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  1. S

    Question about PHP version

    Okay, this may be a dumb question to everyone who knows the answer but I don't and couldn't find an answer to it so here goes... I'm using the Release version cpanel and I'm wondering why cpanel is using PHP version 5.2.12 when the current stable version on PHP's website is 5.3.8? Second...
  2. C

    php version

    Hi all! I have installed both php4 and php5 on my cpanel. Default is php5, but there are some users, who uses php4. how can i collect which users uses php4 and which php5? Thanks!
  3. C

    Multiple PHP Version in Cpanel

    I see there is a plugin to have multiple php version: PHP Version Manager - Wiki Do you recommend to install this plugin ? Doesn't conflict with easy apache ?
  4. S

    Backend PHP version

    I am noticing that the PHP version on the backend (used by cPanel, WHM, Webmail, etc) is outdated on our servers. It is version 5.2.6. I noticed that the file /var/cpanel/easy/apache/profile/makecpphp.profile.yaml does not appear to be set for PHP 5.2.17 (the last PHP 5.2). Should...
  5. T

    Problem in PHP version 5.2.10

    Problem in wordpress plugin Google sitemap generator after upgrade on PHP to 5.2.10. Few users are receiving 550 internal server error or 404 page error while generating sitemap from wordpress admin area. We just uprade PHP on server to 5.2.10. I found this problem only with this verson...
  6. P

    Enable user to choose default PHP version in cPanel?

    Hi guys, I have both PHP4 and PHP5 compiled via Easy Apache 3 on the latest version of cPanel. I set PHP4 to run as FCGI and PHP5 via DSO. In cPanel clients cannot see the dropdown which lets them choose the default PHP version (as in the attached picture). All I see in its place is...
  7. D

    php version update

    I have currently running PHP version 4.4.7 Would like to update it to latest but could it mess anything up? Eg cURL stops functioning or other stuff like that? zend optimizer?
  8. hightekhosting

    Cannot Select PHP Version

    We are having an issue with PHP on a cPanel server. We recently recompiled apache as we needed to add some modules such as exif for a client. Upon completion, php died and no longer loads pages. After checking the "Configure PHP and SuExec" within WHM, we see the following: Current...
  9. M

    wrong php version on cpanel front page?

    My server has PHP4 as dso and PHP5 as suphp, and PHP4 set as the default handler in WHM. However, on the cPanel front page, the PHP version says 5.2.5 even when the default .php handler for the user is set to 'System default' on the PHP configuratin page of Cpanel.
  10. W

    php version - is it php4 or php5?

    Hello, I have strange problem with php version. More or less everything work just fine but I do have some problems with cron jobs since recompile apache to use php4 and php5. Here is the thing: I have recompile apache with EA3 to use both php4 and php5. I set it up to be php4 default php...
  11. B

    EA installed wrong PHP version?

    I went into apache update, and installed PHP5 as the primary version, with PHP4 using cgi (tried dso too). Everything seemed to work fine, until I double checked the phpinfo file, and it shows that PHP4 is installed. Any Ideas? WHM 11.15.0 cPanel 11.17.0-R19434
  12. G

    Adding GD support on php version 5.2.5

    Hello all, Yesterday I spent over 14 hours searching on how to get GD support installed on my dedicated server. I even updated from PHP 4.4.7 to 5.2.5 in order to get the lastest updates but it when i check my php info via: rpm -q php-gd It show this: [[email protected] ~]# package...
  13. A

    PHP version selection per account?

    Is it currently possible to select either PHP 4 or 5 per account or per directory? Rather than the standard .php .php4/5 file naming that is available? It would be nice to have clients be able to choose which version they want available in a specific dir or for their account. Renaming 1300...
  14. J

    php version??

    When I ssh into my server and from the command line type php -v it shows version 4.4.6, when I do phpinfo.php file, it shows version 5.2.3
  15. Z

    How to uninstall second PHP version

    I have a custom setup on one of my servers where PHP4 runs as an apache module and PHP5 runs in cgi mode. Does any one know how I can remove the PHP5 install from the server. I plan to upgrade the default PHP to PHP5 so both are no longer needed. Thanks
  16. D

    php version not shown in cPanel with phpSuExec

    Hello, After switching to phpSuExec php version is no longer shown in cPanel... Is that normal...?
  17. R

    Updating php version

    I'm not very familiar with cPanel, but since my host kicked me off there server I had to get my own. I need to update my php version to 5.x.x, I don't care which secondary version, but it needs to php 5. I tried this via whm's check box thing, but all the sites seem like they're serving the...
  18. W

    WHM won't upgrade PHP version

    Trying to move from 4.4.2 to 4.4.4, and rebuilding apache from easyapache or through WHM just leaves PHP at 4.4.2. I'm selecting 4.4.4 in the options after I load the previous config, but no go.. any ideas on how to force this? Thanks -t
  19. C

    Users choose PHP version

    Is there any way I can allow my customers to choose what version of PHP they want to run from cPanel? I currently run PHP5 server wide because I cannot stand PHP4 anymore. But I have a few customers who still want to run PHP4 only scripts. So is there currently a way to have two running PHP...
  20. F

    internal cpanel php version

    why internal cpanel php still used old version? # /usr/local/cpanel/3rdparty/bin/php -v PHP 4.4.2 (cgi) (built: Sep 23 2006 22:04:01) Copyright (c) 1997-2006 The PHP Group Zend Engine v1.3.0, Copyright (c) 1998-2004 Zend Technologies Does it caused a problem with cpanel functionality...