1. P

    Reasons for rdate port (37) and ident port (113) to be left open?

    In the "How to Configure Your Firewall for cPanel & WHM Services" documentation [1], it is stated that ports 37/tcp/outbound (rdate) and 113/tcp/outbound (ident) should be left open. However, no reasons are given. Both of these are rather outdated protocols. Can we get confirmation that they are...
  2. B

    rdate.cpanel.net: name or service not known

    Hello, i've have a VPS with WHM-cPanel. From yesterday the VPS is not working fine. in the boot process there are some error like these: --- vps35188 login: rdate: rdate.cpanel.net: name or service not known --- url_helper.py[warning]: calling...
  3. Ersel Yıldız

    Unable to connect to rdate.cpanel.net

    rdate.cpanel.net no connection. Help me please :/
  4. PPNSteve

    rdate down?

    Server Time rdate: timeout for rdate.cpanel.net Down? other sync URLs? where to config them?
  5. I

    rdate: timeout for rdate.cpanel.net

    Hello, I am facing below error while doing sync time from whm. rdate: timeout for rdate.cpanel.net Please let me know if any solution on this. It is urgent. Thank you in advance. Regards, Its_Joy
  6. T

    csf v3.35 Server filesystem errors + an rdate error during update

    WHM 11.23.0 cPanel 11.23.3-C25120 CENTOS Enterprise 5 i686 on virtuozzo - WHM X v3.1.0 VPS I have some questions. I was running EDGE previously and the following points were the same. csf v3.35 Server Check reports following two items: /tmp should be mounted as a separate filesystem...
  7. D

    rdate: timeout for rdate.cpanel.net

    rdate -s rdate.cpanel.net rdate: timeout for rdate.cpanel.net What is happening ???? tried to solve with firewall off but not worked.
  8. K

    rdate: rdate: could not set system time: Operation not permitted

    I Have Problem: [root@serwer /]# /scripts/upcp --force Updating /scripts... Sync Source: http://httpupdate.cpanel.net/RELEASE/scripts Fetching http://httpupdate.cpanel.net/cpanelsync/RELEASE/scripts/.cpanelsync.loc k (0)[email protected]...
  9. K


    What port does rdate need to be open to connect to the time server?? I tried in WHM to force an update and it returned timeout rdate.cpanel.net so I attempted from the command line, and got the same response.. so I dropped my firewall, and rdate was able to update .. so my question ...
  10. S

    rdate cron problems

    ive got a server runnins centos 3.7 on a 2.6 kernale and the latest Stable of cpanel and every day the server is half an hour ahead of itself resulting in my having to resync the server in WHM anyone have any ideas what could be causing this? and how can i fix it? Ive had a good read back...
  11. J

    regarding rdate in /scripts/upcp

    As I'm running cPanel on a VPS, I get e-mail the rather annoying 'error' "rdate: Operation not permitted: could not set system time: (datetime)" every day. Could there be an option added to cPanel to disable this attempted update? I can comment it out of the Perl source but I suspect it'll get...
  12. B

    how to set up cron for rdate -s rdate.cpanel.net

    Can anyone tell me how to set up a cron to run rdate -s rdate.cpanel.net? Where do I go to set it up. I am only familiar with setting up crons in cpanel for a particular account, not with setting up crons that will affect a fundamental server-wide issue like time.
  13. T

    rdate, Server Time, Sync Time technote

    rdate, Server Time, Sync Time technote for newbies. We cann't sync time if you don't have a right, such as you are on VPS/reseller. Because it need to access hardware clock. ( for more info see: man clock ) On the menu: Main >> Server Setup >> Server Time You will see the time was...
  14. L


    Why doesn't rdate work anymore? It can't connect anywhere. There's no firewall blocking it and this is on multiple (10+) servers.
  15. C

    rdate - time sync - server time

    There is a little bug in WHM "server time". When you click on "Sync Time with Time Server" the top of the frame will show you "Time has been synced" regardless of the response from the host or if there was even a connection. Cpanel team, this needs to be changed! So if you do not see a...