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    Is Percona supported by cPanel?

    I have read about Percona being faster than MariaDB (and standard MySQL). Also Percona XtraBackup could make backups easier. I found this guide from Percona blog: How to Replace MySQL with Percona Server on a CPanel, WHM VPS or Dedicated Server I also found links to cPanel documentation that...
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    munin issue with percona

    Hi, I installed percona as per How to replace MySQL with Percona in 11.36 | cPanel Blog, and after that tried to install Munin plugin. The plugin gave me the below error: [20131215.035602] Warning: Unable to set access on database tables in "munin_innodb" for MySQL InnoDB plugin usage...
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    Installing Percona MySQL to track queries per user and table access volumes

    Installing Percona MySQL - Track SQL CPU, SQL queries, table access volumes, by user [ SCROLL TO POST #4 TO SEE WHAT USEFUL STUFF YOU CAN DO ] [ Question below answered, instruction in Post #3 ] Hey! I want to install the Percona MySQL server so I can track user stats. This version has...