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    Email Piping php has errors

    I'm using a php script for email piping. If I run the script via shell it says: : cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory At the top of my script I'm using #!/usr/local/bin/php -z (if I use -q it doesn't work) It still runs the script but bounces the email with Mail delivery...
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    email piping with subaddress

    Hey all. I'm looking to do some automatic email processing. Basically if someone replies to an email, the response would be stored in a database. In order to pull this off I setup an email forwarder to a php script. The problem I'm having is when I add some identifying information in the...
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    SOLVED Jailed shell issues with email piping

    Hello, As of roughly about the time our auto cPanel updates completed (now on v.58.0.7), our piped email to our whmcs system (latest v.6.3.1) started failing. [ [email protected] ~># grep 1bQGs2-0002l7-QL /var/log/exim_mainlog 2016-07-21 09:30:47 1bQGs2-0002l7-QL <= [email protected]
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    Piping cPanel contact form to WHMCS

    Hi guys. This is my first time setting up cPanel/WHM and WHMCS so please bare with! In the support section of WHM i noticed you can change what happens when a user of your cpanel tries to contact you. I would very much like to pipe this into WHMCS, but i cant figure out what the problem...
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    Piping problem

    I need to forward an email to a script (piping) but the script is not on the same account as the email domain. cPanels takes the relative path to the file starting from the home directory, how can i pipe it to an external script?
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    Support request Piping

    I'm trying to pipe my support requests to WHMCS in the users' cpanels. I have piping sucessfully installed for my support email address, and if I send an email to that address, it opens a ticket. However, if I set up cpanel to EITHER forward support requests to that same email OR pipe...
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    Pass a variable to PHP Script when piping msg to that script?

    I'm piping messages to a PHP script. So far, it's working fine. There's one thing I'd like to add and then I think I've got the whole package of what I'm trying to accomplish done (or at least the hard stuff anyway). When writing a PHP script that will be accessed via the browser, I'm able...
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    2 problems: piping error and imap problem

    Hey all Got a couple of problems with my newly purchased server 1. I've set up e-mail piping in /etc/valiases/domain.com The e-mail "pipes" just fine, but is returend with this output; PHP Warning: Function registration failed - duplicate name - curl_init in Unknown on line 0 PHP...
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    Exim perl piping and errors

    I have a perl script that I am using to pipe e-mail messages through and store in a database. The script works, and that is not the issue. I am trying to get the script setup so that if an error is detected, the person that sent the message will not receive the bounced error message. I have...
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    does piping passes the Spamassassin settings?

    I was wondering in the old days i had my ticket system uses pop3 account to download emails and spam was so low, but now after piping the emails via [email protected]: "|/home/login/www/admin/pop3pipe.php" i'm getting tons of email messages per day. would that be a possibility for emails...