1. N

    Proper format for PTR entries

    I have been delegated authority for all of my IP's by my host and need to know the proper format to enter a PTR record using the DNS entry editor in WHM. Would it be : PTR or sub. PTR ? I have gotten advise for variations on...
  2. Networkologist

    Reverse PTR for an Exchange Server?

    I'm on the brink of losing my biggest client over sporadic email issues. They have an exchange server and I have setup the dns in WHM to point to that IP address. I have to continually stay on top of any exim upgrades because the localdomains file gets rewritten and when it does they can't send...
  3. P

    How to set up PTR records?

    Hi, Can someone help me set up a PTR record, I notice you have the option when editing the DNS zones but what to do? Thanks, Paul