1. W

    Forwarding domain to another URL

    I'm coming from ~8 years on Plesk, and there it was simple to create a new account/domain and (rather than host it) simply forward it to another URL. When adding the domain, it gave you the options to physically host or forward, where you entered a URL. I've reviewed the article on "Setup Edit...
  2. S

    SOLVED [Case CPANEL-20422] New account redirects to defaultwebpage in 70

    Hi, Just migrated from one cPanel server to another cPanel server due to a hardware issue. Both Centos 7, new one has cPanel 70 vs. 68 on old server. Here's the issue (worked fine on old server): I create a new account as a subdomain under my main domain and all skeleton directory files are...
  3. C

    Redirect of All Public Domains not working

    Hello, I have a primary account with several add-on domains. I have set "Restrict document roots to public_html" to Off so that addon domains are not under the /public_html folder. I have set my Redirects to send **All Public Domains** to an outside URL. The redirect is working for the...
  4. C

    Redirects and Hard Links

    I am missing something... I am trying to create a redirect so that if a user enters*, it will go to Should be easy... yes? I have no problem with getting both and to go to However, if anything at all...
  5. F

    SOLVED All accounts redirects to "default" page.

    Hello there; I have my server using cPanel for long time. At first, I have only 1 account and I found that it used the server IP as dedicated IP and the server already has 1 IP. I added the new accounts and pointed the domains to my server, but then I found all of them redirecting to "default"...
  6. M

    Too Many Redirects Wordpress

    i try to deploy my Wordpress website in my domain - Removed -, but i obtain the error "ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS". Also with blank installation of CMS. From cPanel I try to activate "Wordpress cpAddon" but the two requests are pending by yesterday. What can i do to solve? The hosting provider is -...
  7. C

    301 Permanent redirects

    Hi all, can anyone here please post an example of a complete .htaccess file, including symlinks, the whole page, to include a permanent 301 redirect from to
  8. A

    307 Internal Redirects Issue

    Hello, I have an account with https If I try to access i get : Request URL: Request Method: GET Status Code: 307 Internal Redirect Response Headers Location: If I try to access' i get first redirect: Request...
  9. Motamedi

    problem with domain redirects and litespeed

    hello when redirect domain to cpanel show this error please help me for solved this problem ... thanks
  10. C

    Too many redirects on Wordpress

    Greetings, I have weeks with the inconvenience on my website - Removed - i put this code in the footer on my site </script> <script type='text/javascript' src=''></script> <script type='text/javascript'...
  11. P

    Redirects from addon domain folder to new domain

    I have a cPanel account with a main domain and 5 additional domains. Problem: The folders of the additional domains are not named like "" but something like "website1", which, I think is causing the additional domains sites to show when accessing
  12. K

    Error too many redirects

    Hi, I can't find the problem i have this domain name [Removed] and at first i can access it but if i go on another link from that domain i am getting error too many redirects. I have checked the .htaccess files from the domain folder and from the account folder and i don't have there redirects...
  13. M

    Server wide redirects issue.

    Dear All, One of my client asked for a redirection of becuse many people for a few years now use this address. I tried to correct the problem by user virtualhost I created a file /usr/local/apache/conf/userdata/std/2_2/user/ In this file I entered ...
  14. J

    Login to whm redirects to undefined

    Hi, I'm experiencing an issue where sometimes logging in will redirect me to /undefined/undefined For example, login page will redirect to, which will display a login page again, even though the login was reported as successful. I don't...
  15. I

    301 redirects using httpd.conf

    One of hosted websites was moved from an old CMS to another which uses different links structure. In that case owner of that site has added tons of 301 redirects to htaccess file but it causes site load time kind of slow. In that case next step is to move those redirects from htaccess file to...
  16. H

    3g/4g internet ONLY redirects me to /usr/local/apache/htdocs/index.hml

    Hi All, When a user browses to my website homepage on 3g or 4g mobile internet ONLY they get redirected to /usr/local/apache/htdocs/index.html and subsequently onto /cgi-sys/defaultwebpage1.cgi via the meta refresh code below. I'm baffled! On wifi everything works fine and domain has been...
  17. P

    cPanel Login Redirects to WHMsonic

    Hi i am a new user of cpanel. Today i try to change the theme in cpanel,the moment i did that instantly it redirect me to a page called WHMsonic with an error message display on my screen : ERROR: We are sorry! You dont have a radio hosting or service. Please contact your hosting...
  18. P

    Hostname on port 80 redirects to wrong website

    Hello, thanks for looking. If I enter the hostname minus :2083 or :2087 the domain redirects to what seems to be the first website installed, how do I prevent or change this? It's only on one of my servers this happens, so unsure why.
  19. A

    Wild card Redirects

    A wild-card redirection was set up. It can't be removed even-though I deleted the .htaccess file and recreated an empty one. ( It shows removed message on clicking delete from cPanel, but still being displayed) Similar issue
  20. J

    https url redirects me to "sorry page"

    When I enter in https url for my website it redirects me to.... "If you are the owner of this website, please contact your hosting provider" Why is this happening and how do I fix it? I need someone to point me in the right direct...