1. T

    Valid measure how long it takes for the reboot

    I have executed Graceful Server Reboot and A reboot is now in progress … without any confirmation. I try to execute also Linux command: uptime If it indicates up 6 minutes, is this valid measure how long it takes for the reboot and it is finished?
  2. S

    WHM v68.0.16 - You must reboot the server to apply kernel updates

    Hello, WHM v68.0.16 plus KernelCare I am still seeing the warning message of "You must reboot the server to apply kernel updates" at the right top portion of WHM. When is this issue fixed? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.
  3. F

    cPanel wont reboot after install

    Trying to install Cpanel on Centos 7..1 64 bit vps. Tried about half a dozen times but with same problem. Server reboots ok after install but cant access ssl,just keeps searching for host. Works fine if i use centos 6.7 . Now got cpanel blochked for supposedly using it on too many computers so...
  4. A

    You must reboot the server to apply software updates.

    I am running CentOS 7.4, WHM 66.0.26, without KernelCare and with automatic updates. Last night our server ran autoamtic updates and now in WHM there is this message "You must reboot the server to apply software updates.". The problem is that it's very ugly that we have to reboot the server so...
  5. coursevector

    KernelCare: reboot still required

    Seems like the same issue that I see happening before in KernelCare: reboot still required and SOLVED - cPanel 66 - Reboot Message in WHM Below are the results if I run the following: # cat /usr/local/cpanel/version # kcarectl --uname 2.6.32-696.10.3.el6 # /usr/bin/kcarectl...
  6. Y

    SOLVED Graceful server reboot triggered a forceful one?

    Today, while logging-in to WHM I noticed an error on top right corner: "The system’s core libraries or services have been updated. reboot the server to ensure the system benefits from these updates." So that's what I did, I logged-in via SSH , typed reboot, and the server rebooted. Now, I want...
  7. RobinF28

    Kernel Reboot Warning

    Hi Michael, Following on from a successful resolution to my issue (as above) with the kernel not updating following a reboot, which was fixed via my support ticket (#8865743) I have to report that the issue is back again. I had updated (upcp) to latest version yesterday and also updated my...
  8. N

    Graceful Server Reboot

    Graceful Server Reboot are need 2 time for site online after the CENTOS 7.4 update. I do Graceful Server Reboot and WHM back to online but site are not get online then I do one more Graceful Server Reboot then site are back to online. Please let me know about this issue?
  9. H

    Kernel reboot warnings on virtual servers

    Maybe I'm missing something here, but I don't see how the kernel check feature is supposed to work with containers - LXC / OpenVZ / Virtuozzo - where the user has no control over the kernel and kcarectl isn't going to be installed to provide the correct kernel - yet I'm being told the server...
  10. blue7

    You must reboot the server to apply software update Hello, after version 66 update i am keep getting this warning. No matter how many times i've restarted my server this warning still appearing. How to solve this problem? Thanks in advance. Regards.
  11. CBG

    WHM v66.0.14 - You must reboot the server to apply kernel updates

    Hi, Just did a force update to v66.0.14 and in WHM it saying: You must reboot the server to apply kernel updates I am running KernelCare that fully up to date and yum update doesn;t find anything. I have also done a graceful reboot twice. [root@katie ~]# uname -r 3.10.0-514.26.2.el7.x86_64...
  12. S

    Reboot Message in WHM

    I've had this message for a while now. I was told by Liquid Web that it would fix itself when there was an update, but it hasn't yet. Output for me is: 2.6.32-696.6.3.el6
  13. chrismfz

    SOLVED cPanel 66 - Reboot Message in WHM

    Just upgraded to 66 (current). No matter what I do I am seeing in top right (WHM) the message: You must reboot the server to apply kernel updates. of course there is no kernel update. But rebooted anyway, the message just stays there. [root@mars ~]# yum clean all ... [root@mars ~]# yum update...
  14. M

    SOLVED Forceful Server Reboot

    how much time will take for forceful reboot?
  15. J

    Apache fails to start after reboot

    Ticket #:8684231 This was the first ticket I've ever submitted to cpanel. My yum update was failing due to an issue with some python packages and mod_ssl was supposedly missing. So the tech made some changes and yum update did indeed finish without any errors. The next time I logged into...
  16. J

    Is there a safe time when to reboot server every morning?

    Hi, I would like to restart my WHM server automatically every morning. I'm looking for a safe time window when this could be done without interfering with cPanel's scheduled processes. I think that the latest time to do the reboot would be at 7 AM, so I would accept anything between 2 AM to 7...
  17. T

    KernelCare: reboot still required

    I'm got two dedicated servers with WHM set up. Server software is very similar on both, and both are up-to-date with WHM. One of them has had a few quirks lately, the latest of which is a required reboot for kernel upgrade. We had been managing kernel upgrades with Ksplice and haven't updated...
  18. M

    Scheduling an automatic graceful reboot

    From time to time you have to reboot the server after kernel updates. Is there a way to schedule a one-time graceful reboot of the server for a specific time rather than staying up late at night to manually login and trigger the reboot? This would be a nonrecurring reboot.
  19. E

    When is necessary a reboot?

    Hello guys, let me star saying that EA4 is a big big upgrade so thanks to all cPanel team, really happy about that. My question is, i am actually using V58, EA4 and everything updated, so.....when is really a reboot necessary? For example, did i needed to reboot when migrating EA3 to EA4?. It...
  20. A

    Server Was Offline After Kernel Upgrade and Server Reboot

    My VPS server was offline yesterday after upgrading the kernel and rebooting so I would like to know what might have been the cause of it. The system is: CentOS 7.2 x86_64 kvm cPanel 54.0 (build 15) There was automatic system upgrade yesterday with critical security update for vulnerability...