1. B

    Reseller packages won't inherit its features set.

    Hy there! We want to have the "AutoSSL" and "SSL/TLS Status" menus available for everyone in the server except for the resellers who did not purchase our SSL add-on (as well as their respective customers). All of our (root) customers should have SSL enabled by default. Presently we only have...
  2. cetiner

    Packages creation in WHM & syncing to WHMCS

    Now I have a question about WHM and the "export" (sync) to WHMCS. We have created some packages in a WHM reseller account. The function in WHMCS to Sync customers works yes. And it also arrives from WHM the reseller customer in the WHMCS. With the package. Is it a WHM attitude that the WHMCS...
  3. I

    Reseller Packages

    When I terminate a Reseller account, I need to delete all the packages he have created. How?
  4. C

    Free SSL only for specific packages.

    Any ideea how can be activated free SSL (Let's Encrypt I use) only for specific packages? Or not activate SSL for few packages? Many thanks!
  5. speckados

    How to update all packages with a same item value

    Hi. I'm looking for a tip to upgrade all packages, with a new pàir/ value such MAX_DEFER_FAIL_PERCENTAGE=unlimited to MAX_DEFER_FAIL_PERCENTAGE=30 for example. In first place I think best way is modify file user in /var/cpanel/packages/ but I don't know how to apply or force reload new values...
  6. M

    Skeleton directories and packages

    Hi all, I am currently using skeleton directories for new accounts on my server although there is 1 package i am wanting to create although i would like this to use a separate skeleton directory if possible. Thanks in advance
  7. benito

    Edit packages without modify active accounts

    Hello! There are any way to edit packages without modify active accounts with the new values? thanks It is safe to manually edit the files located in /var/cpanel/packages ?
  8. G

    Max number of accounts and packages?

    Hello i can't find any info about max number of accounts and created package on server? I don't looking for how many i can sites or anything, just numbers or limitations by cPanel software for max number of accounts or package
  9. E

    Locate Accounts that have values outside defined packages?

    Hello, I have cPanel & WHM version 74.0.10 . I would like to know, is there some command in the command line to list accounts who have values (number of Add On domain, bandwidth etc..) outside of defined packages? Because, if I change values in some package, this can annul changed values from...
  10. D

    Remove Packages Causes - Altered RPMs Found

    Recently switch to EA4 and and then to three PHP7.x. After a few months, in the process of doing clean-up, I found and deleted a long list of packages, using yum, beginning with 'cpanel-php5x'. Now come the nightly emails informing: This command put them all back and previously rebuilding...
  11. Server Pros

    Packages and DNS

    Everything is so different in cPanel. I've created an Unlimited package and set it with a dedicated IP for use with a paid SSL cert. I see three different DNS schemes. I've selected standardvirtualftp. But how do I select standard for a site with a dedicated IP? How do I select the scheme used...
  12. B

    Account in WHM has "undefined" Package

    I need to add a feature to the Cpanel for an account. The Package associated with this user account in WHM is "undefined". The account has multiple sub-domains and mySQL database in production. Can assigning a package to this account in Account Modify in WHM affect any thing that has been set...
  13. A

    Gathering PHP-FPM packages information fails due to a missing subdomain

    When we navigate to Software > MultiPHP Manager an error message pops up whilst gathering PHP-FPM packages information. The message is: API failure: Failed to find the domain(s): “”. at /usr/local/cpanel/Cpanel/PHP/ line 255...
  14. T

    SSH packages update

    Will be SSH packages updated on a regular schedule or should be run manually?
  15. hydn79

    How to restrict the # of allowed email filters and email forwarders?

    From WHM... how do I restrict the # of allowed email filters and email forwarders for cPanel accounts? (See attached) Thanks
  16. L

    Excluding packages from UPCP in v64

    Since v58 I have been running Dovecot with Pigeonhole to give Sieve support. Cpanel has been happily updating automatically since I had performed the following changes to /var/cpanel/rpm.versions.d/local.versions (as discussed here) --- file_format: version: 2 install_targets: {}...
  17. K

    Cannot open Packages database YUM error

    I have different problem, but as it is related to yum update I am posting my question here. I have tried to update yum on one of my VPS (with cpanel on it) and it run into error. Any help would be appreciated. Error as below. =========================================== rpmdb: Thread/process...
  18. T

    E-Mail Account Limits

    I created a package in my WHM reseller account that included unlimited email accounts. However when I try to add e-mail accounts in the c-panel it will only allow one email account. I have tried to figure out where the problem lies and to adjust everything both inside WHM and CPanel but I am at...
  19. A

    Ability to edit default plan

    Hi, Is there any way to edit settings of default package? I want that bandwidth and quota was not unlimited by default?
  20. K

    duplicate packages with yum update

    I have problem with using yum update the follow error is this. ea-apache24-mod_mpm_event-2.4.18-7.1.x86_64 has missing requires of ea-apache24 = ('0', '2.4.18', '7.1') ea-apache24-mod_proxy-2.4.18-5.1.x86_64 is a duplicate with ea-apache24-mod_proxy-2.4.18-3.1.x86_64...