1. Kent Brockman

    How can I clean unused packages?

    Hi! Today I have a maintanance question. Let's see: I run several VPS servers which over time have been used by different resellers. Some of them have evolved and moved to higher plans, others have quit. Others just have a mess because they are designers or non-tech people not willing to...
  2. V

    No more custom packages in 11.36?

    Hi, We use Percona MySQL on our servers, however, in cPanel 11.36 update preferences, the option to select what package to update no longer is available, hence cPanel will replace/update everything with its packages. Is that the case? No more custom packages?
  3. A

    cPanel maintenance script update of manually upgraded packages

    Latest run of cPanel maintenance script updated logwatch to an older version than the version I had manually upgraded to, so I would like to know if there is a way to not let the maintenance script update a package that has been manually upgraded?
  4. B

    [Feature Request] Limit forwarders in packages

    Hello, I've found a lot of post by 7 years ago about this request, and today it's not yet available :( We can't limit the number or forwarders in packages settings, and we can't limit the number of email sent by every package. Please, add this option, we can't offer unlimited forwarders...
  5. B

    cpanel on x86_64 has i386 packages installed

    hi when i run yum list installed | grep 386 i get 150 packages, but my system is x64, why cpanel installed those packages?? every time i run any install or upgrade from cpanel, i see it downloads both 64 and 386, why? is it safe to remove them? cause on other server without cpanel i have...
  6. A

    Reseller Packages Problem

    I have a question I conducted a small but successful reseller reseller-up process with the user tries to open a new customer package names package names are registered on the server packages to see just how you can make self-inflicted. I'm talking about sending a picture of the menu, but unable...
  7. N

    cPanel updated 192 packages, but yum wants to do the same, why?

    Last night upcp updated 192 packages with the cron. when I run yum update to check if there was a newer kernel, it wanted to install again the 192 packages + newer kernel. Why is that?
  8. lightbeing

    Changing packages for existing services

    I'm wanting to change the packages I offer and know how to do that in WHM, so that all new services that are set up have the new features. How do I make changes to existing services for my current clients, or will they automatically get the new feature set? Also, is it possible to merge...
  9. S

    Hosting Packages

    I was fed up being let down with my hosting provider, I purchased a reseller package, but know nothing about hosting. Know trying to set the packages I am unsure on how to set my packages to unlimited. Can anyone please advise. Many thanks.:confused:
  10. M

    New VPS Packages

    Hi All. I have noticed since I moved to the VPS from my old shared hosting provider certain features do not work on fresh installs of Joomla CMS, I think it may be down to the fact I do not have the proper packages installed on the VPS, for example I had one module that would generate...
  11. WebHostPro

    Where is the packages located in the file system?

    I thought it was /var/cpanel/packages/ but that redirects to /home/cpanel and has nothing. I want to add several packages by uploading to them.
  12. N

    How to delete MULTIPLE packages with WHM ?

    Hi, as the title said: How could i deleted MULTIPLE packages with WHM (root access) ??? Thanks for all helps!
  13. F

    Selling WHM Packages

    I am thinking of buying a master reseller account with WHM and cPanel featureetes but I am unsure about one thing. I have noticed with WHMCS that you can create packages and this will then create a domain to add the package to a cart, checkout, and have the account set up. However, when creating...
  14. J

    There are no packages that can be copied from the remote server

    Hi, I'm going to copy a lot of accounts of one server to another, but whe I try the script respond that "There are no packages that can be copied from the remote server.", I'm using "Copy multiple accounts/packages from another server". I try to copy acoounts with the other funcions and...
  15. D

    Reseller Customer - Packages done delete when service terminated...

    If i have a reseller account that no longer pays for hosting then i obviously terminate their service however when i do this it does not delete any package that they have created on their account, how would i go about making this happen automatically should somebody not pay?
  16. R

    reseller packages

    How exactly do I create a reseller package in WHM? It's for people that want to run their own webhosts thanks
  17. S

    Packages not showing

    Hi, Resellers cannot see and choose the packages created by themselves on their WHM. what is the problem? It can be only seen after the admin login from the root and check the package they have created. It was not like this before and could see the packages created by them without admin...
  18. P

    Mass therme change change for all hosting packages

    Hello, I want to change cpanel theme all hosting packages at one time. How can i do that. Please advise.
  19. M

    Updating Packages

    When I update a package in WHM, it only updates one of the accounts. Any idea why on this?
  20. M

    Migrating WHM packages

    I'm currently doing a migration of 511 domains from server A to server B with /scripts/pkgacct and /scripts/restorepkg. Is there a way to get WHM's addon packages from server A to server B? Thanks! Mike