1. G

    Redirect on docroot also redirects subdomains

    I have a redirect in the .htaccess file of the document root (/home/user/public_html/.htaccess) as follows: Redirect temp /index.php This works fine but this will also redirect all the subdomains to the same location. For example...
  2. O

    Domain Redirects to different Ports

    I put in a support ticket for this but they said they wouldn't support it :( What I want to do is allow one of my customers to redirect based on different ports to he can use his domain name for his game servers (Half Life and Battlefield 1942) So if the domain is "" and the...
  3. X

    Redirects with URL masking?

    Hello. Is it possible to setup a redirect which maskes the URL in the browser? ie Rather than simply forward requests for to; requests would be forwarded to but the browser would still say (wow - hope that made sense!) I...
  4. P

    Reseller client accounts redirects to resellers web site

    I have had techs working on this for two days now but with no resolution so far. This reseller were transferred from one cPanel server to another cPanel server using WHMs copy function. It uses IPs from different subnets (russian client). I have checked the dns zone and there are no errors in...
  5. H

    How do I prevent stupid customers creating infinate looping redirects?

    How do I prevent stupid customers creating infinate looping redirects? Customers keep making redirects like redirecting / to which ends up with this in the .htaccess RedirectMatch .* This creates an infinate loop when someone access...
  6. B

    Redirects problem...

    Okay, here's my problem. I want to redirect anyone going to to Creating this redirect in CPanel is simple and it works fine. But... It seems that this redirect also applies to all my other subdomains. For example, if I go to...
  7. C


    Hi there ! Can you add redirects to subdomains? How?? any help would be appreciated. Support Ticket Number:
  8. B

    parking domains / redirects

    Hi I need some help :) I parked a domain ( and pointed it to But when I go to, it shows the website,, but the URL is still So I go to WHM to delete this parked site and now I can't even find it in there! There is no trace anywhere...
  9. I

    IP redirects to another site

    When I go to http://IP Address/~username The address changes to another site on the server. How can this be corrected? This is for the main IP of the server not a dedicated one for a reseller
  10. O

    Cant get redirects to work - RL 108

    Added a redirect to in the control panel and all that happens when I go to is everthing freezes then 404's. Anyone having a problem with redirects? Im running 5.0.2 RL-108
  11. A

    whm redirects to another server

    we got a problem of one of my servers, when i go to WHM, it opens up the server weasel, but then attempts to go to my other server wolf (so i get to two prompts to for passwords (both diff passes), i have tired everything, going to diff ips, going to different urls, nothing works, it seems to...
  12. J

    Subdomains disappeared and sd redirects failing

    Yesterday we performed a 'upcp' to fix a mailman issue. Fortunately that was a success, however, now we are having subdomain problems (not sure if the upgrade from stable5 to stable23 is the cause). All of the customers subdomains disappeared from their cpanels. The data is still in DNS and...
  13. B

    redirects control panel

    Hi i've tried setting a redirection from a to in advanced menu/redirects this works ok when using address but any other address gives problems what trying to do is if someone types the page will display. thanks in advance bazz
  14. bert

    Stupid Question about redirects

    His might be a very stupid question, but what is the difference between a temporary and a permanent redirect in Cpanel? Will the temporary be deleted automatically after a few hours, days.. ?
  15. A


    Wow talk about weirdness. I added a redirect like so Went to and it was taking forever to load. so I hit stop and look what the address bar had to show...