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  1. P

    CronJob with php version 5.6

    Hi, I have set php version 5.6 in php configuration (default is 5.4) in order to use PHP: array_filter - Manual All ok on php site but not in cronjob I created a cron: cd /home/xxxxx/public_html/backend/cronjob/; php cron.php but it fails and returns error <b>Warning</b>: array_filter()...
  2. postcd

    How to install two PHP version in paralel?

    Hello, i know that under new Easyapache i can allow cpanel users to select from multiple PHP versions but i prefer to stay with old Easyapache so i cant offer PHP choice to the users. Instead my question is how i can install PHP 5.4 on the cpanel server having PHP 5.3? So i can quickly switch...
  3. R

    Select PHP Version Option

    I do apologize if this post has been posted elsewhere. I was not sure what topics to look for. On certain hosts, I've noticed a feature in some of the cPanel's where you could change the PHP version without going through server files etc. But, when I got to mine I noticed that we cannot change...
  4. D

    Select PHP Version Option?

    Hello everyone, I do apologize if this post has been posted elsewhere. I was not sure what topics to look for. On certain hosts, I've noticed a feature in some of the cPanel's where you could change the PHP version without going through server files etc. But, when I got to mine I noticed that...
  5. M

    Select php version

    I've noticed that in cPanel, users have the ability to select their preferred php version. However, when clients click on this icon, it takes them to a 404 not found page. How can I get this fixed? (server info) /etc/redhat-release:CentOS release 6.7 (Final)...
  6. W

    MySQL and PHP version updates

    Hi. How can we grant individual accounts access to upgrade MySQL and PHP versions? We are trying to avoid upgrading the whole server because we might break some of the other accounts site.
  7. B

    How to upgrade PHP version?

    I am new to cpanel/whm.. and I am being asked to upgrade the PHP to the latest version. I have installed the cpanel/whm (centos) few months ago which was the latest back then, but have not done any updates since then. when I go 'php -v' it says my php is 5.4.37, and I am asked to upgrade to...
  8. konrath

    Upgrade Mysql to 5.5 without change PHP version.

    Hello My servers has Mysql 5.1.73-cll PHP 5.2 I'm using the ntPHPSelector (plugin not official )that my client can run new versions of PHP on your account. I wish to upgrade to MySQL 5.5 but do not want to change the PHP version and keep version 5.2 If I upgrade MySQL to version 5.5 will...
  9. S

    error in sites (whm auto update) php version ?

    Strict Standards: Non-static method VmConfig::get() should not be called statically How do I fix ?
  10. T

    Change PHP Version

    Hello everybody How can i config PHP Config like this ? BlueHost Any idea for user can choose PHP version ? Thank you for reading
  11. A

    Allow customers to chose which php version... not showing...

    Ok, I'd like to "enable" the ability for customers to select which version of PHP to use (5.3 or 5.4) but I can't find anywhere to allow that ability? If I goto php configuration under a domain it shows some PHP settings (not changable of course) but doesn't allow them to chose which version of...
  12. P

    PHP Version Confusion

    Hi, I have a quick question regarding confusion over the version of PHP that's currently running on my (hosts) server. I'm pretty new to all of this, so please bear with me! Basically, cPanel is telling me that I'm running PHP version 5.2.17 (left column of settings page), <?php echo...
  13. Fiberoptck

    How to install two different php version on cpanel

    I was looking for some specific documentation that explains the process for getting two php version running simultaneously in cpanel. I applications on a different account that need a older version of php but I cannot change the whole php version to accommodate that app and would like to have...
  14. M

    php version change plugin

    Hi I'm looking for a cpanel app that allows users to cycle through multiple versions of php and if possible, it needs to have this functionality on a file scale. Enabling developers to have compatabilty for plugins that don't match wordpress or joomla version they're using. Thanks!!!:)
  15. S

    Where to view PHP version in WHM (i.e. without command line)?

    Hey, it's not jumping out at me where I can use the WHM interface to see what version of PHP (and MySQL for that matter) is installed and running on the server. Easy to achieve at the command, but surely something that WHM should be reporting too? Where should I be looking? Thx muchly.
  16. E

    Is there an easy way to allow customers to choose PHP version?

    Hello, We're still using PHP 5.2.x on our shared servers, since there are still so many people who have incompatible scripts with PHP 5.3 or higher. However, we have more and more customers who are asking for PHP 5.3 and PHP 5.4. I know CloudLinux has the "PHP Selector" utility, but...
  17. C

    How can I update to a specific Php Version using WHM?

    My PCI scan says that I need to be running PHP 5.4.0+ and /scripts/easyapache only shows v5.3.18 and 5.4.8 as options. I would just update to 5.4.8 but it says experimental. Should I just go with 5.4.8 or is there something special I need to do to upgrade to a version between 5.4. and 5.4.8?
  18. B

    PHP Handler: None and Default PHP Version (.php files) is empty - PHP 5.4.4

    I tried to update my PHP 5.3.14 to 5.4.4 (EasyApache), but I can not select "PHP Handler" (none) and "Default PHP Version" (empty). I've tried:
  19. P

    Diffrent PHP version on same server.

    Hi, Is it possible to have different PHP version on the same server and how? Let's say user X has PHP 5.3 and user Y PHP 5.x Thanks.
  20. H

    Changing PHP version HELP

    Hello, Thank you for reading this. I need help as soon as possible, within the next 30 minutes preferably (any help is appreciated). :) I have installed WHM and cPanel. In order to use Zend Optimizer, I need PHP 5.2.17. I can change the PHP version with this guide: Change the Default PHP...