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    cpanel show wrong php version.

    I just upgraded my php to php 5.0.3 and it showed up on phpinfo.php also. But when I check my cpanel, it stated "PHP version 4.3.9 ." Is there anyway to fix it so it show the correct php version? Thanks
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    New PHP version released

    Hello, I have not yet upgraded to the latest stable release, and would like to inquire if the latest PHP version will be integrated to it? Thanks.
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    my cPanel does not recognise the PHP version

    Hi have any ideea why my cPanel does not recognise the PHP version ? :confused: PHP version MySQL version 4.0.20-standard cPanel Build 9.9.8-STABLE 6 Theme cPanel X v2.5.0 demosite demosite
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    How to downgrade to prev. PHP version?

    How do I downgrade from 4.3.8 to 4.3.2? I am aware that 4.3.8 has all kind of security fixes and bugfixes, however - on all of my servers some accounts have Postnuke installed which is having major issues with this version for some reason. So my question is, how do I downgrade - can this be...
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    What's the latest php version that works with phpsuexec?

    Hi I understand that there is a lag between the releases and phpsuexec. What's the most current version that would work with phpsuexec. Is there a site I can refer to in future? thanks.
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    Missing PHP Version.

    I just received my new Fedora w/Cpanel server and noticed that the PHP Version is missing from the Cpanel screen. Any idea what is wrong? PHP seems to work fine. thanks
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    PHP Version Not Showing?

    Hi all In cPanel it has Kernel Version: 2.22 Apache Version: 1.3.28 PHP Version: Perl Version: 5.006001 MySQL Version: 4.0.15-standard CPanel Version: 7.4.2-STABLE117 I don't upgrade to anything lower than STABLE (RELEASE, etc. isn't used by any of our servers) but I tried...
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    Cpanel Misinforming PHP version

    I have one server where Cpanel its misinforming PHP version, it say 4.0.6 when I upgraded to 4.1.2 last night (It was 4.1.1 before that). Althrough If I do a phpinfo it show 4.1.2 I upgraded Apache too, can you tell me if I did a mistake or what could it be?