1. M

    PTR Record

    Hi, im grace. May i know what to do? After our host which is inmotionhosting setup a ptr, and even change it 3 times. All our outgoing email goes straight to spam folder, it could not send through for 3 weeks now. So my question is, after inmotionhosting have done something for the PTR, is...
  2. G

    Email From my cPanel server landing in JUNK Folder

    I have upgraded to the latest version of cpanel as I try to solve an issue with email. At times an email which originates from the mail server powered by cpanel will end up in the JUNK folder of receipts mailboxes. As I try to figure out what might be causing the issue, I have requested...
  3. N

    PTR Configuration

    Hello i have a PTR issues on email deliverability, the ptr is correctly configured, i remember there was a bug a while ago on cpanel. I contacted my datacenter and seems to be all ok on reverse dns Message from my datacenter for ip 111.222.333.444 you have configured the PRT
  4. J

    Setting up PTR for server IPs question

    Hi Can someone explain to me I have cpanel whm Cloud VPS and 3 IPs connected to server i must set PTR for all this IPs ? example > hostname.mydomain > hostname..mydomain > hostname..mydomain on IPs
  5. M

    How to create Reverse PTR Record in cPanel

    Dear sir How to add the ptr record's Regard's &Thank's mahesh
  6. D

    How to create a PTR record for a /22

    Hello everyone, I have read over: Configuring Reverse DNS in WHM and I want to create a PTR record for a /22. Can I create it in one file or I do I need four files? For example if I have do I need to create a zone for: 10.0.0 10.0.1 10.0.2 10.0.3 or can I have it all in one...
  7. 000

    Ptr HostName = REVESE ?

    Hi. Ptr HostName = REVESE ? or What is "Ptr HostName" ? What is the diference into SWIP RdNS PTR Reverse ??? Who can config each?
  8. C

    Set up PTR

    I'm on a dedicated box and some of my server's mail was being marked as spam and blacklisted. I checked one of the blacklisters and they said it was because of a generic PTR. So here's what I did 1) Created a DNS Zone for the IP I wanted (in this example let's say and the...
  9. T

    Question about PTR Records?

    Could someone show me an example on how to set up a PTR record. I'd imagine I just need to enter my IP address then a FQDN in the hostname field. However, not certain, but I was reading somewhere that we had to enter the IP in backwards or we could just enter the last 3 numbers of our IP. In...
  10. C

    Creating PTR Records on a Shared IP

    Is it possible to create PTR records for different domains that are shared by the same IP? I know how to add them in CPanel, but the fact that more than one would point to the same IP causes an issue. Thanks, CompHouse
  11. Y

    ptr record & SPF record

    could anyone give me basic guide to add PTR and SPF Record? thanks
  12. A

    No PTR records exist for xx.xx.xx.xx

    When I query my ip of server in, I've received the message: Is dns of my domain forwarded to another ip?? So, must I contact with supporter of domain where I bought domain or supporter of the vps server where I bought vps server??? Please tell me why and how to fix it THanks
  13. phil-3

    This Forum's IP address has no PTR record

    Hi Folks Not sure if this is the right place to post, but my server just rejected emails from the signup on this forum, because the outgoing mail server has no PTR record.:eek: Just thought maybe the admins should know :) All the best Phil
  14. O

    PTR Records

    Hello, My FreeBSD server runs cPanel/WHM and the nameservers have been delegated for my IP block's PTR records. How can i use WHM's DNS features to create/modify these records. Thanks
  15. D

    How do I create a PTR record?

    I'm using to host my domain, and using's DNS servers.
  16. A

    Simple PTR question

    As with many new users.. iam stuck with this reverse DNS stuff !! :eek: I want to do this myself rather than requesting my DC to do it for me. Assuming.. My domain : Static IP : I will be only hosting one domain on my dedicated server What should i specify in...
  17. S

    PTR Record Ok. But i have a problem ? [moved]

    Hello, say this : PTR record: [TTL 3600s] [A=None] *ERROR* A record does not point back to original IP. RFC1912 2.1 disallows CNAMEs. I am a reseller. Not server admin . What i must...
  18. C

    PTR question

    I have a client on my cPanel server that uses an Exchange email server at his company for mail. So I fixed the mx record on my server to point to his exchange server for mail. My question is: Since he uses qwest for the exchange mail server's internet connection, I need to call qwest to setup a...
  19. N

    Proper format for PTR entries

    I have been delegated authority for all of my IP's by my host and need to know the proper format to enter a PTR record using the DNS entry editor in WHM. Would it be : PTR or sub. PTR ? I have gotten advise for variations on...
  20. Networkologist

    Reverse PTR for an Exchange Server?

    I'm on the brink of losing my biggest client over sporadic email issues. They have an exchange server and I have setup the dns in WHM to point to that IP address. I have to continually stay on top of any exim upgrades because the localdomains file gets rewritten and when it does they can't send...