1. P

    Packages lists gone

    I had to have a new Hard drive installed - I was able to use backup / restore to get all the accounts back but I had probably about 40 different packages set up for resellers and other clients. Any easy way of getting those back without having to manually readd them all? Is there a file I...
  2. R

    Packages not getting added

    Hi, We are not able to add new packages through WHM(user) > Add package option. It shows blank page. Packages are getting added through root user. I have run /scripts/fixcommanproblems and /scripts/fixeverything but this issue not getting fixed. Do some one know how to fix it...
  3. konrath

    Edit Packages freeze the server. Why?

    Hello When a reseller Edit or change the packages sometimes break the server. Why? No high load. Simply break the server. Thank you Konrath
  4. M

    setting of packages etc

    Hi, I am new to hosting and didnt think it be such a jump in understanding. The basis of what I want to do is:- 1. setup a normal hosting account (relatively easy and managed this) 2.setup a hosting account with a modified os commerce shop with pre installed products. i.e a customer...
  5. S

    Cloning Account Packages and Feature Lists

    I am hoping someone has a method to clone a feature list and/or account package. I find it silly that this isnt an option in WHM. Its very annoying to have to create a new list from scratch and go back and forth between two windows/tabs of checklists to copy settings. I know I can disable...
  6. A

    Problem with disk quotas and Edit Packages

    Hello I have a little problem with the disk quotas in "Edit Packages". When a reseller, edits its owns packages and increase the disk quota, the cpanel don't validate if this new quota exceeds the total of space asigned for this reseller. For example. I have a reseller with 5 GB of...
  7. S

    How to create automated packages reseller?

    Hi all, i'm brand new to WHM and fairly new to cpanel, i have just purchased a VPS with WHM, Cpanel and Virtuozzo(?), i have worked out how to create packages and set my account as a reseller, however i don't know how to display packages/choices in a fashion that folk can buy the package they...
  8. konrath

    cannot open Packages database in /var/lib/rpm

    Hello During the CPanel update I get the error message below error: can not open Packages database in / var / lib / rpm I tried rm /var/lib/rpm/__db.00* rpm --rebuilddb rpm -qa | sort Result root@server [/var/lib/rpm]# rpm -qa | sort error: cannot open Packages database in...
  9. F

    Reseller Packages.

    Hi, After scanning thru the forum I thought i would ask this question. I was going to set up Resellers like this: Create cpanel package: 10G storage 100 gig transfer. After the user has signed up for the package. I was going to add them as a reseller. And allocate the same specs...
  10. R

    Adding packages error

    Hello can someone help me with this on going issue i tried to fix it but i couldn't find anything related. Everytime i try to add a package i get Add Package [an error occurred while processing this directive][an error occurred while processing this directive][an error occurred while...
  11. G

    Orphan packages after transfer

    I have transferred from one machine to another and all went very smoothly however on the new machine I do not have the same hosting "packages" set up as per what was on the old machine. The accounts have come across to the new machine but are now still attached/seen to be using their old...
  12. S

    Configuring Subdomains for all Packages

    How do I make subdomains work for instantly for all packages and accounts? This is a new webserver. By the defaults all work fine but notice that the subdomain aren't working. I added a subdomain using the Cpanel and it was successfully added. I also see it listed in WHM and a folder inside...
  13. M

    Urgent: Unable to Add Packages

    Hello, We are unable to add package from whm. Getting below error in whm ============================================================ [a fatal error or timeout occurred while processing this directive][an error occurred while processing this directive][an error occurred while processing...
  14. V

    How to remove Packages for non existing users ?

    Hello I have lot of reseller accountss and some of them are removed by me. But the problem is that their packages are still there. How can I delete the packages of those deleted resellers ? Any custom script , can you suggest any ?
  15. G

    Manage VPS Packages

    Is cPanel capable of managing virtual private servers? For example, if I install cPanel on Xen server as the master, can I create new VPS' through cPanel? Thanks, G
  16. D

    Different Skeleton Directories for Different Packages?

    We would like to setup an automated turnkey website + hosting solution that allows newley signed up users via client exec to create their account, pay and have their site configured with a php website script pre-installed for them. can this be done?
  17. B

    Mass Copy Accounts and Packages...

    As seen via I have tried to use the mass package / account copier with the latest CURRENT cPanel setup on both servers. However, here's where the ouch kicks in. I am not able to transfer accounts due to the fact that...
  18. R

    WHM > Packages > Feature Manager: Explanation of each item?

    Is there a reference somewhere on the web to explain what all of the options actually do in WHM > Packages > Feature Manager? (We're currently running WHM 11.23.2, cPanel 11.23.6-R27698, WHM X v3.1.0) Some of the options are obvious, others we've sussed out, but there are a few in there...
  19. Z

    Complete Packages

    Hello! Can you help me? I need to set my packages with more details and resources. I want to control, for example: - Email quota. - MySQL and PostgreSQL quotas=. The Plesk CP have this but I preffer the cPanel CP, but I don't know how I do the same in cPanel. Thanks! Zacchaeus (sorry my bad...
  20. N

    packages upgrade from command

    Is there any way to Upgrade/Downgrade an Account with a script from /scripts or another location.