1. A

    Gathering PHP-FPM packages information fails due to a missing subdomain

    When we navigate to Software > MultiPHP Manager an error message pops up whilst gathering PHP-FPM packages information. The message is: API failure: Failed to find the domain(s): “”. at /usr/local/cpanel/Cpanel/PHP/ line 255...
  2. T

    SSH packages update

    Will be SSH packages updated on a regular schedule or should be run manually?
  3. hydn79

    How to restrict the # of allowed email filters and email forwarders?

    From WHM... how do I restrict the # of allowed email filters and email forwarders for cPanel accounts? (See attached) Thanks
  4. L

    Excluding packages from UPCP in v64

    Since v58 I have been running Dovecot with Pigeonhole to give Sieve support. Cpanel has been happily updating automatically since I had performed the following changes to /var/cpanel/rpm.versions.d/local.versions (as discussed here) --- file_format: version: 2 install_targets: {}...
  5. K

    Cannot open Packages database YUM error

    I have different problem, but as it is related to yum update I am posting my question here. I have tried to update yum on one of my VPS (with cpanel on it) and it run into error. Any help would be appreciated. Error as below. =========================================== rpmdb: Thread/process...
  6. T

    E-Mail Account Limits

    I created a package in my WHM reseller account that included unlimited email accounts. However when I try to add e-mail accounts in the c-panel it will only allow one email account. I have tried to figure out where the problem lies and to adjust everything both inside WHM and CPanel but I am at...
  7. A

    Ability to edit default plan

    Hi, Is there any way to edit settings of default package? I want that bandwidth and quota was not unlimited by default?
  8. K

    duplicate packages with yum update

    I have problem with using yum update the follow error is this. ea-apache24-mod_mpm_event-2.4.18-7.1.x86_64 has missing requires of ea-apache24 = ('0', '2.4.18', '7.1') ea-apache24-mod_proxy-2.4.18-5.1.x86_64 is a duplicate with ea-apache24-mod_proxy-2.4.18-3.1.x86_64...
  9. T

    How to manage packages across multiple cPanel servers?

    Hi cPanel community! I've got several servers running cPanel, each with multiple preset packages which tie into my WHMCS install. I'm currently manually adding new packages to each server. In the past I've also used the "migrate" feature to copy packages across servers. Is there a better way...
  10. I

    Automated way to migrate WHM packages?

    Hello, I currently have a reseller license to WHM/CPANEL with on a reseller shared hosting account. In such an account set-up I don't have root access. Although I might be able to ask the provider to do something that requires root access (perhaps). I am changing to another provider, and that...
  11. earthrat

    Cannot edit Settings on Existing packages

    I found a really old forum post that talks about this issue with a reply saying it was fixed. Sorry to disappoint but it has not been fixed. When I click to edit a package I should be able...
  12. G

    xxx packages excluded due to repository protections

    [email protected] [~]# yum update Loaded plugins: priorities, protectbase Setting up Update Process 184 packages excluded due to repository protections No Packages marked for Update [email protected] [~]# yum install php-gd php-devel Loaded plugins: priorities, protectbase Setting up Install Process...
  13. postcd

    Creating custom packages + whmcs?

    Hello, can WHM create fully custom cpanel accounts with cooperation of WHMCS billing system? i mean that i dont need to create packages in WHM, but user during order set custom sizes for his cpanel..
  14. Z

    WHM Account Packages disappeared

    Hello, I had created some Account Packages some time ago through WHM and multiple accounts are assigned to use them. I was trying to create an account now, and when trying to "Choose a Package", I found that the list is empty. If I go to accounts list and look at the package column i can...
  15. G

    Can't create packages with unlimited resources, overselling is enabled

    Hello, currently my server can't create packages with unlimited resources, I mean, I have assigned to the reseller the ability to overselling but he can't create an account using the package with unlimited resources (I have attached some screenshots), before it was possible to create them with...
  16. A

    PEAR and PECL Module installers have no packages

    CENTOS 6.5 i686 WHM 11.42.1 (build 16) Neither of these options list any packages: PHP Extensions and Applications Package PHP Pecl This is a brand new server image set up a few days ago at Knownhost. I want to install SOAP via PEAR (don't really want to do Easy Apache). Rebuilt RPM...
  17. E

    How to change cpanel accts and packages to x3 after uninstalling rvskin?

    Hello, We are going to uninstall the "RVSKIN" cpanel theme from our servers. How can we change all accounts and WHM Packages that are using one of the rvskin themes to "x3"? The rvskin includes a bunch of different themes that customers might be using: rvskin rvneo rvdiy rvgreen rvblue...
  18. M

    whm other root users dont show packages seen as root

    .in whm under other root users we dont see the packages that can be seen under whm "root" user
  19. sahostking

    Reseller Accounts and packages they create

    Hi guys, How do you allow resellers to set "unlimited" on packages they create. Currently and from what I read previously and understand is they can only set it to 9999999999 or some very high number. Any ideas?
  20. H

    How do I plug in Plan Types (Packages) into my website using WebUI??

    I have a master Reseller account with as a Reseller account to sell the WebHosting Spaces. Now My question is, how do I plug in Plan Types (Packages) into my website as sales product for my Customers to sign up from my Website? I don't see any option or any link or WebUI with...