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    Custom RBL for Scoring

    Hi, I am trying to setup a few Custom RBL's to combat incoming email spam (WHM >> Exim Configuration >> RBL's >> Manage) - however they don't seem to be scoring emails according to the custom rbl's. I'm not sure if this feature is only intended to just Reject mail? X-Ham-Report Spam...
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    cPanel Built in RBLS not working as expected

    buitin RBLS [bl.spamcop.net and zen.spamhaus.org] seems not working as i get alot of spam mails from domains fell in these spam dns
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    Blocked by Spamhaus RBL

    Hi guys, I have a new cpanel webhosting server I setup with currently just my own site's and now got one customer hosting with me. The server is only about 1-2 weeks old and I have done all sorts of EXIM hardening like ratelimiting deferred/failed messages and setting sending limit to 100 per...
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    RBL Performance

    Where the option for RBL Performance?