1. K

    SOLVED [CPANEL-28306] webmail and/or phpmyAdmin stuck at loading screen

    I have an issue similar to this but I couldn't reply to that old topic anymore. CSF/LFD reports something like this: lfd on xxx: Excessive resource usage: xxx Time: Sat Jul 6 16:02:00 2019 Account: xxx Resource: Process Time Exceeded: 84921 > 1800 (seconds) Executable...
  2. A

    SOLVED Apache crashing when using PHP-FPM

    Greetings! I've setup a new server recently and moved a fairly busy forum to it (4.5 million posts, typically 500-1000 users online in any 30 minute period). I'm running Invision 4.4.4, which is reasonably resource intensive. Database (MySQL 5.7) running on one dedicated server, Apache...
  3. A

    php-fpm Suspicious process running under user

    I've seen other threads mention this notice and how to disable it. My question is, how do I know this is something I can disregard and that it isn't a security problem? We weren't getting this error until last night and now we're getting it almost every minute. Time: Mon Jul 1 10:19:16 2019...
  4. W

    PHP-FPM Log File Default Timezone

    Hi, I'm trying to change the default timezone in PHP log. I'm actually in php 7.3 with FPM and the log file are in UTC. I set the php default timezone to America\Newyork without any change.
  5. 3

    Cannot increase max_post_size or upload limits through WordPress

    Hi, I need to upload a backup file through a WordPress plugin which requires 500 MB upload limits or max_post_size. I tried everything from my knowledge but nothing changed! My cPanel file upload limit is set to 1.5G but the WordPress shows 128M. 1. I tried max_post_size from cPanel >...
  6. R

    Set PHP FPM Version per Directory

    Hello, How can I set different PHP FPM version in directory for .php files? It works for .html files if I add to .htaccess: AddType application/x-httpd-ea-php56 .php .html But .php files are still served as php 7, that is domain wide setting. The directory isn't separate subdomain on its own.
  7. U

    SOLVED PHP-FPM pm dynamic / static / ondemand option

    I had to create this thread since the forum didnt let me post in a one year old thread which deals with the exact same issue. So, here goes: I want to change the pm setting and set it to static. However i am not able to determine the proper way to do it. Above post refers to the below page...
  8. D

    Change php-fpm setting from ondemand to dynamic

    I would like to change some php-fpm master process config cpanel version: v78.0.23 I created new file system.yaml in /var/cpanel/ApachePHPFPM and placed following entries --- pm: dynamic pm_start_servers = 4 pm_min_spare_servers = 4 pm_max_spare_servers = 8 and recompiled using...
  9. C

    SOLVED How-To Modify PHP-FPM Configuration Directives in EasyApache 4

    [Moderation Notice: This thread was forked from PHP-FPM Restart Necessary for Site Speed] I am having an issue with my solution to #1. It seemed to work, but then I noticed I got a formatting error: php-fpm.yaml” file and did not apply any custom values.For more information about the correct...
  10. C

    PHP-FPM Restart Necessary for Site Speed

    I have 2 main issues that seem to be dogging me with regard to the site speed on a large php forum. 1) I've done everything I can think of to speed the site up, however, there is still an issue where I need to restart PHP-FPM for it to load quickly. I've tried multiple settings for this...
  11. T

    php scripts cannot see or access binary files

    I had a video cms script on a website that uses ffmpeg and some other binaries to encode video into a web friendly format. It stopped working so I went to look at the web backend and it give me a warning that it cannot locate the ffmpeg binary even the path /usr/bin/ffmpeg is correct. I...
  12. dzamanakos

    SOLVED [CPANEL-23998] Wrong PHP version detected after version change when using PHP-FPM and LiteSpeed

    Hi, i've posted that thread to litespeed forums, but believe that cpanel forum may be better to post, as adviced from a reply to my thread. The following would apply not only to litespeed, but if i wanted for example to revert from php-fpm to suphp too. i've used a test licence for litespeed...
  13. S

    Running PHP-FPM as a different user

    I currently have a Centos 7 VPS running Cpanel 78 and I'm interested to know if there is any way to make PHP-FPM to run as a different user to the account holder. For example account username: bob phpfpm username: bob-php I ask as it would be useful to restrict php's write access to the files...
  14. M

    error_log fills up even with Error Off

    Hi, I'm getting filled /home/username/logs/domain_tld.php.error.log Even display_errors is Off. How to stop it? Thank you!
  15. L

    Chkservd thinks PHP-FPM is down

    Hello, I'm going crazy over tailwatchd. It thinks that PHP-FPM is not running, but it is, and it keeps sending notifications constantly. I do have a small modification but I don't believe this should interfere with how the tailwatchd check the services. I'm using a custom compiled "php-fpm"...
  16. M

    PHP-FPM Database Connecting Issues

    When I enable FPM for an account, that accounts PHP can no longer connect to mysql using localhost. PDO reports this error: SQLSTATE[HY000] [2002] No such file or directory When I disable FPM, it is able to connect with no changes. We have MariaDB 10.2. Everything is compiled through...
  17. leonep

    Monitoring php-fpm processes with plugin?

    Hi, My idea is to monitor php-fpm processes with a little plugin. basically i can get php status using php-fpm status page : pool: xxxxxxxxxxx_com process manager: ondemand start time: 14/Feb/2019:08:59:13 +0100 start since: 37874 accepted conn...
  18. U

    php.ini with php-fpm

    Hi, over the last couple of years there have been a few posts about this and I thought it had been solved in a case but I'm not sure. If a site is set to use PHP FPM, it ignores the custom php.ini file (set either via ftp or the new cpanel php.ini editor) So if we disable ini_set for example...
  19. Michael-Inet

    Explanations for all PHP-FPM options?

    I’ve read what I could find [1], but nothing seems to really explains what options actually exist for PHP-FPM, nor what the listed options actually do. For the basics, the GUI calls them ‘Pool Options’: Max Children Process Idle Timeout Max Requests So . . . What do they do? How are they...
  20. M

    Help interpreting user processes with php-fpm

    Really hoping for some less cryptic insight here than I'm finding on my own. After many years of running with suPHP handler, I recently bit the bullet and decided to switch to PHP-FPM and I'm having trouble identifying the specifics of user account processes in reports like "top" and "lfd"...