1. N

    PHP Pear

    How do I make a script take the php pear modules? I have tried installing both on the server side or the client side but installation of egroupware stills says pears are missing. It seems it doesnt find them. Whats the difference anyway between installing them as a server wide or client...
  2. W

    pear install

    I have rebuilt apache twice with PEAR install selected - and still no "with pear" in a php-info request. Anyone know what this could be? thjis is from the install log.. Configuring PEAR checking whether to install PEAR... yes
  3. U

    Problems with PEAR

    I have hosting customers that are complaining that programs they use that use PEAR.php are not working, I also found out a program I use isn't working either. So I recompiled Apache/PHP making sure that pear was being installed as it is a default setting anyway and at the root commandline if...
  4. N

    Problem with PEAR

    Hello, I have cPanel 11. Each time I try to install/update/reinstall or uninstall pear modules throught WHM I have this error : ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Security Alert! The PHP CGI cannot be accessed...
  5. E

    Compile with pear failed.

    Build complete. Don't forget to run 'make test'. -- End step 'make for system PHP' -- -- Begin step 'make install for system PHP' -- Installing PHP SAPI module: cgi Installing PHP CGI binary: /usr/bin/ Installing build environment: /usr/lib/php/build/ Installing...
  6. S

    PHP PEAR installer

    Hi All, How to enable PEAR control panel within WHM and cPanel? I do not have anything like that. Such feature does not exist in WHM User Manual (under Software). WHM 11.2.0...
  7. N

    Problem including Pear modules

    Hi, I have a problem including pear modules in my scripts, I´m just doing what cpanel says, add this line to my scripts: ini_set("include_path", '/home/blognost/php:' . ini_get("include_path") );Well here is a piece of my code: This is the header of the first page loading in my web...
  8. Z

    pear modules

    Trying to install Cerberus Help Desk and it gives this message during requirement check: The following problems prevent you from running Cerberus Helpdesk 4.0: upload_tmp_dir is empty in your php.ini file. Please set it. The 'MailParse' PHP extension is required. Please enable it. The...
  9. C

    bug install php pear soap

    Hello , First of all , I am Brazilian and my English isn't very good I need install the extensao of the php pear soap , & no I am getting from this message of I mistake : Failed to download pear/SOAP within preferred state "stable", latest release is version 0.11.0, stability "beta", use...
  10. N

    Pear and Pecl counldn't install

    Hello, When I try to install Pear and Pecl modules throught WHM or cPanel, installation failed. Which are the requirements to use the modules installation ? (may be PHP version ?) May be there is something I must know before to use this, could you help me please ? Thank you...
  11. F


    Has anyone else been receiving the following message when trying to use PEAR? pear update-channels Updating channel "" Cannot retrieve channel.xml for channel "" (Connection to `' failed: Connection timed out) Updating channel ""...
  12. K

    PEAR Segmentation fault

    when login console and run simple command : $pear list it will show up "Segmentation fault " so how can I do to fix this problem? My WHM 10.8.0 cPanel 10.9.1-S14304 FreeBSD 4.8-RELEASE-p14 i386 - WHM X v3.1.0 php 4.3.11
  13. M

    pear php issue

    I'm having problems with Pear (DataObject, QuickForm). I've installed all packages but still have problems. Here is my "pear list": Archive_Tar 1.3.2 stable Auth_SASL 1.0.2 stable Cache 1.5.4 stable Console_Getopt 1.2.3 stable DB...
  14. M

    pear package installation problem.

    Hello, I am on WHM 10 and I am trying to install pear module Mail_MIME on my server using following commaing. pear install -f Mail_MIME But we are getting following error and the package is not getting installed. ==================================================...
  15. S

    PEAR Manager in WHM/cPanel 11?

    I'm trying to use the new PHP-PEAR manager in WHM/cPanel 11 (under Software/Module Installers), but I keep getting the following error: "There was a problem fetching the module list." Does anyone know how to fix this? By the way, I have a fresh install of cPanel on a new RHEL4 machine...
  16. H

    Pear somewhat broken with PHP 5.2.1

    I recently did an upgrade to PHP 5.2.1 and realized a few days ago that Pear is broken. When trying to install a new pear module I get issues like this: pear install HTTP_Request WARNING: "pear/Net_URL" is deprecated in favor of "pear/Net_URL2" downloading HTTP_Request-1.4.0.tgz ...
  17. isputra

    Check if PEAR installed using ssh

    Hi, Is there any way to check that pear already install using ssh command ? Thanks.
  18. C

    Pear upgrade issue

    Hi, I am trying to install new PEAR modules but it's failing all the time. for example, pear upgrade Archive_Tar downloading Archive_Tar-1.3.1.tgz ... Starting to download Archive_Tar-1.3.1.tgz (15,102 bytes) .....done: 15,102 bytes failed to write...
  19. F

    FreeBSD Cpanel - PEAR Problem

    Hi, I have moved a web site from Linux Cpanel server to Cpanel server running FreeBSD. Almost all sites work fine. One site got problem, it says It seems PEAR is not in include_path. I have compiled Apache with Pear on the server...
  20. mctDarren

    Pear -- At A Loss

    I'm trying to wrap my head around PEAR and I am unsure if what I have is a CPanel or other problem. I have a php script that FTPs some tar files to my server and I wanted to use PEAR to untar them (TAR_Archive). I have the latest PHP 4 version and can easily find PEAR in /usr/local/lib/php...