1. S

    SpamAssasin doesn't use RBL to check for SPAM

    Hi! I'm trying to make SpamAssasin detects SPAM using RBLs. To avoid "URIBL_BLOCKED" issue I configured BIND as a caching nameserver. URIBL_BLOCKED is not problem now, but seems that RBL are not used. In this FAQ I found that . My resolv.conf contains as I'm using CPanel BIND. Could...
  2. M

    New Server listed in the Barracuda RBL but passes on all other 85 blacklists

    I've just migrated to a new WHM server. For some reason the main Server IP is listed in the Barracuda RBL but passes on all other 85 blacklists. I did check the IP when it was assigned to me and I'm sure it was clean. At first I assumed that the server was spewing out spam from an account but...
  3. A

    Custom RBL for Scoring

    Hi, I am trying to setup a few Custom RBL's to combat incoming email spam (WHM >> Exim Configuration >> RBL's >> Manage) - however they don't seem to be scoring emails according to the custom rbl's. I'm not sure if this feature is only intended to just Reject mail? X-Ham-Report Spam...
  4. E

    cPanel Built in RBLS not working as expected

    buitin RBLS [bl.spamcop.net and zen.spamhaus.org] seems not working as i get alot of spam mails from domains fell in these spam dns
  5. M

    Blocked by Spamhaus RBL

    Hi guys, I have a new cpanel webhosting server I setup with currently just my own site's and now got one customer hosting with me. The server is only about 1-2 weeks old and I have done all sorts of EXIM hardening like ratelimiting deferred/failed messages and setting sending limit to 100 per...
  6. N

    RBL Performance

    Where the option for RBL Performance?
  7. T

    Add RBL to Exim

    Hello, I want to add this DNSBL (spam filter) to Exim : relays.ordb.org list.dsbl.org bl.spamcop.net sbl-xbl.spamhaus.org rbl.megarbl.net cbl.abuseat.org dnsbl.njabl.org cbl.abuseat.org I am looking for the method? Have you got a how-to ? Thanks ! :)
  8. D

    SpamHaus RBL --- as bad as the spammers?

    I've found over the years that spamhaus and other Anti-spam software is GOOD, but seriously needs more work done. I'm asking the community of cPanel users, as well as other users of linux systems to come together and address a singular problem that has not only come to my attention, but many...
  9. S

    Exim RBL WhiteList

    Hi All I am having issues White listing Domains. I am able to white-list by IPs, but, I don't know all the IPs of Yahoo or Bigpond, or whatever, it's slightly ridiculous for me to go and find all the list of Mail Providers. I have found ...
  10. hostmedic

    copy rbl settings across multiple servers

    Is there a way for us to use rsync and copy the RBL settings we have across all our cpanel systems. It was fine back in the day when we had 25 or 30 servers - but going through all of them and doing updates to include new rbl's - turning them on, adding the same ACL's over and over - is a bit...
  11. A

    RBL leads to exim death [cpanel parsing bug?]

    Cpanel exim config crashes if the name of the blacklist contains '-' as in sbl-xbl.spamhaus etc. Tried to add a new RBL called sbl-xbl-spamhaus This lead to the death f the 'Exim Configuration Editor': Exim Configuration Editor * Standard Options [a fatal error or...
  12. B

    Help with Exim RBL (not working)

    At the top of my exim.conf I added this lines domainlist rbl_bypass = lsearch;/etc/rblbypass hostlist rbl_whitelist = lsearch;/etc/relayhosts : net-iplsearch;/etc/rblwhitelist addresslist whitelist_senders = wildlsearch;/etc/exim_whitelist_senders In ACL section I have the RBL rule...
  13. S

    cpanel 11 rbl whitelist

    Is there a way to make an rblwhitelist for the option in exim configuration editor for Reject mail at SMTP time if the sender host is in the zen.spamhaus.org, or bl.spamcop.net rbl? Thanks in advanced
  14. J

    RBL filter cpanel v11 exim conf.

    Anyone know how to add RBL filtering in the new cpanel v11 Exim configuration in WHM ? I used the common way/code posted in this forum many times and it worked great but after upgrading to v11 it does not work anymore. The boxes in exim conf is now different and the RBL section is not...
  15. B

    Autoresponder Abuse - Got listed in MAPS RBL

    Our main server IP got listed in MAPS RBL. They said it was because of an autoresponder being abused. All autoresponders are cPanel-based. How is this possible? Do we need to completely remove this feature? Quite frustrating.
  16. mctDarren

    Exim RBL deny question

    Ok, been muxing around with exim.conf again trying to better my spam detection. I added an RBL routine right after accept : in the standard cpanel conf file. # Deny mail from listed RBLs before Mailscanner gets it deny message = Message rejected because $sender_fullhost is blacklisted at...
  17. mickalo

    Exim RBL droplist

    Hello, I wanted to check our RBL list currently being used and wanted to check if this is an accurate list or if someone has a more up-to-date list to use: dnslists = zen.spamhaus.org :\ dul.dnsbl.sorbs.net :\ xbl.spamhaus.org :\...
  18. wzd

    How to parse your RBL Logs

    H all, I've created a simple SED script that extracts and parses rejected messages from the /var/log/exim/rejectlog - This is useful after you've followed the following tutorial: http://www.webhostgear.com/175.html - This can be used for monitoring and clients can select email From...
  19. Z

    need rbl / spam help

    I'm trying to setup some exim spam protection using the advice taken from cpanel's forum and Problems: [email protected] [/etc/cron.d]# sh installRDJ.pl installRDJ.pl: line 32: use: command not found installRDJ.pl: line 33: use: command not found installRDJ.pl: line 35: my: command not...
  20. L

    RBL Checks to Reject Known Spammers

    Hello, I would like to configure exim to reject mail coming from known spammers; like the ones that appear in lists found at spamhaus.org (other lists would be good too). Do you know of any tutorial on how to do this. I know that I have to edit the exim configuration file: one of the 3...