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    Backup Pruning Timeout

    On servers where we are using the default cPanel backup feature, we have an issue where the backups are not successfully pruned. We get an email each night from cPanel saying the pruning timed out. So each night we have to go in and manually remove these old backups. There is no issue with the...
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    [CPANEL-21020] Backup Transporter unable to prune directories using Pure-FTPD due to .master.meta

    Unable to prune transport “” Error pruning “/cpbackup/weekly/2018-03-31” from “”: ASCII My weekly backup to an off site FTP server has recently (late April) started giving this error. Nothing has changed on my end that I'm aware of and the directory appears...
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    Apache domlogs pruning

    since this seems related, I thought I would ask here, it seems my /domlogs/ are being rotated at the end of each month and I dont want that (ive setup a separate /etc/logrotate.d script to keep and compress several versions) but i can not even with all the posts about where to set settings...