1. T

    Why not quotas on backup disk? is there a way to enable quotas?

    On my server i used to have the main disk (a 256gb disk) everything worked fine until yesterday that i add a second disk (a 512gb drive) in order to move some large accounts to it because is almost full, also i changed the backup directory (incremental, not retain backups) to this new drive, the...
  2. M

    New CPanel install: Quotas impossible to fix

    I have opened a ticket support. Please, delete this post
  3. behinam

    Filesystem quotas are currently disabled

    I use proxmox CT and I can install cPanel On LXC but I give this message in WHM: Filesystem quotas are currently disabled. Click to enable... my container doesn't have /etc/fstab and when I run /scripts/fixquotas, nothing happens. Can the problem be solved?
  4. A

    SOLVED add disk with quotas in fstab centos 7/ cloudlinux 7

    Hi, i had 2 8tb second home1 and home2 disk. but i did't add them fstab could you help me in adding them the 2 disk to fstab and enable quotas. here is presetn fsatb proc /proc proc defaults 0 0 devpts /dev/pts devpts gid=5,mode=620 0 0 tmpfs /dev/shm tmpfs defaults 0 0 sysfs /sys sysfs...
  5. G

    Question about quotas for an account

    I have a client who must have 2GB hosting quota and 5GB quota for new email accounts that are created, how do I do this? I'm new with cpanel and have no idea how to do it, thanks in advance.
  6. B

    Unable to enable quotas

    Same situation at my side. After upgrade to version 80, file system quotas has been disabled. It occurred on 2 separate instances. Clicking the button to enable file system quotas and rebooting, does not resolve the situation. I cannot enable file system quotas and the warning stay in place. In...
  7. S

    In Progress [CPANEL-27976] Ability to disable "Filesystem quotas are currently disabled" banner

    Just did cPanel upgrade to v80.0.9. Immediate issues I observed: Yellow warning banner on home page now shows 'Filesystem quotas are currently disabled. Click to enable'. Our server is set up with a single user, and I don't want to enable. How do I get this warning banner to disappear? I have...
  8. T

    SOLVED How to find total disk space ?

    Hello, i have a VPS with 1600 GB disk space. I see at Home »Account Information »List Accounts, i have total 56.61 GB Disk Used Also i run: [root@demo /]# df -h Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on /dev/sda2 1.2T 110G 1012G 10% / devtmpfs 25G 0 25G 0%...
  9. G

    Quotas not working on second partition

    In WHM > List Accounts show 0MB disk usage i run: "/scripts/fixquotas" but still show 0MB.
  10. B

    Quotas are not enabled on any of the provided paths error

    helo there, i've just finished installed cPanel when i tried to create new account, an error occured here is the error log Account Creation Status: failed Cpanel::Exception::Quota::NotEnabled/(XID 4vwh4x) Quotas are not enabled on any of the provided paths. Please check the paths and try...
  11. T

    Prevent users from modifying email quotas ?

    How can I prevent cpanel users from changing their own email quotas? I seem to recall a setting somewhere in WHM for this but for the life of me I can't find it now (hazards of getting old!)
  12. upsforum

    account quotas wrong

    I have a problem with fix quotas, all account wrong, for example for an account with 1GB ccount space disk usage is 70 MByte, I tried fixquotas script and upcp but not work
  13. Mauritz

    Quotas on new home partition

    We added a new home partition but it appears quotas is not enabled on the drive. I have verified in the /etc/fstab file and it appears that quotas has been set there but not sure if there is any other configuration needed? We've started moving some accounts over to the new partition which is now...
  14. P

    Quotas on reseller accounts

    Hi all, I'd like to know if there is an easy way to find all users that are over quota and are no longer using there accounts. I've inherited a cpanel/WHM system that is in a bit of a mess. I have several re-seller accounts and many cpanel user accounts also. I am able to find the user...
  15. M

    OpenVZ / Proxmox 3.4 quotas broken

    I assume the mysterious 'other usage' for a user is just the difference between /sbin/quota $user and du ~ user, yes? if so, quotas under OpenVZ/proxmox 3.4 are broken. I'm running on proxmox ve 3.4 for this openvz container and I have secondary quota option turned on. I can fix quotas by...
  16. postcd

    SOLVED Quotas are not enabled on any of the provided paths.

    In cPanel/Backup when i selected mysql backup to be restored and submitted upload button, this error appeared: A fatal error or timeout occurred while processing this directive. What could caused this? I do not have access to the WHM server error log.
  17. S

    Quotas are not enabled on any of the provided paths.

    hi can anyone help with this error below when a users trys to login in to cpanel but when i go to there cpanel account via whm is lets me in Template::Exception: [TYPE]=[undef] [INFO]=[Cpanel::Exception::Quota::NotEnabled/(XID 7f9eyb) Quotas are not enabled on any of the provided...
  18. J

    fixquotas script has reset all cpanel account quotas to 0mb

    I ran the /scripts/fixquotas script, and now every single cPanel account shows 0MB disk space used, and the quota is set to unlimited. When I try to change the quota from unlimited, it says "success" but never actually changes. Has this ever happened to anyone?
  19. V

    cPanel Quotas not updating

    Hello, i tried /scripts/fixquotas and /scripts/initquotas both are running sucessfully but the Disk space is not updating. This is my fstab output : # <file system> <mount point> <type> <options> <dump> <pass> /dev/md3 / ext4...
  20. A

    cPanel Accounts Quotas Issue

    Hi, I set new account with 2000 MB and after some time when I check this account: Space Used 2664.17 MB / Quota 2000 MB I set limit to 2000 but account have 2664 MB used!!! I want only 2000 MB, not more or less. Why I set this limit if this limit doesn't work? This is probably issue with...