remote mysql

  1. V

    Can't setup remote mysql profile

    Hi, I'm trying to connect a new remote mysql server to whm, however it fails with the following error. I've performed the following command to give it the right access. GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON *.* TO 'cpanel'@'%' WITH GRANT OPTION; I also performed the same with hostname 'localhost'...
  2. K

    In Progress CPANEL-41370 - remove Remote Mysql link and icon from cpanel in jupiter

    How can we get rid of the the Remote MySQL icon and link in cpanel when we use jupiter? We do not allow remote mysql. Was no problem getting rid of all icons and links in cpanel interface we did not need, in paper lantern, but how can we do it in jupiter?
  3. J

    How to add remote MySQL for only one account

    Folks, I have one customer who wants to use MySQL 8.0. All the others use MySQL 5.7. I use AWS, so I could provision a second server just for MySQL if that is the best option. Thanks, Jim
  4. R

    SOLVED The remote MySQL dump failed because of an error (WebSocket 1006).

    Using the transfer tool to move everything from one server to another server. On a couple (not all) of the databases, we get this error: (XID hjt6rd) A non-fatal error occurred during rsync streaming: Partial transfer due to error and a bit lower The remote MySQL dump failed because of an error...
  5. H

    Assigning MySQL Profile to account when multiple exist

    We have a cpanel server with a local MySQL server. We have a separate MySQL database server that we have successfully connected as a remote MySQL profile within WHM. How do we / can we assign the second MySQL profile to be used by a specific account? We want specific accounts to operate on...
  6. WebHostPro

    SOLVED Can I remove the remote MySQL icon from cPanel?

    Hi, We don't allow remote MySQL on shared servers so we would like to remove the remote MySQL icon from cPanel to eliminate confusion. I'm looking in the feature request section but it only lists MySQL not just the remote MySQL option.
  7. O

    Allow Remote MySQL Checklist

    Hi Guys, Currently I have to whitelist each of my customers IP's for remote mysql access on 3306. However, we have dynamic IP's in our country and so adding/updating IP's on the firewalls allow every day is a real pain. Looking to open up port 3306; but what measures should I take to ensure the...
  8. A

    Remote MySQL backup

    Quick question. Does the WHM Backup function backup the MySQL databases if the server is configured via WHM to use Remote MySQL Server? If not, then any recommendations on how to back it up in line with the account backups? Thanks!
  9. T

    Remote MySQL Setup Error

    Greetings All, I am running into a bit of a snag setting up a remote MySQL server, I've read the setup instructions line for line. **Note this is not Remote SQL as in white-listing IP addresses to access a database but rather off loading the MySQL work load to another server.** After...
  10. J

    WHM 11.44 Upgrade Issue with Remote MySQL

    Hi, Our Web Server has tried to upgrade to WHM 11.44 but failed and is showing the yellow error box message in WHM stating that "The last attempt to update cPanel & WHM was blocked. " - "Please correct these issues and rerun updates. fatal: Newer releases of cPanel & WHM are not compatible...
  11. G

    Error connecting to remote MySQL

    I have two servers, and I recently upgraded one of them. The one that has been upgraded hosts the main MySQL database. The other server has several sites that access this database. They all worked fine when accessing the old server, but now I'm getting this error: Can't connect to MySQL...
  12. P

    WordPress & Remote MySQL server

    I have my WordPress installations configured to use a remote MySQL server. I couldn't find where I can set this in the cPanel install of WordPress. I know I can / have installed WordPress manually via FTP but I was hoping to save a little time Thanks
  13. T

    remote mysql option

    Could someone confirm to me if it is expected behavior that when you stop using the "remote mysql server" option and revert back to using the local install it removes all databases that are currently installed. If this is the case (as I have just found out), where is this documented. Thanks Toby
  14. T

    enable remote mysql access

    if i remove skip-networking in the my.cnf and do a reload can you connect to it remotely without having to restart mysql?
  15. M

    Bug report, creating new mysql database doen't enable remote mysql

    When I create a new mysql database + user (trough wizard) in cPanel on a newly created account (in WHM) remote mysql connections are blocked. BUT, when i visit the remote mysql page in cPanel this somehow resets and remote mysql connections ARE allowed. I have setup additional access hosts in...
  16. C

    Remote MYSQL question

    This is probably quite the "n00b" question; if I activate remote mysql on a production server, will it automatically move the sql databases off the main server, and onto the new remote sql server? I'm looking for ways to reduce disk i/o one of my older servers, and it seems that MySQL is...
  17. F

    Question: Setup Remote MySQL server

    When using 'Setup Remote MySQL server', is it exclusive or inclusive? I would like to offload a few heavy hitters to a dedicated MySQL server and want to know if this features allows the use of both localhost and a remote host. Thanks, Frank
  18. W

    Cpanel and remote MySQL back and forth config issues

    I have read mixed information on this forum about how this should actually work. Hopefully someone can give me the right answer :) We started with server1 and at some point a previous admin decided it would be a good idea to use a remote server just for mySql. So we ended up with server2...
  19. N

    How to Setup Remote MySQL ?

    I have Server ONE current handle MySQL, I want use Server TWO handle all this MySQL and Server one only handle APACHE only. Both Server Install Cpanel (Centos). Anyone can tell me step by step to do this via WHM. Thank :D
  20. morissette

    Remote MySQL

    Where does remote MySQL hosts store the IP data? Any help appreciated