1. 3

    on reboot The service “nscd” appears to be down also mysql

    after reboot always get The service “nscd” appears to be down also The service “mysql” appears to be down reading other messages here and the do this, do that, I did I have looked in /var/log/messages don't see anything referring to each. I also ran /scripts/restartsrv_nscd no errors thanks for...
  2. T

    Server time incorrect after reboot

    Hello, I have cPanel/WHM 78.0.21 installed on a CloudLinux 7.6 VPS. The CloudLinux installation is a conversion from a CentOS 7 minimal installation. However, every time I reboot the server, the time is incorrect, and I must sync it with the time server through WHM. Is there a reason why this...
  3. jimlongo

    SOLVED [CPANEL-26440] Custom kernel leading to false reboot warnings

    This just started today with the latest update v78.0.18. Rebooted server. When I'm on any of my plugin's pages in WHM the "You must reboot the server to apply software updates." is always displayed. Any other pages it's not. What could the difference be? Any ideas what might be causing this...
  4. R

    No access after first reboot

    I installed Centos 7.6 + cPanel 76.0.20 and everything looks OK until the first reboot. After that it's not possible to access the server through http, SSH, it doesn't even ping. I have other servers (OVH) with the same setup and the only difference is the hardware Currently I'm using a Server...
  5. J

    Server load spike after reboot

    We have powerful server, running a single website application. During normal daily use, even during our users' peak activity, the server barely breaks a sweat, load stays low, typically between 0.2 and 0.5. However when we reboot the server, the reboot is fast, the server is back and the site...
  6. S

    2nd nic in server killing network access upon reboot

    We've got two HP servers; Both servers have 3 cables running to them eno0 - This cable runs to a 'WAN' switch and has a entire class c network on it eno1 - This cable runs between both server MGMT - This cable runs to our Windows server's on a separate switch so we can access the iLO I've...
  7. Z

    Cannot reboot through WHM

    WHM states I need to reboot with its "You must reboot the server to apply software updates." yellow bubble in the top right, but when I click it I get the following: A fatal error or timeout occurred while processing this directive.[show] [close] (expanded, the error is as follows) kcarectl...
  8. T

    SOLVED Can't access server after update and reboot

    Hello, I am running CloudLinux with latest cPanel on Linode. Fairly new server. Deployed last week. I had received an email "New Security Advisor notifications with High importance" saying "The system’s core libraries or services have been updated. Reboot the server to ensure the system...
  9. N

    Graceful Server Reboot

    Graceful Server Reboot take long time but not show the server is Rebooted.
  10. K

    Server down after reboot command (post 76 upgrade)

    Hi, At first, sorry about my English. I have 2 server and they running cPanel. One of them version is 74.0.10 other below 72 I guess 68.xx.xx. In 72 and above we can running the "Terminal" so I was try to update my server WHM from 68.xx.xx to 76.0.4. After update, I was rebooted. After...
  11. B

    After first reboot I have no access in the server

    Hi I Just installed cPanel in a Centos 7.5 VM Server. When I installed centos 7.5 I set up the public IP, Netmask, gateway everything. Ones the OS installed in the VM I remotely SSH to the public IP and installed cpanel on it, That time everything was working fine. So when the cpanel...
  12. S

    After the first reboot no access

    We installed cpanel around 15 times up to now ,everything work fine untill we reboot the vps for the first time ! then we cant access ssh or through the internet,the only way to access from the hypervisor ,however,we follow all Cpanel recomindations but no luck ,any body can help please ,because...
  13. J

    You must reboot the server to apply software updates

    Hello, I've just setup our new dedicated server with LXD on Ubuntu 18.04 with LXD. I have configured a new container with CentOS release 7.5.1804 (Core), setup networking with static public IP's and performed a fresh install of WHM / cPanel. Install went smoothly. After initial web...
  14. gfserver

    WHM 70.0.44 You must reboot the server to apply kernel updates

    Hello, I updated kernel (yum -y update) and I'm getting the banner "You must reboot the server to apply kernel updates" in my WHM/cPanel 70.0.44. When I do a graceful reboot the system is not booting, I have to stop it via proxmox, start it again and select the second kernel in the console...
  15. J

    cPanel Graceful Reboot Error

    Hello, Since I installed cPanel / WHM on my CentOS 7 VPS I've had the problem where I have to gracefully reboot the server through WHM becase of updates. Everytime I update and click graceful restart, the server wont come up for at least an hour until I hard reboot it manually. My question...
  16. N

    You must reboot the server to apply software updates

    I am getting message You must reboot the server to apply software updates. I am done lot of time server reboot but this message still are showing. So how can fix this issue?
  17. MarkDalton

    VPS Failed on Reboot

    Hi, I need some urgent assistance please. We have a VPS with OVH which has failed to reboot and has entered the dracut emergency shell Warning: /dev/sda1 does not exist I've rebooted to rescue mode. What next????
  18. R

    Disable notifications on reboot

    Hello. I like to be informed when a service goes down, works perfectly. But on this new Cpanel v68.036 I'm getting a bunch of emails of various services being down like: The service “nscd” appears to be down. Same for exim, ftp, bind, pop, lfd and the list goes on (39 mails). It was just a...
  19. M

    CSF after "Reboot" All Connection refused

    Hi, I have a strange problem. This problem will not occur without CSF installed, Server works fine. CSF is running "Perfect", logs no errors, blocking attacking, can restart by running "csf -r". My IP is already on allow list. Problem start on machine "Reboot". After "Reboot", all port all...
  20. E

    Outdated executables even after reboot

    I get this one one of my servers that can't go away after rebooting or even manually restarting the services one by one. Any reason why? My other servers are fine. This server is on Centos 7.4 and cPanel v68.0.23 Detected 11 services that are running outdated executables: queueprocd.service...