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    domain redirects to /cgi-sys/defaultwebpage.cgi

    Hi I am getting redirection error of /cgi-sys/defaultwebpage.cgi below is screen shot of my domain and below is A records... Please help me to solve it.....
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    Domain redirects ro cgi-sys/defaultwebpage.cgi

    Hi, i have changed the ip address from WHM for a domain name and now the domain name is redirecting to the cgi-sys/defaultwebpage.cgi page the strange thing is that even if i want to access the subfolder of that domain i got a 404 not found. Can someone help me with this problem...
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    AddOn domain redirects to subdomain

    Hi there, I have my own VPS, I installed cPanel-WHM and I created my first cPanel account in WHM to manage my domains. When I created it, I assigned to it the domain After few days, which is today, I added another domain which has the folder under...
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    https access redirects to defaultwebpage.cgi

    If I try to access my site using https I get redirected to /cgi-sys/defaultwebpage.cgi Why is that and how can I fix it?
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    HTTPS + (site name here) redirects to a different site

    I've installed an SSL cert on one of about 10 sites I'm hosting. Problem is, when I type in /https://www.different-hosted-site, I get redirected to the site that has the SSL certificate. What's going on, and how do I fix it?
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    cPanel redirects to hostname even with different settings set.

    Hello all, In WHM, I have the following settings set under "Tweak Settings > Redirection": Webmail works fine on non-SSL sites, and stays on the same domain name, just with port 2095 attached. However, on SSL websites cPanel redirects to the server's hostname, even after the option is...
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    cname redirects to /cgi-sys/defaultwebpage.cgi

    Hi, i have a reseller account fro a hosting compnay and have access to WHM and cpanel. i need to make point to and i used cpanel Advanced DNS Zone Editor to add a cname record. like this : [ 14400 IN CNAME] in WHM DNS zone it is like...
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    CNAME error - redirects to main domain

    Although it says cname error it is probably something i'm doing wrong. Cpanel is handling my dns, i have a domain "" I resel stuff on this domain and users can access their own panel like: Coming from ispconfig ( cpanel is my new setup ), I simply...
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    stop page redirects when using server name vs domain name

    Let me prefix this by saying I have not searched as I am not really sure what keywords to use to find the answer. I have a server that has only 1 site on it. Apparently search sites are indexing the site by using the server name vs the actual domain name. so its indexing pages like...
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    Domain in reseller redirects to hosting provider

    Hello, I bought a dedicated ip for my website which is in reseller hosting. RDNS is set to point to my website. dig -x IP shows my website. But when i call it still redirects to hosting provider name How do it keep the cpanel and webmail to...
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    redirects Url issue

    Team, I install ssl certificate its working fine but I have issue with Redirects Url how can i change Url from to Thanks
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    If .htaccess deletes -> all Subdomain redirects will be automaticly deleted

    If .htaccess deleted -> all Subdomain redirects will be automaticly deleted Hello, I have found today, that all Subdomain-redirects are only stored in .htaccess file in ftp-folder. So if the the .htacess File is deleted by mistake (e.g.: New Installation or updating of wordpress etc.) then...
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    All Sites Redirects to Account Moved Page

    Hello, Few days ago I switched my VPS provider, I installed cPanel on the new server, and moved all websites with the Express Transfer feature. It went well and up actually. However, the VPS had issues. The provider says some misconfiguration on their end, but while waiting for them replying my...
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    Redirects & Rewrites - .htaccess & cPanel - questions

    I am trying to understand how redirects & rewrites work in a shared-hosting configuration considering that there are two different functions going on simultaneously, this is cPanel and .htaccess manual scripting. There are 4 possibilities: 1 - My original domain: this is the domain I opened a...
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    cPanel Redirects

    Hello we have a customer who is attempting to setup and redirect through their cPanel. what they are trying to do is setup a rewrite rule so when this webpage is called up /signup/signup1.html they are redirected to the /signup/signup.html below is the rules setup in their htaccess file...
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    correct SSL redirects

    Hi, Is there a way to get SSL redirects to work properly so that if you have set it to always use SSL, so when the user enters"" then he was sent to "" instead of "" My settings are: Always redirect two...
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    undo express transfer redirects

    Hi In the process of moving to a new server, i managed to screw things up badly enough that it required a reformat. I used express transfer the first time round, and from testing one domain it appears that if i run it a 2nd time it will also copy the redirect contained in htaccess. I was...
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    Redirects and SSL Question

    An account has as its domain, hosting on a dedicated IP to allow for SSL. has a redirect rule (setup through cpanel) that does an HTTP 301 to redirect all traffic to Example Domain So would I buy an SSL certificate for Example Domain then? Or I know...
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    Multi-Domain SSL Redirects everything to Default Web Site Page

    My work recently purchased a new server to host some of our clients and internal projects on. We set cPanel up and everything's been running great but we're having problems getting our SSL to work properly. We purchased a multi-domain SSL certificate through Trustwave. The certificate is...
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    Subdomain redirects to defaultwebpage.cgi

    I have created a subdomain in y cPanel but it is redirecting me to defaultwebpage.cgi page. Asked support from my hosting provider they told me that subdomain propagation need 45 minutes And they told me to check it after 45minutes but after passing more then 3 days nothing happen, still...