1. G

    FTP no longer working with hostname

    Since 66 update, if I login to FTP with the host as server hostname as the host it says the password failed, but if i put the domain of the site it then works. It only happens on one of my servers. Any ideas?
  2. M

    SOLVED Updated to v66, problem with FTP

    Updated from v64 to v66. Using pure-FTPD, a stored FTP login no longer worked. Switching to pro-FTPD, the login worked. Switching back to pure-FTPD - login does not work. The server has 5 IPv4 addresses. The login does not work (but did in v64), when using the dedicated IP of the account...
  3. PeteS

    SOLVED FTP Server Configuration reverts to port 21 on save

    Hi, I have successfully changed my FTP port from 21 to another port in /etc/pure-ftpd.conf (because it cannot be done - to my knowledge - in WHM) but any time any other setting is changed in WHM's FTP Server Configuration panel it ALSO resets the port binding to 21. This is very annoying! How...
  4. K

    FTP doesn't go beyond Retrieving directory listing

    I have read many posts on this topic on here and on other sites. I have PassivePortRange set to 30000-64000 I have tried with ForcePassiveIP set to my IP I have tried with #ForcePassiveIP commented out I have tried Filezilla with Transfer Settings set to Default, Active, & Passive I have tried...
  5. R

    FTPS not working

    Hi, I am unable to login to my FTP server. My settings are: TLS Encryption Support : optional Broken Clients Compatibility: yes I have installed the certificate from commerical CA and enabled the certificate for services such as mail, FTP, etc. Now, when I connect to my FTPS server, I get...
  6. F

    Pureftp port change question

    Can anyone give a definitive way to permanently change Pureftp port from default 21. I have changed port in pureftp.conf & in /etc/chkserv.d/ftpd Restarted service Which works fine untill next Cpanel update.. Any help much appreciated.
  7. M

    SOLVED FTP no longer works since WHM 64 update?

    The 64 update happened this morning (build 13) is what is shown. Now my sftp connections no longer work : SSL: Error in negotiating SSL connection. What changed? Please do not tell me nothing changed - worked fine for years actually until this update so something caused it. In the meantime...
  8. V

    SOLVED After upgrade to build 64 - 13 can't FTP fails SSL connect

    On all servers after this upgrade we can not connect to FTP using SSL TLS Cipher Suite is set to default cpanel settings TLS Encryption Support has to be set to optional as forcing to SSL does not work. Worked fine before the upgrade
  9. E

    Pure-ftpd, custom settings overwritten?

    It seems that cPanel & WHM 64 (build 13) overwrites any custom settings in pure-ftpd.conf with default values? At least this has happened on all of our CentOS 7-servers during the last week or so. We always change the PassivePortRange to 30000 35000. After the latest update this has been reset...
  10. ronaldst

    Issue with Dreamweaver and Pure-FTD

    I updated to latest kernel and cPanel v.64.0 (build 12) last night. Everything went smooth. Today while doing some work in Dreamweaver I could not connect to my accounts over FTP (explicit encryption). I'm getting an error telling me the server is not reachable. Using FileZilla works fine with...
  11. C

    Permanently disable ForcePassiveIP option

    Hello, I need disable ForcePassiveIP from my /etc/pure-ftpd.conf, when the file is saved works great, but with every update of cpanel, is actived by default. how I can prevent this? tks for your help
  12. M

    PureFTPd upload starts over after IP change?

    Hi, does anybody know why and how to fix this: I noticed this very frustrating behavior in which PureFTPd will restart a client upload from zero byte when the FTP client changes IP address, which happens totally randomly over ASDL :( I noticed the upload filename then changed from the real...
  13. W

    FTP Wont Connect After Udpate 62 Build 16

    After the CP62B16 update, our server hung and had to be manually rebooted. The server booted right back up but gave some errors in Security Advisor that the Kernal was mismatched and the server needed a graceful reboot. After a couple graceful reboots the message is still there. Now, All FTP...
  14. S

    Disable SSLv3 PureFTPd

    Hi I have been trying to disable SSLv3 for PureFTP by adding !SSLv3 to the TLS string, however it never actual disables. Is there another method for disabling this, as cPanel are saying it cannot be disabled. Do we need to use proftpd instead? Ta
  15. grayloon

    SOLVED Pure-FTPd Cipher Settings

    Now, I'm trying to figure out how to disable DES and 3DES for Pure-FTPd. I changed my TLS Cipher Suite to: When I test my server with SSLyze, I still see this weak cipher listed: #sslyze --starttls=ftp --regular
  16. L

    Backup bandwidth speed limit

    Hello, I use pure-ftp on my server .. I want to know, ftp backup ... does it also use the default ftp server to transfer the files? I want to limit bandwidth speed for transferring files to backup remote ftp. Currently I use no limits, but my datacenter uses the 95% bandwidth charging method...
  17. S

    PureFTP not logging transfers

    I would like to log transfers for PureFTP. I have this in my /etc/pure-ftpd.conf config file AltLog xferlog:/usr/local/apache/domlogs/ftpxferlog but nothing ever gets logged to /usr/local/apache/domlogs/ftpxferlog. its always 0 bytes. I also have "Keep master FTP log file" on in tweak...
  18. Osama Tariq

    SOLVED Ftp failed to restart

    # /scripts/restartsrv_pureftpd Waiting for “pureftpd” to restart ………warn [restartsrv_base] The 'pureftpd' service's PID file '/var/run/pure-ftpd.pid' did not appear after 10 seconds. …warn [restartsrv_base] The 'pureftpd' service's PID file '/var/run/pure-ftpd.pid' did not appear after 10...
  19. N

    Pure-ftpd.conf overwritten with stock configuration

    Hello I have changed few times one of the options (LimitRecursion 2000 8) in /etc/pure-ftpd.conf. On next day the I see that pure-ftpd.conf is overwrited with stock configuration. What to do in order my changes to not be overwrited by cpanel update process. Is this a bug ? Any ideas how...