1. charliecres

    No such alternative version (7.4) (cloudlinux Selector)

    i have re-installed cloudlinux trial. it was working before. now i am facing this error in the selector section. "No such alternative version (7.4)"
  2. N

    SOLVED [ALTPHP-665] Can't enable libsodium extension with PHP Selector

    Well, now the PECL libsodium module for alt-php70 and alt-php71 do not work. If you check the libsodium box and save in users cPanel account using the PHP Selector, the module does not load and the box won't stay checked.
  3. R

    How to set different parameters of the PHP for different sites on the same account?

    Hiho! How to set different parameters of the PHP for different sites on the same account? Example, for mbstring.func_overload? We are using CL 7.4 with CageFS + cPanel v68. PHP Handler is suPHP in WHM->MultiPHP manager. Best regards!
  4. A

    Roll your Own Custom PHP?

    Hi, i've been running centos with cloudlinux for my WHM server with PHP Selector for a while. However, i have a site on legacy PHP 5.2.x i need to run. It is working kinda but some functionality is failing under PHP Selector 5.2 (or 5.1 or 5.3)... Bringing up phpinfo it appears PHP Selector...
  5. A

    PHP Selector ioncube_loader_lin_5.5

    Hello guys im using cloudlinux my website need ioncube_loader_lin_5.5 but i dont know how to configure the php selector on version php 5.6. how can i check and how can i edit it im relly2 confuse. please help me
  6. M

    Tengo un error con softaculous

    Tengo instalado el cloudlinux con php selector le activo el mbstring y cuando quiero instalar en softaculous me sigue pidiendo el mbstring que puedo hacer?
  7. T

    Selector is unavailable

    Hi i from yesterday after execute "yum update" command selector not work anymore screenshot attached
  8. H

    SOLVED PHP Selector not changing PHP version

    Hello, I have an issue with PHP Selector where it won't select the correct version. I just installed a new server with Cloudlinux 7 + cPanel. It runs EA4 + CageFS + PHP Selector. I'm using PHP 7.0 as native EA PHP version. I let users choose the PHP version from PHP Selector. For the EA4, I...
  9. M

    SOLVED MultiPHP for Users, PHP Selector for Others

    I apologize if there is some magical thread out there that defines this, I did indeed search but nothing specific so again if there is a thread out there, please link and close this one. I have been slowly migrating things to EasyApache4 and hitting the issue that some customers want the...