password age

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    In Progress [CPANEL-25141] Force password change for users?

    Hi all, at some point I had enabled the feature that will force cpanel users to change their passwords after 6 months. Now I can not find where this feature is located, as I want to disable it - well at least temporarily. Also, when I will restore back this feature, is it possible to apply it...
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    Password Age = 302 redirect loop!

    Hi, I don't have much knowledge about this, but i am going to share a url, may be this url will be helpful for you. If this is not helpful for you, then contact admin. Regards...
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    security policy error after password age change password (root)

    I have password expiration enforced after every 90 days and I got this message in cPanel's error_log after I changed my password: [2015-03-06 09:18:52 +0800] warn [Fileman::statfiles] Encountered error in Fileman::statfiles: The file “” is not available. securitypolicy: Called...