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  1. R

    PHP Version Stuck @ 4.4.4

    Hey, I am stuck at the moment with PHP 4.4.4, tried easyapache and apacherebuild in SSH and WHM respectively. Now i have done something before, where i deleted a php file, and copied it from a different place and it all fixed. I have tried to recompile to PHP 5 to no avail as it always...
  2. G

    PHP version missing from General Server Information

    Last night I upgraded to PHP 5.1.5 with PHP suexec from PHP 4 (using /scripts/easyapache). All went well and my sites are running nicely. However, I have noticed today that the cPanel interface that customers login to, is missing the PHP version in the 'General Server Information' section...
  3. M

    php version is not showing in cpanel

    Hello, This is weird. After i changed php to use phpsuexec. php version disappeard from cpanel:
  4. sh4ka

    PHP Version 4.4.2, register_globals ON php.ini no longer works!

    I just have register_globals Off for the entire server.. but i had it enabled for some users that need that ON, then just created a php.ini file in the webroot and wrote: register_globals = On And it was working perfectly, until i upgraded apache with webroot protection + safe mode +...
  5. M

    Problem - PHP version not showing in cpanel

    Hi, Since the upgrade a few days ago I have noticed manny problems. Now I just notice that the PHP version is not showing up in cpanel. May not be related to the update. If any one has any suggestions or fixes would be greatful. Thanks for looking. Darren
  6. M

    Which PHP Version to use??

    Hi, as per the secutiry table of apache provided by cpanel i upgraded the PHP version to 4.4.2 but after that maximum sites on my server stopped processing PHP and started giving error :- [Sat May 27 10:59:15 2006] [notice] child pid 5257 exit signal Segmentation fault (11) [Sat May 27...
  7. H

    What PHP version?

    What PHP version is in the default /scripts/easyapache? Say if I choose option 4 or 5 which one would be installed? I am not "expert" to choose the expert option, afraid I would screw something up. My Kernel iinfo: Linux: Red Hat 2.4.21-40.EL #1 Thu Feb 2 22:32:00 EST 2006 My apache info...
  8. S

    PHP version help - do they come with CPanel updates?

    Well my host has PHP 4.3.11 but a script i need to run needs 4.4.0 - i asked them and they said they only get PHP upgrades when they come with CPanel? Does this sound right? Is there a CPanel update out there that comes with 4.4.0? Thanks for any help given.
  9. A

    zend installer and php version

    Hello, Installing Zend mentions that it is not supported for php 4.4.0. Does it mean php has to be downgraded? Anup
  10. B

    Is the php version cpanel uses affected by the XMLRPC expoit?

    Is the php version cpanel uses affected by the XMLRPC expoit?
  11. E

    PHP Update not working ( PHP version file is up to date )

    Hello, last night i start "apache upate" from the WHM and uncheck php 4.3.3 and check 4.3.11 to update to 4.3.11 whm rebuilds the apache, but than: PHP version file is up to date and 4.3.3 is running and not 4.3.11. How can i fix this ?
  12. I

    Cant see the php version

    Hello, I cant see the php version in cpanel. Here is a pic: Thanks, Antonio
  13. I

    cPanel not show php version

    Hello, cPanel not show the php version. Any ideas? This has been fixed recompiling apache, but i dont know what is causing after some time (im using release version) Thanks
  14. C

    cpanel showing wrong php version

    Hi! I recently upgraded to php 5.0.4 from 4.4.0, however, cPanel is still showing that it is 4.4.0 is what is installed. I know this is not true because a php info file of mine does confirm that it is 5.0.4 that is running. Any ideads on what is going on? Thanks.
  15. C

    Show PHP Version in cpanel

    Hi, I have just install cpanel on a new server and when I look at the general server information panel on the cpanel main page the field where the PHP version is usually show is blank. I have tested and know that PHP is working fine on the box. The box information is below General...
  16. K

    Cant install any php version other than 4.3.9

    I cant install any php version other than 4.3.9, even it if select 4.3.10 or 4.3.11 it trys to install 4.3.9, there is no option to select or deselect 4.3.9 I ran updatenow upcp --force fixcommonproblems eazyapache How can I install php 4.3.11? I've tried it 6 times so far. What...
  17. G

    Can't downgrade to PHP Version 4.3.9!

    Under WHM's 'Update Apache' I can only select 4.3.10 or 4.3.11. But I need 4.3.9 as some scrips php scripts are broken. :confused:
  18. L

    last supported php version?

    hello what's the last supported PHP version for cPanel? I have 4.3.10 on my server, but "latest version" on WHM shows "4.3.9" i assume that's a bug, but what about 4.3.11? is it already available? thanks
  19. M

    dual php version on one server?

    i already upgraded PHP on my server to 4.3.10 using "Update Apache" on WHM, but when i click "Show PHP information" on PHPMyAdmin, it is show that the PHP version is 4.3.9 i run phpinfo() from an account on my server and it show the PHP version is 4.3.10. i notice that PHP 4.3.10 using...
  20. K

    php version is showing

    Hello,. Well I went to check and CPanel doesn't even list what version my server is running, can you please help me?