1. M

    SOLVED Moving Account to new Partition exceeds account quota

    Hello, I have an account sized as ~3.5Gb (all email) on one partition "/home2/" and I used the WHM "Change Partition" function (on the Accounts List page) to move this account to "/home/". Both partitions are on the same server. The account has a storage quota of 5Gb. The move completed...
  2. C

    SOLVED Moving account to new harddrive

    Hi, I currently have an account which is nearly 2tb in size on /home2/ and I wish to move it to a new harddrive I have already set up on /home3/. I have already used rsync to copy the data from the one drive to the other. Could you give me a list of files I need to edit to point it to the new...
  3. S

    In Progress [CPANEL-17085] Rearrange Account does not rebuild/restart PHP-FPM configuration

    Hey all, I'm pretty close to nailing down the issue here, just want to cover all my bases (and post in great detail in case others face a similar situation, as I use these forums to troubleshoot all the time and appreciate the details). There are 4 questions at the end after I describe my issue...
  4. Rogerio

    /home and /home2 + Symlinks

    Hello, after use the "rearrange" feature to move an account between /home and /home2, a symbolic link (ln -s) remains in the original place. Can I delete it after some days? I believe it's created to avoid problems in current opened sessions. Disregard the fact that one user can direct refer...
  5. ronaldst

    Account creation error (multiple home directories)

    I have a dedicated with the following directory/partition setup sda2 /home sdb1 /home1 sdb2 /home2 In "Basic Webhost Manager Setup" I've set the location of new users to be created in /home1. However, when creating a new account today, it was automatically stored to /home2. This is the home...
  6. Harlequin

    Drive Quota Unchanged Following Rearrange

    I've just rearranged a number of accounts to another drive but for some odd reason they still appear on the drive they were on and ALSO on the new drive thus the space on the original drive has not reduced. Any thoughts on this...?
  7. X

    Problem with rearrange account

    Hi, I performed re-arrangement for a large cpanel account (40GB with lots of parked domains and a big DB) but the page got frozen at "Beginning rearrangement for ..." for about 2hours ... so I refreshed the page. Nothing happened till now and but now I see multiple re-arrange processes in...
  8. E

    SOLVED Rearrange account "only one usable partition detected"

    Hello, I have Cpanel installed on a DigitalOcean Dropplet/Server and recently i expanded its storage by adding a new "volume" which basically gets mounted on my server. I want to move an account from the default disk to this new one and whm is giving me the folllowing error Sorry, there is...
  9. O

    Rearrange an Account no longer working in WHM

    Dear I have added a new disk to my server and I want to reorder some accounts, but when I try to do so the system throws me the error "Sorry, there is only one usable partition detected on this machine matching" I created the disk mounted on / home2 I indicate the results for the commands...
  10. L

    SOLVED Only one usable partition detected on this machine

    Hi When trying to free up space on my root partition by moving some accounts from /home to /home2 I get the following error. New mount point for this account /home2 does not match “/home, /home2” /backup does not match “/home, /home2” Sorry, there is only one usable partition detected on this...
  11. B

    Rearrange an Account

    Hello, i am new here and first post. At the moment I have a dedicated server. I have a / home partition of 1TB, and a new partition / home2 of 2tb. / Home of 1TB, is about to fill its space, and I have large accounts there, one of 470Gb and another of 140Gb. I already moved several small...
  12. Mauritz

    Removing home2 partition

    We're in process of removing some drives from our server. We've had 3 home partitions (home,home2 and home3) - I've moved all of the accounts from home2 to home3 (we're removing home2) however when I do a df -h in the home2 path all of the account names are still there as symbolic links to the...
  13. G

    Rearrange Accounts feature not working with NAS mount point

    Hello, Someone can help me? I tried this solution, but this dont work for me Rearrange Accounts feature not working with NAS mount point
  14. F

    Configure cPanel accounts on separate drives?

    hi, I have a server hardraid 2x480 ssd plus 2x4to with root acces. With cpanel is there a way to put some websites in the sata disks and other websites in ssd disks. thks
  15. A

    Move /home to new disk

    Hello, I've been running out of room on my cPanel server so I have added a new disk and partition via LVM. The intent was to rsync the contents of /home over to the new partition and then remount the new partition as /home when the data was copied; however, I've run into an issue where rsync is...
  16. WebHostPro

    Can you symlink a folder in cPanel to another partition?

    Hi, I have a dedicated server that is running out of space in the home parition. I was wondering if I can symlink a folder in CPanel to the back up partition where I have a lot of free space available. I tried it but the user stays as root even when I try to change it so the cpanel user can't...
  17. M

    Cannot rearrange account as root logged into whm

    Hello I am trying to change the folder for an account in my whm but when I click on the account that I want to rearrange it is not editable why? I have root access.
  18. BlueSteam

    Disk space not recovered after account moved to different partition

    Hi, I moved an account from one partition to another using the rearrange accounts method. After this I was hoping to see the disk space recovered on the old partition but alas this is not the case. The disk space usage is still the same and when looking at the account now in ssh, there is now...