1. U

    Perl Errors during CPanel Install

    After CPanel finished installing, I could not find it running on 2086 or 2087 and when i restart cpanel service I see it compiling packages and it gets stuck at rrdtool install with error about module ExtUtils-MakeMaker. Now when I try to install it with command /scripts/perlinstaller...
  2. G

    Third-party Perl scripts not working in 11.36

    Ah, be careful what you wish for. Once installed, my Perl scripts were broken. Mailscanner and CSF were fixed by the publishers by issuing a force update script. Other Perl scripts, including Dadamail (a mailing list manager that's been around for quite a while), give error messages on...
  3. W

    Perl issues. Seg Faults

    So if I even try to pull the perl version as a regular user it seg faults and core dumps on a mostly default install. NOTHING has been done to perl. Besides activating CSF firewall. The server is just CentOS 5.8 x64 with a default cPanel install. [email protected] [/etc]# perl --version...
  4. P

    Install sphinx and perl threads

    I am only posting this thread because my googling failed I was trying to install sphinxsearch. According to its installation guide we have to download the source of MySQL of same version that is running on our server. I downloaded the the source "Percona-Server-5.1.66-rel14.2.tar.gz" from...
  5. ravindradhainwa

    Perl is not working

    Hi, I am having problem with perl. While executing upcp. I am getting following error; Kindly provide me the solution or suggestion over this.
  6. L

    Perl module Storable v 2.39_01 doesn't work properly

    I found today my server have installed Storage v 2.39_01, instead just 2.39 I had several issues because Storage didn't work properly. After I reinstall Storage v 2.39 everything fine. What's the v 2.39_01 is?
  7. R

    PHP Perl Package installed Spreadsheet_Excel_Writer

    I installed 2 packages so I can use it, the OLE and the Spreadsheet_Excel_Writer modules. I have installed them successfully but I, forgive me, have no idea how to use it. I mean, I have looked for how to use the module, and my problem is that the line where I put require on my webpage is the...
  8. J

    The perl module GD::Graph could not be installed.

    Hi all, I've recently started receiving this error via email: Subject: The perl module GD::Graph could not be installed. This module is required by cPanel, and the system may not function correctly until it is installed, and functional. Below is the results of the auto-install attempt...
  9. A

    Innstalling Perl modules doesn't seem to work

    I'm trying to install a few Perl modules in WHM, but after installing them, they don't show up as innstalled but still as available :confused: Like this one IPC::Open3 Here is the log for the installation: Checking C compiler....C compiler (/usr/bin/cc) OK (cached Fri Oct 19 01:23:06...
  10. C

    Perl error during cPanel/WHM install on CentOS 6.3 VPS

    I am trying to setup my first cPanel install on a CentOS 6.3 Hyper-V virtual server, and trying to follow best practice during the install. When installing CentOS 6.3, I selected the minimal install in the setup wizard (using the standard DVD ISO not the minimal ISO version). I have...
  11. N

    Lost all perl modules

    Hi, I lost all Perl modules. When I check Main >> Software >> Install a Perl Module it's all empty? Also if I login with ssh I get these errors: BEGIN failed--compilation aborted. Can't locate File/ in @INC (@INC contains: /usr/local/lib/perl5/5.8.8/x86_64-linux...
  12. G

    Perl 5.10

    I'm still running Perl 5.8.8, and am running in to an issue where I could really used named backreferences (which are only recognized in Perl 5.10). I found several older references to cPanel not being compatible with Perl 5.10, though, so I'm nervous about updating. Is cPanel now stable with...
  13. eva2000

    WHM install Perl support ?

    I'm thinking of getting an additional WHM/Cpanel license for a freshly installed CentOS 6.3 server but it isn't a minimal install base so looking to make sure I have all the requirements before install of WHM/Cpanel. I have a question regarding Perl support requirements for installing...
  14. N

    This Perl hasn't been configured and built properly for the threads module

    I have been trying to install a software called Nominatim from source. However when I try to do ./, I get an error about requiring the threaded version of Perl in order to compile the source which I assumed is due to the Perl version that WHM/cPanel uses. I'm running CentOs 6.3 with...
  15. N

    Unable to execute Perl Scripts from Cgi-bin

    Hi, I am new to the forum here ) At first, I want to give a high level overview of the type of access I have to my Cpanel and Web Server. My web sites runs on a Shared Hosting Server (service provided by I have access to Cpanel. I want to execute some Perl Scripts on the Server...
  16. morissette

    When will cPanel come with a standard perl?

    Hey all, I'm sure it's on here somewhere and my Google Skills must be lacking :( but I was just curious when cPanel will have at least 5.10 server perl and/or when cpanel's internal perl will be upgraded. Thanks!
  17. M

    perl segmentation fault

    i'm starting to get perl segmentation fault on dmesg: perl[6126]: segfault at 00007fffcd941fd0 rip 00002ba380943b0c rsp 00007fffcd941fd0 error 6 perl[6135]: segfault at 00007ffff55c6ff8 rip 00002b18a5ef977a rsp 00007ffff55c7000 error 6 perl[6153]: segfault at 00007fff6c1e6fb0 rip...
  18. D

    Any solution for problem with Perl?

    Hello everyone! I have one little problem and question about that (hope so that I'm not missed the topic). I try to install Perl module Video::FFmpeg but I can't. When I asked administrators of hosting why, they told me that is Perl module requires 5.10+, and unfortunately cPanel...
  19. A

    How To Upgrade Perl 5.8 to 5.10 of cPanel

    Hi all, I want to install Perl module (Modern::Perl), but it requires Perl at least in version 5.10. This is when I ran the install command on cpan: cpan[2]> install Modern:Perl Running install for module 'Modern::Perl' Running make for C/CH/CHROMATIC/Modern-Perl-1.20120521.tar.gz...
  20. M

    Perl problem

    Hello : after update server Perl package from Cloudlinux network , some error occurs in our server Cpanel and some feature not work. Example : Cpanel Restart : Starting cPanel Queue services: [ OK ] Starting tailwatchd: List::Util object version 1.21...