know this was a problem a while back but wondered if any resolution was available or being worked on. This makes things...
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    Editing Packages

    Hi, Is there a way to edit your packages after you have created them? Kind Regards, Neil Wood UK Web.Solutions Direct
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    Reseller Packages.. Tedious?

    Hello. I am wondering if there is a way that I can create a reseller package. Currently, when I get a reseller order, I am having to setup an account, with no real domain name, r1025 for example, with like 10 megs of space and 100megs of transfer. Even when the plan comes with 1GB of space...
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    Packages are gone!

    In the WHM I suddenly have no packages showing. I cannot create a new account since there are no packages listed. Anyone else have this problem???