1. K

    Strange Reboot

    Ran /scripts/fixquotas because all the quotas were out of whack as usual. It finishes and bam the server reboots. No errors, no messages or anything. Kind of wierd, it listed the main domain of the server as having 0meg of space also. Support Ticket Number:
  2. Stefaans

    Will a reboot help?

    I am used to the idea of rebooting my Windoze PC whenever software starts acting strangely. But will reboot help with this situation on our RedHat 8 box? For the fun of it, I am turning this into poll. But really I'd like to hear you opinion on this ;) Last night we upgraded to Cpanel...
  3. N

    Is a graceful reboot basically a reboot of the server?

    Or does it have consequences? Or is it just a way to restart the server? Support Ticket Number:
  4. J


    When is it necessary to do a complete reboot of the server? Its been 77 days since I last rebooted the server. So far no problems before or even after updating using easyapache. Support Ticket Number:
  5. I

    Reboot by NOC

    How long does your NOC take to reboot?
  6. C

    Reboot needed

    I have a problem about 1 time per week. I suddenly have not sites working. All sites are down, BUT!! I can get in to the whm for the server I can ssh into the server and I can get to the whm on each reseller and the capnel on the sites. But you can not see them on the internet But if I...
  7. C

    New accounts won't show untill reboot?

    When I add a new account via WHM it will not activate untill after I reboot the server. Any suggestions why? Fix? .
  8. C

    Cpanel reboot

    All, Anyone having problems after using the cpanel reboot feature? exim, mysql, apache, webmail showing down and actually down. Every time I use the reboot feature nothing comes back up, than I have to seek tech support. SSH and FTP is ok though. Any idea? Or a bug? Regards...
  9. HollyRidge

    Services not starting after reboot...

    I am hoping someone can point me in the right direction here. Everytime I reboot the server I get a bunch of emails about services failed from chkservd. They are apache, exim, ftpd, interchange, and mysql. I tried doing a chkconfig but dont even see those services in the list anywhere...
  10. C

    When to Reboot Server

    I see the Graceful & Forceful reboot command in WHM, however when do you use it? Do you normally reboot only if there is a problem, or do you reboot on a weekly or monthly basis just to clear things out? I know with Windows, I usually reboot ever few weeks just to clear things out, but I...
  11. S

    WHM's graceful and forceful reboot?

    I just wonder if WHM's graceful and forceful reboot can replace remote reboot port or not? BTW, what is different between graceful and forceful reboot?
  12. D

    IPs are gone after reboot

    I added 126 IP's one by one to a new server via WHM. But when I reboot they are all gone!! What do I need to do so that they are loaded when the server boots? I have looked at other servers but can't seem to find the problem.
  13. Z

    graceful reboot -> no perl?

    graceful reboot -> no perl? trying to fix some problems I did a graceful reboot - it did fix the problems but all my scripts stopped working and are giving an internal server error. Any help?
  14. A

    system will not reboot

    prob in ref to \"Bind keeps failing\" post, server has 13.x load, i shut all services down, run /sbin/reboot and /sbin/shutdown -r 1 and system sends a message that system is shuttin down, but never does, ideas? 8:52pm up 3:44, 1 user, load average: 13.97, 13.39, 11.39 69 processes: 57...