1. J

    Trouble turning off a redirect

    I had a simple .htaccess file to redirect domain #1 to domain #2. It worked fine. I changed that .htaccess file to remove the redirect and restarted apache. Yikes! The redirect is still happening. Where else should I look on my server to turn off that redirect? I have root access.
  2. V

    Can't redirect www to domain

    Really it's two problems The site is auto redirecting to SSL and yet there is no setting to do so. All other redirects except one to redirect www to domain works fine. No matter how I try I can not redirect www Set a redirect in cpanel - picked the main domain - set it to only redirect www...
  3. R

    BUG: Cpanel added domain "redirect" based on incorrect understanding of the .htaccess file.

    The following lines from the .htaccess file in the document root for one of my sites were: RedirectMatch 301 ^/path/to/template/folder/?$ RedirectMatch 301 ^/path/to/template/folder/some-template.php$ These lines were apparently interpreted...
  4. R

    How to redirect mailman bounces to the actual list-owner instead of to mailer-daemon

    When mailman can't deliver a mail it seems the mail is bounced back to mailer-daemon and eventually ends up in the root mail. I realize I can change where that goes, but wouldn't the correct place be back to the list-owner so he can take action and eventually remove the list member? Can that...
  5. S

    SOLVED SOLVED: Cpanel login for domain redirects to cpanel.subdomain.domain

    I have a domain hosted on my server (I'll use "" for purposes of this explanation). The account was originally created as a subdomain "" under my primary domain ("" for the purposes of this explanation), and then the domain "" was...
  6. X

    Force HTTPS Redirect

    If I enable Force HTTPS Redirect for all websites on the server, can I close port 80 by CSF without any issues might happen to the traffic?
  7. A

    all my domain stopped working showing redirect to cgi-sys/defaultwebpage.cgi

    Hello support i face this issue, all my domains stopped work, showing this error The requested URL /cgi-sys/defaultwebpage.cgi was not found on this server.
  8. mlopez

    In Progress Exim redirect routed

    Hello, I had an Exim config snippet that allowed me to forward a specific local part in all hosted domains to a fixed address (also hosted, of course). What I'm trying to achieve is the following: All [email protected] messages should be redirected to [email protected] This...
  9. N

    SSL Not redirect IP to hostname? (only HTTPS)

    Hey, what's up, guys. I have a wired issue :/ server hostname redirects HTTP://my-ip:2087 works fine and redirects to the hostname: BUT HTTPS://my-ip:2087 does not redirect redirects to the hostname: o_O I found this as well...
  10. D

    URL to redirect to parts of the cPanel

    Like we can access the phpMyAdmin by using the URL: Is there a URL so that we can send users directly to the "MySQL Databases" or "MySQL Database Wizard" or "Remote MySQL" Of course, the user needs to login to the cPanel just like in...
  11. S

    Wordpress Toolkit Redirect to HTTPS turned off

    Wordpress Toolkit always displays 1 issue - Redirect to HTTPS turned off I have enabled Force HTTPS Redirect but I can't seem to get this to go away.
  12. N

    cPanel Apache Redirects Interface issue | www to non-www not working - main domains

    Hello everybody, I got an issue here with cPanel redirects. First, the issue is the main domain, but i try to understand all the problems and how actually the redirects work. Part1: Sub Domains: I create in the interface redirect to the subdomain to the main domain: # HTTP cPanel | Rewrite /...
  13. P

    cPanel Redirect for Domain Only Working on Home Page

    I have a domain I don't want to use anymore so I want to redirect it to a different one. To do this I went to domains->manage-> redirects and added a 301 redirect for the root directory to the new domain. Problem is it only works for the home page and not the rest of the the site. How do I...
  14. J

    301 Redirect Error

    Hello, I have an issue when I create a redirect using cPanel, gives me an error: Forbidden You don't have permission to access this resource. Additionally, a 403 Forbidden error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request. I made some research, and I try to made...
  15. B

    SOLVED www not working

    I have a domain that is setup and working fine, but www redirects to the main domain, but there is no redirect setup. The Addon Domains and Domains page says "not redirected". The domain edit page has Redirects To: Not Redirected. If I do add a redirect with option "Do Not Redirect www." It...
  16. amstel

    Redirect /webmail to another subdomain

    Hi all, Could you please tell me how I can redirect to The first domain is on one server and the subdomain is on another server with a different IP. I have tried to use the Redirect in cPanel: Domain Directory Regular Expression...
  17. M

    Redirect to

    I have read the related threads but no answer. I cannot redirect http(s):// and http(s):// to Or in case that's not possible, then redirect to This is my configuration: - Service subdomains Add...
  18. A

    SOLVED Why when Any domain points to my server IP WHM opens one of hosted website

    Hello the problem is when any domain point its DNS to my Server IP ( this domain not hosted on my server just linked to my server ) WHM open one fixed website from my server (I think it's the first account added to WHM) for example, try to open REDACTED How I can solve this and show any...
  19. S

    Simplify Force HTTPS Redirect for addon domains

    I think it would be a great if cPanel could simplify the 'Force HTTPS Redirect' for addon domains. The current need to click settings > Show Associated Subdomains and then toggle it for the sub-domain of an addon domain isn't obvious for the type of user (skill level) who wants to use this...
  20. S

    SOLVED URL domain/whm automatic redirect to WHM

    Hello cPanel folks, We have a problem with WordPress permanent url, when I try to create any page start with words whm, webmail or cpanel the page just not open, i got error 404. Example, I'm trying to create a page in WordPress that should be i can't load the page. Because...