1. F

    You cannot convert all accounts to PHP-FPM error

    Hi, I'm having problems to get PHP-FPM enabled. We use php 5.6 only and I did install the right php module I believe: "php56-php-fpm" apache24 apr apr-devel apr-util apr-util-devel apr-util-ldap brotli config config-runtime cpanel-tools devel documentroot libcurl libmcrypt libnghttp2 libtidy...
  2. M

    PHP FPM & Disable Functions

    Hi, I'm trying to enable phpinfo pages for one specific domain name that uses PHP FPM. I've read a few threads on here but whatever I do, I cannot get the PHP Info page to display. Can someone please explain what the correct method is in doing this? The global PHP ini for PHP 7.2 has phpinfo...
  3. M

    PHP FPM, EasyApache 4 and custom local php.ini

    I have read this thread: PHP-FPM and PHP.INI With answers given by @cPanelMichael but these answers are all now HTTP 404s -- the documents have gone. I have found one document here: PHP-FPM and EasyApache 4 - Version 60 Documentation - cPanel Documentation But this is only for version 60 and...
  4. M

    Looking for Apache Global Configuration and PHP-FPM Pool Options Suggestions

    The most ideal Apache Global Configuration and What should be the PHP-FPM Pool Options? Only one website is hosted on the Dedicated server. A very high website traffic. The average number of page views per day is 250,000. 1. Apache Server MPM: How should the best configuration of prefork...
  5. R

    Unable to change document root for php-fpm domain

    I am trying to change the default document root for a domain running php-fpm. To do so i've add to code below to /var/cpanel/userdata/user/domain.php_fpm.yaml file. php_admin_value_doc_root: { name: 'php_admin_value[doc_root]', value: "/home/username/public_html/test" } * i've tried both with...
  6. K

    SOLVED [EA-7980] Rewrite rules broken after latest EA4 update

    After updating to the EasyApache4 October 31 update. Wordpress Multisite using PHP-FPM no longer can load it's subfolder subsite admin dashboards without getting a bunch of 404s for it's resources. Trying to load other admin pages results in 404s. Turning off PHP-FPM for the domain loads the...
  7. A

    PHP-FPM custom configuration for subdomain

    Hello everyone, I have a customer which needed to enable the "exec" function in PHP 7.0. What I did was to edit the following file: /opt/cpanel/ea-php70/root/etc/php-fpm.d/ I removed "exec" from php_admin_value[disable_functions]. The problem is that at the top of...
  8. B

    504 error on one VirtualHost on dedicated server

    Hi, I have 60 sites on my server. Sometimes one site freezes or gives 504 error. I understand if all freezes because of overload but how can one virtualhost freeze? When that site freezes I htop and saw many UserOfFrozenDomain /usr/local/apache/bin/httpd -k start -DSSL Other apache...
  9. cPanelResources

    Tutorial PHP-FPM Performance Tuning Basics

    Overview This resource provides instructions on how to tune performance directives when PHP-FPM is installed and enabled as a PHP handler in cPanel & WHM. Background information on how PHP-FPM is implemented with cPanel & WHM is available on our PHP-FPM documentation. This document provides...
  10. vikelidiskostas

    List domains not using php-fpm

    Hello everyone, Is there a quick way (command line) to list domains NOT using PHP-FPM. Thanks in advance,
  11. D

    Cannot Find Log of 500 Error

    I am working on a test machine upgrading Centos and PHP. I expect to see some 500 errors as I go and to need to work through them. However, when I go to the cPanels errors page there no errors listed at all. I am running Apache 2.4 with PHP 7.2 and PHP-FPM. I have looked in the following...
  12. U

    php-fpm allows phpsysinfo?

    Hi, we discovered something a few minutes ago. I wanted to check we block phpsysinfo script. Domain with php-fpm turned off - /phpsysinfo internal server error (static) / page not found (wordpress) Domain with php.fpm turned on - allows /phpsysinfo and reveals all server info! What is causing...
  13. A

    MultiPHP Manager Error

    Hello today i was trying to change php version on one of host i get this error Error: API failure: Not a reference at /usr/local/cpanel/Cpanel/ line 659. no domains is showing . please quick help
  14. B

    Session path in PHP-FPM

    I am running PHP-FPM on php72. This is the ONLY version of PHP installed on my server. Wordpress is throwing an insane amount of errors like this: (notice php71) So I edited /var/cpanel/userdata/user/ It looks like this now: _is_present: 1 php_value_session_save_path...
  15. APatchworkBoy

    PHP-FPM and excluding files from opcache

    Afternoon folks - in latest stable, where would be the correct spot to place this for EA4 php7.1 FPM? opcache.blacklist_filename=/path/to/opcache-blacklist.txt (Referencing: How to disable PHP OPCache for certain directories | Am looking at...
  16. C

    PHP-FPM & Mod Security

    After I switched my server over to PHP-FPM I noticed this notice "PHP Handlers do not apply to PHP-FPM.", so I understand those settings won't do anything, and this made me wonder if it is still a good idea, or do I still need, to run Mod Security? Sorry, but I'm not sure. Thank you for any help.
  17. D

    Changing document root for main domain does not work

    So i've searched through the forums and i found a thread on how to do so. however, within php 7.2 and PHP-FPM it results into showing a single message' no input file found' instead of displaying the website. SOLVED - Changing document root for primary domain does not work How can i resolve this?
  18. J

    Converting All Accounts to PHP-FPM Question

    So I understand that PHP-FPM can lower load and improve the handling of traffic spikes, but are there any downsides to enabling it? Can it break things? What kind of things? Is it usually safe to use the "Convert All Accounts to PHP-FPM" button?
  19. S

    SOLVED PHP-FPM Multi-php ini Configuration change not being applied?

    hi everyone, Recently we converted to php-fpm and I was happy with it, the majority of sites are still on php-56 though, and hence I modified the /opt/cpanel/ea-php56/root/etc/php.ini opcache.enable=1 opcache.enable_cli=1 opcache.memory_consumption=2512 opcache.interned_strings_buffer=8...
  20. cPanelResources

    Tutorial Managing php.ini directives with PHP-FPM

    Overview This resource provides instructions on how to manage php.ini directives when PHP-FPM is installed and enabled as a PHP handler in cPanel & WHM. Background information on how PHP-FPM is implemented with cPanel & WHM is available on our PHP-FPM document. This document includes valuable...