1. H

    PHP PECL package stucks at installation

    I tried to install APCu 5.21 php8 is in use I get this output and nothing more: WARNING: channel "" has updated its protocols, use "pecl channel-update" to update downloading apcu-5.1.21.tgz ... Starting to download apcu-5.1.21.tgz (92,516 bytes)...
  2. O

    SOLVED grpc not showing up in PECL/PEAR for centos7 and WHM

    Hi I am trying to install GRPC extension for PHP and it is not showing any where not in PECL, EA4, PEAR, although the google documentation states you can install it via PEAR on centos7. as shown below: I can try and install it from the command...
  3. D

    PHP PECL Installer - Automatic Module Updates

    Hi All, Wondering if anyone is aware or know how we can easily "update all PHP PECL Module Installers? Example we have PHP Module imagick installed in WHM and we need to manually always goto WHM -> Module Installers -> PHP PECL -> Manage and click on update . And do this manually for each PHP...
  4. M

    SOLVED PECL ImageMagick install fails

    I'm having trouble installing Imagick through PECL (Home->Software->Module Installers). BTW - I'm on AlmaLinux 8.4, WHM v 98.06. Here is the error: Last metadata expiration check: 3:19:02 ago on Fri Aug 27 15:48:54 2021. Error: Problem: conflicting requests - nothing provides OpenEXR-devel...
  5. A

    How to copy all PHP Extensions / Applications to new server?

    I'm migrating servers and one thing I've never found a solution to is; How do we efficiently copy all the installed PEAR / PECL modules that are on one server and install on the new one? For example in WHM -> Software -> Module Installers -> PHP Extensions and Applications Package We have a...
  6. 4

    SOLVED Unable to install grpc via PECL

    Having problems installing the grpc module. Gettting the following errors... I've had a dig around and can't find anything obvious. I was hoping someone else may have had this same issue and has resolved it. Many thanks.
  7. D

    PECL - SSH2 issue

    Hi all, I am having trouble installing PHP SSH2 module on my WHM. There are loads of tutorials on how to do it but every time when I go to install the actual module it says 'not found'. Any ideas why this is? Regards, Damian
  8. JIKOmetrix

    Help to install PECL memcached module

    Hello, I have installed memcached on a server and am now trying to install PECL memcached module. Pear is installed and works however when I try to install pecl modules I get command not found. [[email protected] ~]# pear install memcached No releases available for package...
  9. K

    apcu fails to install on php 5.6

    hey guys, trying to install apc on php 5.6 and it's failing with the following message. any ideas what's up? config.status: creating config.h config.status: executing libtool commands running: make /bin/sh /root/tmp/pear/pear-build-rootw980B9/APC-3.1.13/libtool --mode=compile cc -D_GNU_SOURCE...
  10. N

    SOLVED imagick pecl refuses to install for PHP 7.1

    Hi guys, I have a server with an old PHP 5.6 website we are upgrading to PHP 7.1. It had the imagick PECL installed on it via WHM. I find I cannot make it install the imagick PECL for 7.1. Platform: CENTOS 7.6 WHM v80.0.11 Module Installers => PHP Pecl page shows two PHP versions in the...
  11. N

    Problem installing mysqlnd_qc from Module Installers

    I need to `mysqlnd_qc` PECL package on php56. I try WHM from this menu: Home »Software »Module Installers > PHP Pecl And also I try this command line: /opt/cpanel/ea-php56/root/usr/bin/pecl install mysqlnd_qc Both the way output was error, see: Installing PHP Pecl "mysqlnd_qc" downloading...
  12. N

    SOLVED [CPANEL-26529] PECL Module Installer has invalid docurl links (Show Docs)

    PHP Pecl Show Docs link not working, getting Error 404 not found. Please let me know how can resolve this issue. Error 404 not found The requested page /package/apcu/docs was not found on this server.
  13. R

    Module Installers - ERROR: `make' failed

    Hello pals, I'm trying to install pdo_sqlsrv module in my server by using "Module Installers" options, but I'm facing some issues on it, here is the output from Module Installers: running: make /bin/sh /root/tmp/pear/pear-build-rootAc7ku3/pdo_sqlsrv-5.6.1/libtool --mode=compile g++...
  14. D

    SOLVED Multi PHP versions : PEAR install fails (WHM) How to install from SSH for all php versions

    This is for a MultiPHP server with PHP 5.6 set as default. Also have 7.1, 7.2 installed. Need to install the following extensions for PHP version 7.2: Structures_DataGrid (0.9.3) Structures_DataGrid_DataSource_PDO (0.2.0) When attempting this via WHM > Software > Module Installers > PHP...
  15. D

    SOLVED Installing Oauth

    Hello there, A random question - Is there any guide available on how to fully install Oauth on WHM/Cpanel? I guess, I have already installed it via Module Installer? (Software » Module Installers).. At least it shows as installed on every php version.. Thing is.. Whenever I try to call the...
  16. L

    In Progress [CPANEL-26292] Set open_basedir and disable_functions to NULL for PECL

    Hi cPanel mods, please open case regarding this. The current content of /opt/cpanel/ea-phpXX/root/usr/bin/pecl looks similar to this (varies per PHP version): #!/bin/sh exec /opt/cpanel/ea-phpXX/root/usr/bin/php -C \ -d include_path=/usr/share/pear \ -d date.timezone=UTC \ -d...
  17. S

    Error when Installing PECL

    Im using centos 7 and want install PECL on my system using Module instaler via cpanel, but it says.. "Notice: Uninitialized string offset: 0 in Console/Getopt.php on line 144 parsePackageName(): invalid package name "" in "" invalid package name/package file "" install failed" help me
  18. R

    PECL Extension Error

    I am trying to install the PECL Memcached Extension using WHM. When I do so I get the following: Installing PHP Pecl "memcached" Warning: popen() has been disabled for security reasons in OS/Guess.php on line 241 Warning: fgets() expects parameter 1 to be resource, null given in OS/Guess.php...
  19. S

    Installing sqlsrv module from PHP Pecl Issue

    hello my name is yaman i want install sqlsrv module from Home »Software »Module Installers i have taken this message : In file included from /usr/local/include/sql.h:19:0, from /root/tmp/pear/sqlsrv/shared/xplat.h:30, from...
  20. A

    Adding pecl extension manually issue

    Hi I already installed the pecl extension and it is in this directory: /opt/cpanel/ea-php71/root/usr/lib64/php/modules/ But php is not recognized yet, so I think that I need to add it to php.ini and restart apache, but I don´t know how to do it. Any one can help me to find...