1. C

    addr.arpa. not found: 3(NXDOMAIN) is not found

    Hi all, I have a problem with setting up a RDNS on my server. I've added in the 'Edit DNS Zone' via my domain name example.com so when I tried in the command #host I will get this: Host not found: 3(NXDOMAIN) I have...
  2. V

    Reverse DNS Quesion

    I've set up a second cPanel dedicated server with a company that has no support. They control the rDNS records however. I need them to set up reverse DNS/PTR records so email from the hosted accounts on the new server don't bounce. But I am at a loss as to know what exactly they want to...
  3. SToledo

    Create Reverse DNS

    Hi CPanel, I need to create a Reverse DNS for optimize my mail tests but I dont know how. Could you help me please? Thank you
  4. Rakib Ahmed

    SOLVED Reverse DNS does not contain the hostname

    A website all emails goes to spam or junk folder. when i check this domain in mxtoolbox.com found a problem Test : SMTP Reverse DNS Mismatch, Reverse DNS does not contain the hostname and in this server all other website SMTP Reverse DNS is ok. when i check domain ip then i see this domain...
  5. X

    SOLVED Confused over reverse DNS when domain on a different IP

    I have got myself totally confused: Example server1.mydomain.com is on IP111.111.111.1 Domain: myotherdomain.com is on IP This is necessary because WHMCS is with myotherdomain.com and has an SSL certificate. When testing With MX Toolbox, I get the following results for...
  6. B

    rDNS Problem

    Olá, o meu servidor não encontrado meu reverso dns. [Root @ sh ~] # acolhimento Hospedar não encontrada: 3 (NXDOMAIN) [Root @ sh ~] # This is my dns reverse configuration
  7. D

    Reverse dns Setup

    Hi Seniors and Sifu, I want to setup PTR Reverse DNS for my server, i refer page below : How to Configure Reverse DNS for BIND in WHM - cPanel Knowledge Base - cPanel Documentation But i not understand the step 3 : Enter the octets or nibbles in an available text box under the Add New Entries...
  8. S

    PTR, SPF DKIM and Spam

    Hi guys, I have my own VPS server with a single ip and WHM/Cpanel on it. Since few days, every mail that I send to gmail accounts come back with the Mail delivery failed message. I discovered that I had to add a PTR record. The situation in my VPS is that I have only 1 ip and multiple domain...
  9. M

    add rdns

    how do you add rdns to a domain already with forward zone in whm,