1. psytanium

    The process pkgacct stalled while it ran for user “root”

    Hi, I've been receiving this email for 2 weeks, everyday. I don't know what it exactly mean and how to solve it. The process “pkgacct - some users - av: 4 - write compressed stream” stalled while it ran for user “root”. The process has run for “12 hours and 3.37 seconds”. At the time that the...
  2. carolainn

    Backups not working. The process “pkgacct - [username-account] - av: 4” stalled while it ran for user “root”.

    Hello, My backups are not working anymore after a full VPS restoration. Been getting the notification "The process “pkgacct - [username-account] - av: 4” stalled while it ran for user “root”." since then, but I have no clue what it means or what to do about it. Should I open a ticket? Thank you.
  3. speckados

    Cpanel::DBI::_error_handler("DBD::mysql::st execute failed: There is no such grant defined

    In the work of reviewing the correct operation of cpanel backups, I find this very common error. This is a server that has been dragging accounts for 15 years. And some of them have been migrated from server to server. Now with 10.3.34-MariaDB, I see these errors. Any ideas? warn [pkgacct]...
  4. C

    pkgacct via cron doesn't appear to run

    If I run from root /usr/local/cpanel/scripts/pkgacct example I get output in the home directory, eg: cpmove-example.tar.gz If I try to schedule it in crontab, eg: 02 22 * * * /usr/local/cpanel/scripts/pkgacct example I get no output. What am I doing incorrectly? When I grep: grep pkgacct...
  5. O

    htaccess file is wiped out after running pkgacct

    I am running a custom script for the backup schedule and transportation but the backup is handled by /scripts/pkgacct. I am having strange error that every time the schedule backup has ran, the htaccess file of a lo of sites are emptied. They all became 0kb. So I went ahead to check...
  6. J

    pkgacct mysql error since 70.0.42 update

    Since last night's update, our cron jobs running pkgacct have been throwing an error like: warn [pkgacct] SHOW GRANTS FAILED: show grants for 'username'@''; Cpanel::Exception::Database::Error/(XID j7hkte) The system received an error from the “MySQL” database “mysql”...
  7. Samet Chan

    The process pkgacct stalled while it ran for user

    I have seen receive email from WHM a today. The process “pkgacct - av: 4 - write compressed stream” stalled while it ran for user “root”. The process has run for “6 hours and 2.99 seconds”. At the time that the system generated this notification, the process had a PID of “17893”, and it...
  8. H

    pkgacct htaccess failed

    Hi, When I run the pkgacct to backup account, I got the following error Fixing up EA4 .htaccess blocks: /home/username/public_html/.htaccess ^[[1;30;43m(failed)^[[0m Done I'd like to ask how to fix this problem? (Why does it need to fix up something of htaccess file? I think the htaccess is...
  9. T

    pigz / pkgacct high cpu

    I'm seeing a very high CPU from pigz when the backup process is running: PID USER PR NI VIRT RES SHR S %CPU %MEM TIME+ COMMAND 22280 root 39 19 11808 1268 560 R 94.4 0.0 346:57.55 pigz 15894 root 39 19 507m 413m 4352 S 17.9 1.3 50:12.94 pkgacct - allan...
  10. E

    pkgacct set destination folder with variable date format

    Hi There, I am adapting this code from a feature request Change WHM cpanel Backup to allow Database only backups #!/usr/bin/perl BEGIN { unshift @INC, '/usr/local/cpanel'; } use Cpanel::Config::Users (); my @cpusers = Cpanel::Config::Users::getcpusers(); use Time::Piece; my...
  11. M

    XID error running pkgacct

    Hi, When I try to package an account using /scripts/pkgacct command, I get the following error in red colour: (XID dweja8) Quotas are not enabled on any of the provided paths. Please check the paths and try again. Paths: This is the actual command line and output: root@server...
  12. D

    /scripts/pkgacct user option

    I know this is an older thread, but I must say this is very disappointing that user is not an argument on the command line.
  13. S

    Pkgacct hook

    Hello, On one of my servers I have the following homedir configuration: /home/username is a symlink to /homessd/username Because of that setup, pkgacct invoked from the clients cPanel accounts fails to create a full cpanel backup for such accounts whose homedir is symlinked. I tried to...
  14. M

    lfd: ignore "excessive resource usage" for pkgacct

    I'm having trouble telling lfd to ignore "excessive resource usage" warnings. I've tried exe and pexe lines, but I'm still getting the emails every night. Here's the message I'm getting each night: Account: [username removed] Resource: Virtual Memory Size Exceeded: 277 > 200 (MB) Executable...
  15. A

    Pkgacct user and root on the same time is this normal?

    Hi Is this normal to have on the same time user and root to do the same thing? If not how can i fix this? Thanks
  16. O


    Hello, I'm having trouble to migrate a client, it certainly damaged the pkgacct file. This errros returning the following: On cPanel: Account “fantasyb”: The remote execution of “pkgacct” was not sucessful, or the requested account, “fantasyb” was not found on the server...
  17. postcd

    Why running pkgacct while im using incremental backups?

    Hello, on my cpanel account seen on image bellow (first process on the top) is running pkgacct, but i have set incremental backups on my WHM and im not running any manual backup on that account, so why it is running pkgacct? [Removed - Please use internal attachments] Also there is gtar...
  18. A

    pkgacct - "no such grant defined for user" - Cpanel/ line 515

    WHM 11.30.5 (build 2) CENTOS 5.7 i686 virtuozzo Getting this error on virtually any account when trying to do a backup Determining mysql dbs...DBD::mysql::st execute failed: There is no such grant defined for user 'example' on host '' at /usr/local/cpanel/Cpanel/
  19. S

    Problems moving large cpanel account - pkgacct also failing

    Large account approx 17Gb... After failing to copy this using WHM, any method I tried... I thought I would try to do it from the shell... /scripts/pckacct xxxxnet gives this: pkgacct started. pkgacct version 10 - user : xxxxnet - tarball: 1 - target mysql : default - split: 0 -...
  20. L

    pkgacct showing (0 bytes) for mysql dbs

    I'm running WHM 11.28.45 I'm getting a troubling output when running (from shell as root) /scripts/pkgacct USERNAME The packaging seems to work correctly, but the section: Storing mysql dbs... lists the correct dbs, but shows (0 bytes) after each one. When I examined the package...