1. A

    SOLVED Firewall issue with dynamic IP Address and FTP

    Hello All I have strange issue. I have to allow IP every time in csf other wise i am not able to login via ftp. Status: Connecting to server-ip:21... Status: Connection established, waiting for welcome message... Status: Logged in Status: Retrieving directory listing... Command: PWD...
  2. B

    Filezilla Failed to retrieve directory listing error

    Hi, I'm having trouble connecting to my web server with Filezilla on a new Debian Linux machine. I have installed Filezilla and entered the correct datas which worked on my previous machine in the quickconnect window and got the following error: [removed] Status: Connection established...
  3. F

    ftp connection issue

    Hi I have someone who has connected in the past to our server (about 2 months ago) which is now having an issue connecting. At the moment, we can only see that his router has changed to a google wifi, but everything else is the same. The following error is from Filezilla; Status...
  4. A

    Failed to load directory listing

    When i try to connect through ftp (filezilla) i get failed to load directory listing When i setup: Protocol: FTP Encryption: Use only Plain FTP Transfer Settings: Active Mode it does connect but this should not have to be done to be able connect. I switched ftp mode in WHM but it makes no...
  5. U

    SOLVED passive mode on pure-ftp + configserver

    Hi I have two vps over solusvm both are running centos 6.8 with WHM 60.0 (build 28) Both server have passive-mode enabled fot ftp connection with no rules on iptables (I am using configserver to manage our iptables). On one of them we can connect using passive-mode but in the other one this is...
  6. S

    SOLVED FTP Connects but Timeout with Error Failed to retrieve directory listing

    We are in the process of setting up a new server and anytime we try to connect via FTP we get a message stating a successful login, but the connection can not get a directory listing. We have tried using the default cPanel user and tried setting up another test FTP account but all ends in the...
  7. F

    FTP Modo Pasivo

    Hola tengo mi servidor en Modo Pasivo/PureFTP funciona, pero me muestra un mensaje: El servidor envió una respuesta pasiva con una dirección no enrutable. Usando en su lugar la dirección del servidor.
  8. F

    FTP modo pasivo, no conecta.

    Hola, tengo cpanel instalado en mi VPS, configure el Modo pasivo, FTP Passive Mode, pero no conecta.
  9. upsforum

    TCP IN Blocked

    A user have problem with ftp connection, firewall block your ip but CSF or mod security not return problems or messages, this is log (I tried and with my connection work fine): Jul 12 16:02:51 ssd3 pure-ftpd: ([email protected]) [INFO] New connection from Jul 12 16:02:51 ssd3...
  10. Serra

    PCI Compliance for Passive FTP Ports

    I'm having an issue with Controlscan showing I'm not compliant for ports open in the firewall for passive FTP. Information From Target: Service: 37557:TCP Server accepted SSL 3.0 RC4 cipher: SSL3_CK_RSA_RC4_128_MD5 Information From Target: Service: 51838:TCP Supported ciphers...
  11. T

    Pure-FTP client not connecting error

    I'm trying to connect to one of the customers and none of them are connecting FTP, which can is occurring? Status: The start TLS ... Status: Verifying certificate ... Status: TLS connection established. Status: Logged in State: Getting folder list ... Command: PWD Response: 257 "/" is your...
  12. Y

    Problem connecting to FTP Account (Display directory)

    Hello, I have a problem with FTP Accounts when I try to connect. When I connect to FTP Account, he display "Connected" but he can't display the directory and make error... See logs from FileZilla. I have replace some words (MYDOMAIN.COM and IPADDRESS). Status: Resolving address of...
  13. L

    FTP stuck on MLSD

    Hi, When I try to connect to any account hosted on my cPanel server's FTP it always gets stuck on "MLSD" (Listing Directory) on all the FTP clients which I have (FileZilla and , WinSCP) those are which I tested so far. The solution was typing: service iptables stop chkconfig...
  14. S

    PureFTP Directory not listing

    i install new cpanel but pure ftp not working how to set . Error: Directory listing aborted by user Status: Disconnected from server Status: Resolving address of ftp.***.com Status: Connecting to ***.**.**.**:21... Status: Connection established, waiting for welcome message... Status...
  15. T

    Pure-FTPd Passive Mode

    Hi there, I also have a Problem with Pure-FTP. I activated explicite FTP over TLS but the login is hanging: Status: Auflösen der IP-Adresse für Status: Verbinde mit 123.456.789.77:21... Status: Verbindung hergestellt, warte auf Willkommensnachricht... Status: Initialisiere...
  16. M

    FTP Problem

    Hi all, We have CSF installed on the cPanel server - Now we have a user who tries and connects via FTP and everytime they do, they can't make a successful connection and I've had a look at the logs and it shows the following: It shows them logging in and straight after they get the following...
  17. C

    No funciona el servidor PureFTP-d

    ¡Hola! Tengo problemas con el servidor FTP, no puedo conectarme... Este es el mensaje del cliente FTP (Filezilla): Estado: Resolviendo la dirección de Estado: Conectando a Estado: Conexión establecida, esperando el mensaje de bienvenida... Estado...
  18. Karl1

    pureftpd has failed.

    Hi all, pureftpd is failing to start. I do have CSF installed. And I was thinking that the issue was because of it because the notification email says: "The chkservd process attempts to connect to “” in order to validate that this service is functioning. If you blocked connections...
  19. M

    All users get blocked when FTP

    I recently migrated all users on one of my RHEL servers to a new CL 6.7 server with CSF/LFD installed, and now they all get blocked in the firewall when connecting via FTP. I've been using the same CSF/LFD settings on my RHEL servers for years, no issues, with the following important settings...
  20. L

    Extremely painfully slow FTP

    So, being honest here.... I love WHM and cPanel for functionallity. However, it's really taken a hit on my server's speed (I've been trying out different panels). Uploading/download files via FTP Passive mode (ProFTPd) starts and stops every 2 files. It will upload about 1 or 2 files quickly and...