1. E

    Using PEAR (php) installs in Cpanel/WHM setup

    Hi, The usual command to get PEAR to install something, like Cpan in the Perl world, is as follows: This will install the TIDY module. But when I execute this in my SU shell, I see these errors: What gives? What am I missing? Thanks
  2. W

    PHP PEAR install

    Is it possible to install PEAR modules from WHM or CPANEL? I don't want to give access to the command line just to run "pear install xml_rss" thanks!
  3. G

    PEAR and 2 directories - Why ???

    Two PEAR locations - Why ??? In my cPanel box I have 2 PEAR locations: /usr/lib/php and /usr/local/lib/php When I install a PEAR package (pear install date), this install in /usr/local/lib/php and the scripts can't find it. But, if I move the package to /usr/lib/php, the script can...
  4. V

    PEAR upgrade

    Hi there, is PEAR going to be upgraded automatically within an WHM/PHP/whatever upgrade or do i have to manage it by myself? Same question for adding PEAR-Packages; using "pear install <xxx>" or is there a "prepared" way? Guido
  5. A

    Pear? Pear Db?

    My host is using Cpanel 9 and i was trying to install my script which uses PEAR DB (PHP). And the script says it cant find DB.php, How would i go about fixing this?
  6. A

    Anyone running Pear + PHPSuExec successfully?

    Hi, Does anyone here know how to get PHP's Pear module to work with PHPSuExec turned on? Our installation works, as we can run PEAR scripts in command line while logged in as root. When scripts are run over the web and chown'd to their owners however, they fail to run as they do not have...
  7. D

    Problem with PEAR

    After new Apache update there is a problem with some pages which were using PEAR from their own directory. This is following PHP code and remarks about some variables not working. Please help me fix this . What could be the problem: while($row = $result->fetchRow()) {...
  8. F


    eh, I don't know much about Pear - but how do I get it to work from the command line. At the moment, as user root, all I get at the command line is help documentation. Example: # pear list pearcmd.php list [package] If invoked without parameters, this command lists the PEAR packages...
  9. E

    pear + zend issue??

    I had to add the path to pear in the php.ini However as soon as I did it killed Zend :confused: :mad: I tired to rebuild apache/zend and called my support team.. the only fix was to remove the path to pear in the php.ini I got the path line from these forums, it was right and pear...
  10. jackal


    Trying to run a file that requires pear found here you see the error I get this is line 16 require_once 'PEAR.php';